Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – April 16, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

10173325_481968728598454_1124228004_nBrothers and sisters,

Here’s the Summary for April 16, 2014 (for the  previous day’s summary, please see the Summary for April 15).

The bad news:

There will be only one item of bad news today. Because it already covers all the other negative news.

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) – all of the high expectations put onto it are not justified.

I don’t even want to comment on the actions of the army. This is quite surreal.

Our attempts to clarify the situation have gobsmacked us even more, and gave us a partial understanding of why this surrealism is happening in general. For the whole day, we, the coordinators of Information Resistance group, have been in negotiations, meetings, and consultations. The overall result [of this] is discouraging. Friends, please forgive me, I am not at liberty to discuss everything, so here’s the general breakdown of what I can talk about (and in my opinion, should talk about).

The ATO has been planned, the means and capabilities have been defined, and the tasks – set. However, special forces were put under the strictest limitations and conditions of their actions, such that a successful ATO should be considered a miracle of religious proportions. The Operation Commander – if he can succeed under the current conditions – will be able to walk on water just as easily as on land, and to cure the paralyzed with his mere touch. This person could easily be considered a miracle worker and canonized while alive.

I don’t know if these conditions, established today for the ATO, will change after tomorrow’s meeting in Geneva. But today, if we wanted to empower the extremists, we could just arrange for a distribution of weapons from army arsenals and stop tormenting our special forces.

And here’s something specifically for the senior military and political leadership of Ukraine. Today, we recorded no less than 300 Russian Spetsnaz special ops troops at the Russian border with Ukraine.

The worst is yet to come. In fact, it is now in Taganrog [city in Rostov oblast, Russia], where around 2,000 “little green men” are ready for their deployment into Ukraine. No commentary.

Good news:

1. Yulia Tymoshenko has said that she supports the immediate introduction of a state of emergency in oblasts [regions] of Russian aggression.

I understand that this is pre-election PR. But this is the type of PR that plays into the hands of Ukraine’s present interests. Of course, one would hope that our politicians will continue to think about our state beyond PR-acts, but this is just a wish.

The introduction of a state of emergency will greatly simplify the work of security forces. I talked about this earlier so I won’t repeat the details.

2. Russia has recognized its economic problems caused [by the situation] in Crimea.

Alexey Ulyukaev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation was forced to admit: due to the “deterioration of the international situation” and “capital flight,” the Russian economy is undergoing a slow-down. Simultaneously, the United States declared its readiness to introduce new sanctions against Moscow.

I am glad that in the Kremlin they have started to turn their brains on. Alas, we still do not see that it has affected Putin’s plans regarding aggression against Ukraine at all.

3. In response to the promise of the Russian media that Yanukovych will return to Donetsk on Easter, acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleg Mahnitsky announced that, if his type appears in Ukraine, he should expect a warm welcome.

Mahnitsky reminded everyone that four criminal proceedings are currently underway against Yanukovych, and we’re talking about serious crimes.

Whether our law enforcement will be able to fulfill this promise or not, I don’t know. But this is another reason for a cowardly Yanukovych to wet his pants.

And so, my friends, I have a very heavy heart in general after the events of today. I would like to return to my previously hopeful “format” now. And I would like to wish that tomorrow brings all of us the understanding that God has not forgotten Ukraine. 

All Photos: SCANPIX / NTB, Source:

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Putin 2014 vs Hitler 1939: Shuster LIVE Show Draws Uncanny Parallels Between Speeches (VIDEO w. English subtitles)

By Shuster LIVE – Aired on March 21, 2014
English subtitles by Voices of Ukraine
Source: Savik Shuster Studio

Shuster LIVE is a popular Ukrainian talk show, hosted by Savik Shuster and aired on the First National Channel (Ukraine). The show focuses on pressing social and political issues, and analysis of current events.

This is an excerpt from the show aired live on March 21, 2014. The full version can be found at Shuster LIVE on Youtube.

Highlights of the Putin and Hitler speeches presented in the video:

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92-jähriger Veteran des 2.WK wünscht sich Frieden – ist aber auch bereit für die Ukraine zu Kämpfen

92-jähriger Veteran des 2.WK wünscht sich Frieden – ist aber auch bereit für die Ukraine zu Kämpfen.

Nikolai Ostas10245500_696789003696414_80661769712782183_nhevsky, 92 Jahre alt, Veteran des großen Vaterländischen Krieges kam heute zum Hauptquartier der Nationalgarden in der östlichen Stadt Dniepropetrovsk um sich als Rekrut einzuschreiben.

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About yesterday’s events [April 16, 2014] near Kramatorsk

By Yevheni Kuzmenko
04.16.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I am not going to boast coolly and say: nothing to worry about, guys, everything is going as planned. But it is time now for everyone to understand: events are taking place in the oblast [region] where the whole police force, the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine], and the Prosecutor’s Office are not so much under [Rinat] Akmetov‘s control, but rather under Sasha [Oleksandr] Yanukovych‘s control. Many have long been receiving their envelopes stuffed with dough. They are [still] watching Russian TV in the oblast, the providers have not disabled it. There are rumors not just about the American, but, God forgive me, about the British special ops teams. They see Banderites behind every lamp post they pass. Putin’s military revanchist regime has kept the army and trained it in a way that our leaders have not. It has long prepared for this operation, it calculated the scenarios of possible  developments, it overran the country (especially the border regions) with its agents. It introduced reconnaissance groups; introduced the bastardly tactics of using human shields, it was able to capitalize on people’s emotions. It is very difficult to understand this without being here. I am judging it from my own perspective.
Our army will be recreated again, but gradually and, I fear, with blood and tribulations for professionals who will hopefully forget their negligence and come back to help.
But that will happen. There is no other way for us.

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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – April 17, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

10173325_481968728598454_1124228004_nBrothers and sisters,

Here’s the Summary for April 17, 2014 (for the previous day’s summary, please see the Summary for April 16).

The bad news:

  1. Putin has now stepped into the astral plane. We shouldn’t expect his return.

Today his “straight line” – is a protocol of feverish delirium. Just take his story about eastern Ukraine as “New Russia with roots related to Russia” as an example.

And his story that the Russian military in easterm Ukraine is nothing but “nonsense?” This Kremlin storyteller likewise prophesized while foaming at the mouth in March that there were no Russian troops in Crimea. And then it turned out that there were 22,000 of them there. And today Putin admits himself: yes, Russian soldiers were behind the local Crimean “self-defense.”

Question: who continues to believe this utterly deceitful creature? No one in the world. And yet, sitting around in front of their TVs loyalist Russians nod obediently: the Tsar speaks the truth. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

2.  Extremist acts continue in eastern Ukraine. There is unrest in Stakhanov [Luhansk Oblast] – which by the way, is the homeland of Yuriy Karyn, one of our IR [Information Resistance] coordinators. Pro-Russian mongrels are going berserk in Donetsk.

However, the situation is uneasy in other regions, as well. Today, the representatives of local authorities in Zaporizhya oblast [region] spoke about possible extremist activity.

We have our own information about this. According to our data, airplanes with “Putin’s tourists” on board landed at the Saky airfield in Crimea. They were loaded into vans with Zaporizhya plates. Nothing good can come from this.

The good news:

1. Following the meeting of Ukraine-EU-US-Russia [in talks in Geneva today], a number of agreements were reached. In particular, the release of captured buildings in Ukraine and amnesty for extremists. It sounds like it was on the level of appealing to both “sides” of the conflict. 

The problem is, how much one is able to trust Russia. After all, they [Russia] still refuse to admit that all this chaos happenning is their fault. And therefore, all of their announcements are empty phrases. However, even if Moscow recognized its role [in the conflict], no one would begin to believe in its good intentions anyway.

This is why it’s still a big question as to what role these agreements might play. Personally, I am skeptical about them: I think Moscow participates in these negotiations to avoid new sanctions by the West, but in practice will continue its black business. But let’s wait and see. At least, there is some sort of communication/dialogue on the international level.

One more positive: against this background [of negotiations], at least we shouldn’t expect Russian invasion tomorrow. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, relatively speaking, the day after tomorrow.

2. Somehow the problem of our fellow countrymen who remained in Crimea yet don’t fervently love the occupiers, has unwillingly gone by the wayside. And who want to move to the mainland, but can’t. In general, even earlier, this problem concerned the government only in words. And now they have simply forgotten about these people.

Of course this this not a positive. But it’s positive in the sense that an electorial campaign could make it a plus [positive outcome]. Today, the only presidential candidate Natalia Korolevska ( ) visited Crimea – and examined problems these families face, right then and there.

We know that her “horse” is social topics. As in what is urgent now. All social guarantees in Crimea are crumpled now, and the interaction between the Ukrainian state and its citizens is absolutely unclear.

But apart from the social, there is also the concern for the elementary physical security of these people. Earlier, Russia had given Crimean residents an ultimatum: they have until April 18 to decide on their citizenship. Nobody knows what will happen to those [people] who have not accepted Russian citizenship.

Since official Kyiv is quiet, politicians should raise such issues in Crimea. The main task here is not to silence them. Indeed, there are specific people behind every problem – our brothers and sisters.

3. Today 3,000 people in Donetsk and 1,000 people in Luhansk participated in rallies in support of a unified Ukraine.

I won’t judge whether it’s a lot or little. But I know that these people are the most active patriots. People who just want to live peacefully in a stable and unified Ukraine – as in hundreds of times more.


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Putins Aussagen im Fakten-Schnellcheck

Originally posted on Euromaidan PR:

Boris Reitschuster -
Putins Aussagen aus seiner Sprechstunde heute im Fakten-Schnellcheck:

- Russland hat nie eine Annexion oder militärische Aktionen auf der Krim geplant.

FAKTEN: So kurzfristig wäre so eine groß angelegte Truppen- und Sondereinsatzkommando-Aktion gar nicht möglich gewesen. Warum hat sich dann vom Parlament schon vorab ermächtigen lassen zu Militäraktionen?

- Er hat bis zum letzten Moment auf das Ergebnis des Referendums gewartet. Erst als er das vorlag, habe er sich entscheiden.

FAKTEN: Kann stimmen, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass er das Ergebnis schon Wochen vor der Abstimmung kannte. Andernfalls wäre der Anschluss kaum so schnell planbar gewesen, insbesondere vorhergehende Duma- und Föderationsrats-Entscheidungen.

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Antisemitic flyer in Donetsk: Clarification and statement of the rabbinate

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