Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 27, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for August 27, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 26).

The bad news:

1. The entry of two Russian battalion tactical groups onto the territory of Ukraine, along with a parallel “operation” of Russian special forces sabotage and reconnaissance groups in Donbas, have dramatically complicated the situation in the ATO zone.

A prior announcement by the “DNR” [Donetsk People’s Republic] leadership about their “counter-offensive” gives [us] an understanding that Russia went from the haphazard assistance of insurgents with manpower and weapons to conducting large-scale terrorist operations planned together with the terrorists. The Russians, [acting] in close collaboration with the terrorists, seek to increase, by several times, the territory controlled by the “DNR” in one fell swoop.

And if, in the area of Novoazovsk with all of its problems, the situation is not catastrophic, then the picture near Amvrosiivka (where, incidentally, the command post of a Russian BTG [battalion tactical group] has already been set up) is more complicated. If these guys don’t get pounded in the next few hours, then all of the successes of the ATO forces in Donetsk Oblast [region] from recent weeks can simply be leveled, and [they] will have to start all over again. Given that Putin is no longer particularly shy in throwing his troops here, the return of the lost positions can cost a lot more than taking them for the first time.

Actually, this scenario of the large-scale (but still not recognized by the Kremlin) Russian invasion was already launched in the middle of July, when it was suddenly interrupted at its start by the “Boeing” catastrophe. Now Putin has resumed implementing this plan.

2. As expected, the meeting in Minsk did not bring immediate success and dramatic agreements. Putin hasn’t promised anything to anyone, nor did he acknowledge anything.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported that the main outcome of the meeting are “the agreements about reaching some real progress in the release of all the hostages in the near future, as well as to intensify consultations about the closure of portions of the border, which are [presently] controlled by illegal armed groups.” As in, everyone supported the Ukrainian peace plan, even though Russia has not recognized its responsibility for the events in Donbas.

Dear diplomats, but Russia’s recognition of its responsibility–this is the only condition under which it is possible to negotiate with Putin. Without this, all the discussions are senseless. If the Kremlin says “it didn’t take [Crimea],” then it is pointless to demand its return.

 The good news:

1. The ATO headquarters is taking measures to save the situation both in the south, and in the direction of Amvrosiivka-Ilovaisk. Reinforcements are coming here at last. In Ilovaisk, our guys are holding a part of the city and access roads, as well as the elevations in the surrounding areas. The sweep continues in the settlements of Illyria, Malomykolaivka, and Rodakovo. Our troops are holding positions in the area of Khryashchuvate, Novosvitlivka, and Savur-Mohyla.

The situation has not changed dramatically throughout the day. But given the events of recent days in terms of the [increased] activity by the Russian occupiers, that’s more of a positive than a negative fact.

2. For the first time in six months of Russian invasion, the Russians began to use [their] brains and realize what a bloody abyss Putin is pushing them into. The Russian Federation has no sympathy or pity whatsoever for Ukrainians [who are being] killed daily in their own country at the behest of the Kremlin. But the Russians suddenly realized that they have to pay for the theft, so joyful for them, of the territories and sovereignty of Ukraine. With the lives of their warriors.

For us, this is a bleak discovery: every Russian–be it a mercenary or a soldier–[who is] killed in Ukraine–is one step more towards ending the meat grinder in Donbas. This is another step toward the enlightenment of the Russian society and towards their pressuring their own authorities to stop the aggression [in Ukraine].

How many more of these Russian aggressors do we need to kill, so that this very weak voice of Russian mothers gets heard in the Kremlin–I don’t know. But this voice has finally come out, and this is a positive fact.

P.S. Friends, in the next two days, for a number of reasons I won’t be able to write the daily summaries. I will be back on schedule starting from the beginning of next week.

Thank you all. And, we will win!

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB


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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 26, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for August 26, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 20).

The bad news:

1. Russia has lost its remaining shreds of decency. The lying, conniving and treachery of the Kremlin leadership goes beyond any limits imaginable. The undeclared war against Ukraine is becoming more and more obvious, even to the most naive of outsider observers.

Yesterday, units of the Russian army were fighting their way into the Donbas by breaking through into Ukrainian territory in two directions at once. The Ukrainian army punched them in the teeth. Russian paratroopers were taken prisoner. The Russian Ministry of Defense declared that the Russian soldiers ended up on the Ukrainian territory “by accident.”

It gets worse. Russian MI-24 helicopters fired unguided missiles at Ukrainian border guards stationed on Ukrainian territory. Four of our border guards were killed, three more wounded.

To say that Moscow’s cynicism is astounding–is to say nothing. For months on end, Russians have been “accidentally” killing Ukrainians on Ukrainian soil and “accidentally” supplying arms to terrorists; they also “accidentally” downed a Malaysian Boeing [MH-17] (while trying to “accidentally” shoot down a Ukrainian AN-26). I think it would only be logical if during Putin’s next visit to any civilized country, he would be accidentally arrested, accidentally tried and accidentally hanged (true, most civilized countries eschew the death penalty … but accidents happen).

In reality, Putin did not invent any “hybrid war” (African countries fought in this war format for half of the 20th century). His accomplishment is that he invented a “war for cowards.” Its essence lies in the fact that, before Putin, even the most cunning and treacherous dictator would somehow be responsible for the aggression he started. Putin is the first to come up with a way to use overwhelming lies and disingenuity to drown the neighboring country in blood, while bearing no responsibility for the slaughter. There is neither intelligence nor strategic brilliance here–only ingrained villainy.

2. Moscow is going to push another “humanitarian convoy” into Ukraine.

With his little eyes gleaming like a seasoned kleptomaniac, Sergey Lavrov, head of the Russian MFA and a professional propagandist declared, “Yesterday, we sent an official note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, informing [them] of our intention to prepare the next convoy of humanitarian aid.”

So, these bastards no longer bother to get permission to bring cargo into a foreign country. They simply “inform” of it. Then again, after the first “humanitarian aid” illegally entered into the Donbas, it would have been hard to expect otherwise.

3. Ukrainian media spread some sad news–at the current “Customs Union–Ukraine–European Union” meeting in Minsk, Belarus, Putin dedicated “less than 3% of his speech” to the armed conflict in Ukraine.

I’m a bit confused–what is so strange about that? Do you often see a maniac and a murderer flaunting his deeds in public? Like any criminal, VVP [Putin] will savor the details of his self-made Donbas massacre later, in a close circle of henchmen, with his sidekick [Sergey] Shoygu pouring prison chifir, the slag [Dmitry] Kiselyov huddling by the marble Kremlin toilet, and the merry jokester [Vladimir] Zhirinovsky beating on a guitar and singing The Folsom Prison Blues.

In public, Putin cannot afford such luxury.

The good news:

1. The situation in the ATO area, unfortunately, gives no cause to launch celebratory fireworks, but neither is there reason to panic and shout ‘all is lost.’

According to our information, adequate measures are being used in the Ilovaisk area–we cannot give out the details (and hope it isn’t a false start). Troubling messages arrive from the south, but we found no confirmation to the reports of some wide-scale “advance” of Russian troops on Novoazovsk (our data shows that clashes are happening in this area, but those involve enemy forces that broke through earlier that have not been destroyed yet–we are currently confirming this information).

At the same time, the ATO forces are carrying out raids, and simultaneously regrouping in several areas of the operation. We hope to see these actions followed by more optimistic reports.

AP Photo/RIA-Novosti, Alexei Druzhinin, Presidential Press Service

2. President Poroshenko, in the meeting with the heads of the Eurasian troika and EU representatives in Minsk, suggested that all parties in the conflict in Ukraine exit from it “while saving face.”

How the current negotiations in Minsk will end, and what result they will give today, if any–that we don’t know. At least, for now. But it is clear that Putin has two options–to leave the situation now, with his hands bloody to the elbows, or to drown in that blood entirely. Hopefully, he understands that in the history of the world, such blood baths have ended well for no one.

3. Today, at an urgent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, it was decided that–security forces will buyout all military equipment produced by Ukroboronprom [Ukrainian Defense Industry] State Enterprise and immediately ship it off to the combat action area. Repair of military equipment from now on will be carried out without delays, and armaments promptly issued from the MOD warehouses on requisition of the ATO forces.

I think that if such a decision had taken place two months ago, the ATO would have gone much better thus far. However, military officials still have a chance to sabotage this useful initiative even now. Let’s hope that will not be the case.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB
Image sources 1, 2.

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Combat Lifesaver training Doctor on the NATO-level combat medical training organized for Ukrainian troops by diaspora volunteers

By Dr. Ulana N. Suprun, MD, Patriot Defence Instructor, and Director of Humanitarian Initiatives at the Ukrainian World Congress
07.28.2014  Kyiv
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

“Every day we get reports from the front line that the training provided through CLS and the IFAKs are saving soldiers’ lives.”

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) project, Patriot Defence, was initiated in mid-May of 2014 in response to the urgent need for training in first aid on the battlefield, and providing individual first aid kits for Ukrainian soldiers. The soldiers had either no first aid kits at all, or were given an old Soviet rubber tourniquet and a bandage as their “kit.” Little if any medical training had been provided to them during their preparation for deployment. UWC began working with local Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) instructors from the Red Cross and the Ukrainian Center for Special Training, providing courses for Ukrainian soldiers in TCCC. However, the courses were geared more towards civilians and Law Enforcement, so we decided to bring in professional instructors to provide Combat Lifesaver courses for the soldiers, as well as to further train the local TCCC instructors.

Training on how to perform a pneumothorax procedure on a collapsed lung.

Combat Lifesaver (CLS) is a course taught to US and NATO soldiers in which they learn to treat the three main killers on the battlefield–catastrophic bleeding, blockage of the airway, and tension pneumothorax. CLS training takes into account the unique conditions of the battlefield and the primary responsibility of the soldier to first and foremost complete his combat mission. The Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) given to each soldier provides the tools with which they can save their own (self-aid) and their fellow soldiers’ (buddy-aid) lives. UWC began providing this kind of training and IFAKs to Ukrainian soldiers beginning in June of 2014.



Once the professional trainers from ParamedCZ ran several courses in Ukraine and word got around, requests for more courses and IFAKs began pouring in. To date we have trained over 2000 soldiers, including those from the Armed Forces of Ukraine 25th Battalion, National Guard Second Battalion, SBU Alpha, Battalions Donbas, Myrotvorets, Kyiv II, Lviv, Zoloti Vorota, Ukrainian National Security Forces, Ukrainian Army Special Forces, and others in places ranging from the training base for the Armed Forces in Desna, for the National Guard and Battalions at Nova Petrivka, SBU Alpha base, Obukhiv, Vita Poshtova, Yavorivsky Polygon, to areas where soldiers are currently deployed in the ATO zone. After completion of training, the soldiers receive IFAKs.

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun training in the field

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun training in the field

The training course ideally spans two days-the first day in which the soldiers are taught the theory behind CLS and learn how to treat injuries using the CABC algorithm-Catastrophic bleed, Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. The second day is filled with simulations of battle conditions, where the skills learned on the first day are carried over into real life battle scenarios, with the students wearing full battle gear, performing the life-saving techniques under fire, surrounded by smoke and exploding grenades, so that they experience the true nature of “tactical combat first aid.” There is usually one trainer for 25 students, and a coordinator for the length of the training course.

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun handing out IFAKs at the completion of a training program

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun handing out IFAKs at the completion of a training program

Currently donations are coming in from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, the US, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine.  We have provided 1250 IFAKs to the soldiers trained, and have 500 on the way.  We plan on reaching a goal of training 10,000 soldiers and providing each of them with an IFAK. There are 2-3 training courses happening every week, with a total of 25 Ukrainian instructors and visiting professional instructors from the US, Great Britain, Scotland, Czech Republic and Ireland, all with many years of experience as soldiers first, and combat medics second. Every day we get reports from the front line that the training provided through CLS and the IFAKs are saving soldiers’ lives. At the end of every training we hand an IFAK to each soldier-patriot, thanking them for their defence of Ukrainian independence and territorial integrity, and pass along the heartfelt support of the Ukrainian Diaspora, who through this program hope to give the soldiers the opportunity to save their own or their buddy’s life if injured in defense of Ukraine.

Patriot Defence Simulation video:

From the Staff of Voices of Ukraine: Please consider donating to Patriot Defence as a reliable, trusted and safe means for supporting Ukrainian troops with urgently needed, higher-tech Improved First Aid Kits and top level professionally certified combat medical trainers to help save lives now. Help them reach their goal of delivering 10,000 IFAKs to Ukrainian soldiers who are in trenches fighting daily to protect Ukraine.

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Ukrainian Army Fundraising: ONE CELOX EQUALS ONE LIFE

Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.39.46 AM

Please, repost this information to save lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“Dear Friends, THIS IS AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION. ONE CELOX EQUALS ONE LIFE!! The Ukrainian Army and Hospitals are in desperate need of our help. Unfortunately, Ukrainian soldiers lack many life saving supplies in the ongoing military conflict in the Eastern part of the country. One of the greatest needs is CELOX which is not available in Ukraine. CELOX STOPS BLEEDING AND SAVES LIVES!!!

Solomiya Vitvitska
Iryna Pylypenko
Tonya Levchuk
Dana Yarovaya

Today, so many Ukrainians are HEROES are fighting for our freedom! Please don’t give up on our guys!!! With our help, we can bring a father, son, friend, or loved one back home!!! Many thanks to everyone for reposts, financial support and help!!! TOGETHER – WE CAN HELP!!! Thank you!!!”

Source: YouCaring

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Attention readers! You can now donate to Ukrainian army via PayPal!

Translated by Voices of Ukraine and edited by Alex Howard

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 6.58.14 PMYuriy Biryukov, who goes by Wings Phoenix on Facebook, is a volunteer for the Ukrainian army.  His initiative collects almost 2 million Hryvnias a month, which goes to Ukrainian airborne troops, naval aviation, artillery brigades, the National Guard, the border control troops, and others.

For his April 28 delivery, Yuriy collected tons of food, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, medications, dozens of portable radios, hundreds of sets of body armor for airborne troops, and two hundred helmets. Thousands of people transferred the money. Hundreds of concerned individuals who are drawn in to search for all necessities.

Also, Yuriy is helping the naval aviation brigade to build the modular headquarters for their engineers and technicians. Naval aviation conducts aerial reconnaissance, transports cargo for military sailors, and performs search and rescue operations. To conduct the flights, it’s necessary to provide headquarters for technical staff who prepare aviation equipment for flying.

Wings Phoenix volunteers 18 hours a day. He says that he is sleep deprived, but someone has to take care of the business. Despite lacking rest, however, Yuriy Biryukov is happy to be the army’s volunteer quartermaster.

Here’s the long-awaited financial information for those willing to donate to the Ukrainian army:

M A X I M U M   R E P O S T !

PAYPAL Account – [updated on July 22]*
Purpose: transfer to friends or relatives
Message to the recipient: ArmyUA
After transferring the money – write a message here on Facebook, saying which unit to spend it on.

* Please check the original Wings Phoenix FB page in case the Paypal account has changed.

The servicemen will get the money promptly and definitely use them as intended: Yuriy provides all reports on his Facebook page. Here’re some links for your review:

Consolidated financial report:

Consolidated photo report:


Wings Phoenix confirmation from May 6, 2014:

Ah! Aha! Reporting: PayPal works. The first tranche from the account has already reached my PrivatBank card, and has been converted into Hryvnias and sent tax-free to the suppliers. Ha! In the evening, I will put everything in the reports.

So please, a big request to share this post, we need to get the news to our foreign patriots that there is a quick way to directly help our military units. There are still 2 working days until the 9th and I will try to do my best to supply our units with bulletproof vests and radios.

I will most definitely be able to deliver the vests on time to:

- Berdyansk border guards

- 72nd Guards mechanised brigade

Plus there are orders from:

- 1st Battallion of the National Guard

- 25nd Dnipropetrovsk Airborne

And the 79th of course.

They are bogged down, but they are trying.


All other transfers and financial accounts [in Russian] -

Sources: Wings Phoenix FB, ICTV

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Voices Editors: Slava! and Bravo! to all of our civilian and military heroes and to our brave Ukrainian spirit of generosity and love for our people. With deep thanks to Yuriy Biryukov for all you do for so many! And to the diaspora and concerned individuals who help in many little ways that add up – we are all connected and united by caring and doing what needs doing. That Phoenix will rise from the ashes on renewed wings! 

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Dear Voices of Ukraine readers

We need your help! We are running on very tight resources, mainly human resources. We are constantly in need of good translators and editors for our content. Translators, please have a firm grasp of Russian and/or Ukrainian and English or German. Lots of our articles need final proof-reading. We look for help from native speakers and those of similar skill. So far we have concentrated our work on translations into English and German. Our readers with high proficiency in those two languages are very welcome to join our team on regular or not-quite-so-regular basis. We work hard to bring to you the best quality while remaining an entirely voluntary project with no external financing or donations. All we could offer is work for a good cause and discovering more about intricacies of the current situation in Ukraine. If you would like to try it out, use our contact form – we will then get back to you.

UPDATE: Dear everyone, since it was mentioned several times in comments: You don’t necessarily have to speak Ukrainian or Russian to be able to help us but it certainly helps. Basically, knowledge of either Ukrainian or Russian is welcome, but it is not essential. Solid knowledge of English/German language writing and most especially, any editing experience, are needed.

Your Voices-of-Ukraine-Team

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Mütter haben eine Liste mit 400 in der Ukraine getöteten und verwundeten russischen Soldaten zusammengestellt

sodiresDas russische Komitee der Soldatenmütter im russischen Oblast Stawropol hat eine Liste mit den Namen von vierhundert getöteten und verwundeten russischen Soldaten zusammengestellt. Dies berichtete dessen Vorsitzende, Ludmilla Bogatenkowa, dem Fernsehsender Doschd.

„Ich habe eine Liste von ungefähr vierhundert Männern. Alle auf der Liste sind verwundet oder tot,“ sagte sie Doschd.

Die Liste wurde aus verschiedenen Quellen innerhalb der Streitkräfte zusammengestellt, die das Komitee jedoch nicht preisgeben kann. Wie die von den Müttern gesammelten Daten zeigen, enthält die Liste Soldaten aus unterschiedlichen Regionen: Schumlensk, Wladikawkas, Schali, Borsoisk.“

Wir reden über mehrere motorisierte Infanterie-Brigaden: die 19. Selbständige, mit dem Suworow-Orden und dem Banner der Arbeit ausgezeichnete Woronesch-Schumlensk-Brigade (aus Wladikawkas, Nord-Ossetien), die 17., selbständige motorisierte Garde-Infanterie-Brigade aus Schali (Tschetschenien), die 8. Selbständige motorisierte Garde-Brigade aus Tschatu (Tschetschenien).

Wie Bogatenkowa sagt, stehen auf der Liste, neben den schon Erwähnten, auch Soldaten aus anderen Einheiten der russischen Armee. Die Liste der Tode und Verwundungen ist nicht endgültig und bekommt regelmäßig ein Update.

Quelle: Doschd, aus dem Russischen übersetzt von Vitalii Usenko, aus dem Englischen von Dagmar Schatz für Voices of Ukraine

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Facebook-Gruppe „Fracht-200“ gegründet, um tote russische Soldaten zu identifizieren und zu repatriieren

Menschen haben in sozialen Netzwerken eine Gruppe gegründet die die Rückkehr der Leichen russischer Soldaten unterstützen soll, die im Donbas getötet wurden.

fracht200Der Name der Gruppe ist: „Fracht-200 aus der Ukraine nach Russland“ (Груз-200 из Украины в Россию).

In nur wenigen Tagen sind mehrere tausend Mitglieder in die Gruppe eingetreten.

In der Einführung heisst es: „Es gehen heute Kühlwagen mit Leichen von der Ukraine nach Russland, doch die russischen Medien ziehen es vor, über jene, die in der Ukraine sterben, zu schweigen. Diese Gruppe wurde gegründet, um die Toten zu identifizieren.“

Der Administrator informierte, daß, an einem Tag, sich 1.750 Menschen der Gruppe angeschlossen haben – am 27. August hatte sie schon 7.164 Mitglieder.  „Die meisten Menschen wissen nicht, daß im Donbas Krieg ist, und das zu viele Russen als „Fracht-200“ (im Gefecht gefallen) enden. Die Ukraine ist bereit, die Leichen auf eigene Kosten nach Russland zu transportieren, doch die russischen Behörden schweigen über diese Tatsache.

FB-gruz-200Die Administratoren der Seite verbieten jegliche Aggression und Schmähung, alle Auseinandersetzungen sollen per PN oder Chat geklärt werden bzw. dadurch, daß die Mitglieder ihre Meinungen auf ihren eigenen fb-Seiten zum Ausdruck bringen.

Wie ein Statement auf der Fracht-200-Facebook-Seite sagt, sind viele Menschen von der Wahrheit schockiert. „Ihr, die Ihr nicht glaubt, ich rate Euch, fahrt nach Rostow und geht, für den Anfang in die Leichenhallen. Wenn Ihr Eure Verwandten sucht, stellt Eure Fragen in dieser Gruppe und schreibt mir nicht im persönlichen Chat. In dieser Frage darf es keine falsche Bescheidenheit geben. Falls man Euch schon bedroht hat, daß ihr die Leiche nicht ausgehändigt bekommt (A.d.Ü.: ohne Leiche und Todesbescheinigung keine Entschädigung), seid sicher, daß das ein Bluff ist. Identifizierte Tote sind in Rostow und dem SBU (Sicherheitsdienst der Ukraine) bekannt. Leichen, deren Identität geklärt ist, werden von der ukrainischen Seite auf deren Kosten zurückgebracht.“

Wie kürzlich berichtete, waren dort zahlreiche tote russische Staatsbürger, die in der Ukraine für die Separatisten gekämpft haben.

Zusätzlich: die Kommandeure der Fallschirmjäger von Kostroma bestätigten auf einem Treffen mit Verwandten der Gefallenen und Gefangenen, daß russische Soldaten „auf dem Territorium eines Nachbarstaates seien“ und, als Ergebnis eine Kampfes mit den ukrainischen ATO- (Anti-Terror-Operation) Verluste erlitten.

Aus dem Russischen übersetzt und mit Kommentaren versehen von Vitalii Usenko.
Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Dagmar Schatz für Voices of Ukraine

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Französische Eurasier schließen sich den (pro-)russischen Extremisten im Osten der Ukraine an

Anton Shekhovtsovs Blog - 27. August 2014 (Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Voices of Ukraine)

Ein Internet-TV-Kanal der (pro-)russischen Extremisten hat ein Video mit vier Franzosen veröffentlicht, die nach Donezk im Osten der Ukraine kamen, um gegen die ukrainischen Kräfte zu kämpfen. Sie geben ihre Namen nicht an und glauben, dass Frankreich nichts von ihrer Beteiligung an den terroristischen Aktivitäten in der Ukraine weiß. Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, einige ihrer Geheimnisse zu enthüllen.


(von links nach rechts) Michael Takahashi, Guillaume Lenormand, Nikola Perovic und Victor Alfonso-Lenta in Donezk, August 2014

Dieses Video und andere Beweise, die ich gesammelt habe, deuten darauf hin, dass Guillaume Lenormand, Nikola Perovic und Michael Takahashi sowie der ungarische Rechtsextremist Ferenc Almássy zum ersten Mal in Moskau in der zweiten Hälfte des Juni ankamen, wo sie den russischen Staatsbürger Michail Polynkow trafen. Letzterer engagiert sich bei der Unterstützung der internationalen Extremisten im Osten der Ukraine.

Guillaume Lenormand und Nikola Perovic in Moskau, Juni 2014

Guillaume Lenormand und Nikola Perovic in Moskau, Juni 2014

Aus Moskau fuhren Lenormand, Perovic und Takahashi nach Rostow-am-Don. Dort wurden sie zwei Wochen lang ausgebildet und wurden dann in die ukrainische Stadt Donezk geschickt, die derzeit unter Kontrolle der Terroristen ist. Entweder schon in Rostow-am-Don oder erst in Donezk trafen sie einen anderen Franzosen: Victor-Alfonso Lenta.


Victor Alfonso Lenta in Donezk, August 2014

Guillaume Lenormand (geb. 9. April 1988) ist aus der Normandie, wo er seit zehn Jahren in verschiedenen ultranationalistischen Bewegungen teilgenommen hatte: Jeunesses identitaires (Identitäre Jugend, Jugendorganisation des Bloc Identitaire), Parti de la France (Partei Frankreichs) und Troisième Voie (Dritter Weg) . “Lenormand” ist wahrscheinlich ein Pseudonym.

Guillaume Lenormand bei einem rechtsextremen Treffen 2013

Guillaume Lenormand bei einem rechtsextremen Treffen 2013

Victor-Alfonso Lenta (geb. 1989?) kommt aus Toulouse. Er ist ein ehemaliger Unteroffizier des 3. Marineinfanterie-Fallschirmjägerregiments und diente in Afghanistan, dem Tschad, der Elfenbeinküste und Gabun. Berichten zufolge wurde er wegen seiner Beteiligung an einer Neonazi-Gruppe aus der Armee entlassen. Nach seiner Rückkehr nach Toulouse war er aktiv bei der Jeunesses identitaires.

Victor-Alfonso Lenta in Gabun 2009

Victor-Alfonso Lenta in Gabun 2009

Nikola Perovic (geb. 1989?) hat die französisch/serbische Doppelstaatsbürgerschaft und lebt offenbar in Belgrad. Er ist ein ehemaliger Unteroffizier des 13. Alpenjägerbataillons und hat in Afghanistan gedient.

Nikola Perovic 2012

Michael Takahashi (geb. 13. Oktober 1987) aus Paris kommend. Er ist ein glühender Anhänger des syrischen Diktators Bashar al-Assad und hat mit verschiedenen ultranationalistischen Gruppen in Frankreich und Serbien kooperiert.

Michael Takahashi 2013

Michael Takahashi 2013

Also, was tun diese Franzosen im Osten der Ukraine? Alle vier sind rechtsextreme Aktivisten, die, vor allem Lenormand und Lenta, beeinflusst werden von den Ideen der europäischen Neuen Rechten. Die vier Franzosen haben eine Gruppe mit dem Namen “Unité Continentale” (kontinentale Einheit) gegründet und ihr Wahlprogramm bietet weitere Einblicke in die Ideologie, die sie miteinander teilen.

11uniteSie glauben, dass die französische Regierung “eine Marionette Brüssels” ist und dass die NATO “ein terroristisches Militärbündnis ist, das die französische Armee benutzt, um den Interessen der Banken zu dienen.” Die EU verweigert aus ihrer Sicht Frankreich die nationale Souveränität, während Frankreich selbst “ein Sklave des amerikanischen Imperiums” ist, “das die Außenpolitik des Landes bestimmt und direkt in die Innenpolitik eingreift”.

Die Lösung des angeblichen Problems ist nach der Unité Continentale der Neo-Eurasianismus, eine von dem russischen Faschisten Aleksandr Dugin aufgestellte Ideologie, die sie “Kontinentalismus” nennen. Diese lehnt die Globalisierung und den Liberalismus ab und tritt für die Zerstörung der EU ein. Stattdessen fördert sie “die Zusammenarbeit zwischen den großen Nationalstaaten Europas und ihren jeweiligen Einflussgebieten”. Russland werde eine wichtige Rolle bei dieser Zusammenarbeit spielen und vor allem in ihrem Kampf gegen den “angelsächsischen Globalismus, Atlantizismus und den dekadenten Westen”.

Ein braunblütiges Europa, der Traum der eurasischen Faschisten

Ein braunblütiges Europa, der Traum der eurasischen Faschisten

Die Ideologen der Unité Continentale sehen den Konflikt im Osten der Ukraine nicht als Russlands lange geplanten Krieg gegen die Ukraine an. Vielmehr glauben sie, dass die USA und die EU in der Ost-Ukraine angegriffen haben. Daher führt die Unité Continentale mit der Tötung von Ukrainern einen Krieg gegen die USA und EU. In einem Interview mit einer russischen Webseite sagte Lenormand, er glaube, dass der Westen in Libyen und Syrien den Dritten Weltkrieg begonnen hat und dieser sich nun auf die Ukraine ausgeweitet habe. Russland seinerseits habe “die internationale Globalisierung” in Frage gestellt, und die Unité Continentale sei glücklich, die russischen Streitkräfte und ihre Stellvertreter im Osten der Ukraine bei der Ermordung von Ukrainern zu unterstützen.

Sie nennen es “eurasische Solidarität”.


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Mufti Said Ismagilov on the abuse of prisoners in Donetsk: With your hatred you do more damage

By Said Ismagilov, Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah”
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

So, my friends. That whole shameful move in Donetsk with the “parade” of prisoners was calculated exactly with your reaction in mind. The aim is to stir up hatred and aversion towards Donetsk residents, so that you do not want to live with them in the same country under the same sky. Have you forgotten that we have a war in our country? This is a part of the political strategies and information warfare. Separating the territory by force of arms did not work. So a new project was initiated – let them hate each other and give up Donetsk willingly. For me it is obvious. And the more you shout and rage, the more you help them. With your hatred you do more damage than a whole column of armoured vehicles. So quickly, cut it out with the hysterics.

To be honest I expected worse from the “action” than what in fact happened. Because people in an exalted state in a crowd, after months of brainwashing, are capable of completely wild and crazy acts. But, fortunately, among the audience there were only two or three hundred “people.” That is catastrophically little for a city in which hundreds of thousands of people are still left. And if you count the citizens of nearby Makiivka and other populated areas? The fact that people did not come to this shameful enforcement of punishment, I think is the real indicator. They didn’t come for various reasons, but they did not come. And that is good. It is absolutely inappropriate to blame those Donetsk residents who are against this shame in that they did nothing against it. It is mortally dangerous. They would shoot, beat and kill [them] for real there. This is not a time for jokes. Anyone who spoke out in public would have become a part of that column. In this act I see an approaching completion of the cycle of evolution of a particular ideology. If I am not mistaken, even Hitler did not think of holding such a public “parade.” However, it may be even worse. The propaganda is not slowing down. So, when it seems that you have reached the bottom, you may still hear knocking from below.

And another thing. Any society can be “equalized” by a minimum necessary percentage of reasonable, moral people who will raise it by their example. For that to happen it is necessary that all adequate residents of Donetsk come back and become the new foundation of civil society in Donetsk. Then we will definitely destroy the plans of those who thought up this “parade.” So, no yelling that: “I cannot live with these people any longer.” Remember, this was all calculated. Tell yourself firmly: “soon we will go out and run a parade wearing embroidery and flying our flags, we will sing the hymn and give out balloons to children in our peaceful home city of Donetsk. And you will see it become reality.

Source: Said Ismagilov FB


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