#Maidan Diary: Photo hand count doesn’t add up – MP Lesya Orobets


Lesya Orobets, National Deputy, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Ukraine Parliament]

This snapshot clearly indicates that the bill to establish a dictatorship was voted in by 118-120 deputies. I suppose that a dozen or two just didn’t get into the frame (as you well know, not every camera can catch the parameters of pro-governmental deputies). Well, another couple could have voted so lightning-quick that only Olejnik could have seen it. This is not a joke – for only 3-5 seconds, just as long as it took to count such a crowd of hands. But where did they accumulate 235, or according to the ASE site, 239?

Quest proposal – let’s identify those who voted and who did not. After that, a secondary priority – getting the chance to jump off the train which is rolling off the rails; I think many people will be able to use it to declare that they did not vote.


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