Who are #Euromaidaners and what do they want

Translated by Nata Kenya

It all began as a public initiative to induce the Government of Ukraine and its President to sign the EU association. Within a month of this initiative Euromaidaners very quickly and dramatically lost their illusions of possibility to sing the Europe-Ukraine association with the current Government and president (I feel disgust to use a capital letter for the word president referring to yanukovych – nata). What does a European way of development mean in brief?
It is a democratic mechanism to govern the state where everyone’s voice is considered. It is a transparent mechanism for managing national economy with fair competition and transparency. It is an independent executive, judicial and parliamentary branch of Government. All this is an antithesis of the current Yanukovych military regime and undermines the very foundations of its existence. Thus the EU association movement turned into a movement of resistance against Yanukovich military regime. This is where the main demand of Euromaidan – Yanukovych ‘s resignation – was born.
Unfortunately a dictator voluntary has never abdicated his absolute power in no country of the world.

How to defeat a military regime?

There are no universal methods to defeat dictatorship, but in most cases all ended up with bloody riots. Alongside, we have examples of democracy regaining in Poland and Czech Republic. Ukraine has to prove she is no worse then her neighbors. The process of depriving Yanukovych of his power can be only a creeping, long-term one as his military regime and state system actually turned into a single unit. This kind of process has already begun. Ivano- Frankivsk regional council abolished the regional state administration. Lviv City Council significantly limited the authority of local state administration. The liberation process of Ukraine started from liberating Western Ukraine. But there is no Ukraine without its heart – Kyiv. It is here the citizens are deprived of their constitutional right to elect the Kyiv City Council and the Mayor. Since Euromaidan is located in the capital’s centre, it would be natural to fight for returning the constitutional rights of Kyivers and appoint elections in Kyiv.

What is the main threat for Euromaidan?

The main threat for Euromaidan is that public initiatives will peter out because of the lack of nourishing by human participation. The problem is that to fight for the civil rights and regaining an Independent Ukrainian Country there can be a very limited percentage of people, which need constant rotation of fresh power. Since it is impossible to fight for Ukraine’s liberation from slavery in all cities and towns with dispersed forces it is necessary to choose a specific achievable goal and concentrate all the human and other resources on it. In order to establish Euromaidan as a free from Yanukovych territory, it is vital to win back the Kyiv City Council and the Mayor of Kyiv. Therefore the necessary condition of Euromaidan’s survival is merging all the Euromaidans into one with an aim to consolidate his permanent status as a major center of fight for Ukraine’s liberation. It is not a coincidence that the Independence Square has become a territory of that kind and it is the duty of all the citizens of Ukraine who do not wish to live under pressure and want to change the system of the Government, to participate in this sacred act of liberating their country.
Having secured the success by controlling Kyiv City Council and the Mayor of Kyiv with the help of civil supervision, there are the following steps: we have to fight to bring back the constitutional status and the Constitution of 2004 – which will significantly limit Yanukovych’s authority and will move the decision-making centre to the Parliament. Under this conditions there will appear a real hope that we will be able to deprive Yanukovych of his power at the upcoming Presidential Elections. Experience proves that no peaceful demonstration will force Yanukovych to resign. That is why only depriving Yanukovych of authority gradually can give a result and there is no way out but to deprive him of his presidential authority at the Elections.

Euromaidan needs sacrifice and support from everyone.

Dear Ukrainians, let’s not let the flame of Euromaidan extinguish, the flame that gives hope to make the whole country free from slavery and decline. The main threat is the empty tents of Euromaidan and decreasing of number of people. If we do not find a recipe how to fight quickly, we are going to lose hope as well as Euromaidan.

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