Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal to #Ukrainians. Forcing to act.

I apply to every single person now, who still feels responsibility for our own country and considers his holy duty to preserve Ukraine for present and future generations.

Act! We are a great nation and we have the power and ability to protect ourselves.

Tatyana Chornovol, the bravest, the most desperate, courageous, professional, and the most important, honest and hard-lined journalist was brutally crippled, washed with her own blood, almost killed. She had become one of the most reputable voices of honor of our Maidan.

I want to ask you “Do you really believe, that she was beaten by accident by some hooligans, as official propaganda states, taking into consideration her devoted and self-sacrificing struggle against ruling party gang at Maidan? Are we ready to believe in death of Mazurenko active Maidan volunteer because of pneumonia after he was beaten by BERKUT in the street? Are we ready to believe that BERKUT actions who crippled hundreds of people during that atrocity on the 30th of November were legitimate actions against of plants? Are we ready to believe that daily attacks on the most active members of Maidan and beating them almost to death, burning their cars and frightening of their families all are just result of misunderstanding between Maidan volunteers and their ill-disposed neighbors? Are we ready t believe that it is possible to discuss any improvements of situation in our country with such person as Yanukovych at round table and that he will lead us to EC? If we still believe them and, the most important, forgive them and let everything go unpunished, that means that we, as nation, are worth of such destiny of slaves they are offering to us!!!

How long are we going only to sing at Maidan and turn the calamity into festival?! Fight and act! Go ahead! Peasfully, but strong!
Tatyana Chornovol was almost killed today and it should be the last ounce of blood, the last act of cruelty against our people which was allowed by our inaction.

Only Victor Yanukovych and nobody else is responsible for failure of European integration, for complete handing over of Ukraine to Kremlin, for brutal beating of children at Maidan on the 30th of November, for daily violence against volunteers of Maidan, for Tatyana Chornovol’s bloody assault and for everything our European country and lives of our people are turned into!

If we are a nation! If we believe in our energy, if we still have honor, if we haven’t been broken yet and we are not going to give up, than rise and act, but not turn the Maidan into the place of fency session!

I suggest:

1)“5” channel of fairy new should stop any advertising and start non-stop informing of all country about brutal beating of Tatyana Chornovol, about Maidan Volunteer Mazurenko’s death, about daily brutal repressions of public figures all over Ukraine and ask all people out to Maidan on 7 p.m.

2) We should start a peaceful march to a lair of new-born tyrant right from Midan to Mezihirya, and stay there with a million voices demand to announce immediate snap elections of President of Ukraine. You have such right according to the 5th Article of Constitution of Ukraine.

3) At Maidan we should immediately announce highly-professional and moral members of new Election Commission and with peaceful pressure af million of people make Verhovna Rada of Ukraine confirm new composition of Election Commission which will have confidence of nation.

4) We should immediately form in publicity a professional moral transitional technocratic Government of Ukraine. Members of this Government should be announced in public at Maidan. With peaceful pressure of Maidan we should male Yanukovych and current demoralized Parliament adopt and admit this New Government to work and it should work till a new President of Ukraine is elected.
Now it is not the time for Early parliamentary elections. We should change all central and regional power and implement profound reforms in our country. But if Yanukovych sticks to his post till the 2015, all that good and fair what we still have in our country will become impossible.

5) Completely coordinate your work between civil society and politics, arrange every-minute communication with all democratic world and military forces of Ukraine in order to make any repressions against peaceful citizens impossible.
You must pay a peaceful call to Yanukovych to Mezhihirya, if he doesn’t meet your halfway. You must make him hear you! You must make him appoint new Government and Central Election Commission you trust to as well as snap elections of President of Ukraine, you are justified in doing this. I emphasize once again that Parliament election is not of the moment.
But you have no right to leave Ukraine in such misfortune, in such hopeless condition, in such disgrace. Our children won’t understand us; our future generations won’t understand us.

Deeds, not words! More peaceful, but effective actions!
Protect Ukraine! It is critical time now! Of course you cannot pay attention on my speech, but I feel my duty to everything I can while I am imprisoned.
Honor to Ukraine!


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