Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 23, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for July 23, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for July 22).

The bad news:

1. Two ATO forces’ airplanes were shot down today–the fighter jets were coming back to a base after successfully completing a special mission. There is currently no information about the fate of the pilots yet–let’s hope that they are alive.

But it is known that the jets were shot down at an altitude of 5200 meters [17,060 ft]. Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) do not shoot at this height, including the latest Russian 9K333 “Verba,” which had previously been seen in the possession of the insurgents.

Rashisty [Russian fascists] just bend over backwards to prove that the downed “Boeing” is their handiwork. Rather than go into hiding after the disaster, like cockroaches into their cracks, they demonstrate in every way that they bring down everything they see in the Donbas sky, and at any altitude at that.

Su-25 "frogfoot" aircraft originally designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces.

Su-25 “frogfoot” aircraft originally designed to provide close air support for the Soviet Ground Forces. Source: RIA Novosti

2. The situation remains very difficult in the border areas.

According to our data, as of today, the issue of the provisioning of our troops, which are holding defenses along the border, is being resolved. So far, to our deepest regret, this does not yet affect all the units. Let’s hope that in the near future the problem will be solved completely.

3. Today, we attempted to establish why the terrorists needed nine black students from Nigeria, who were abducted in Luhansk (the media reported this yesterday).

Our sources found out [the following]. That terrorists, “on request” from Moscow, urgently needed to prove that NATO soldiers and foreign mercenaries are fighting on the side of the ATO forces. These are who the kidnapped students, dressed in foreign uniforms, were supposed to depict in front of Russian TV cameras.

I find it difficult to somehow classify this flight of fantasy. I would recommend for the insurgent “commanders” to record themselves wearing Ukrainian military uniforms and with that, to try and prove that all Ukrainian soldiers, without exception, are addicts. The exhibit types from the “LNR” and “DNR” [Luhansk– and Donetsk People’s Republics] are ideal.

The good news:

1. The ATO forces freed three settlements in Donetsk Oblast: Karlivka, Netaylovo and Pervomaiske. There are armed fights for Lysychansk [Luhansk Oblast].

With getting back/taking over Lysychansk, an important stage of the ATO will come to its end. But the most difficult task is ahead–the release of Luhansk and Donetsk after their complete blockade.

We believe in our boys. But there is a huge problem–civilians. It is the “human shield,” which Putin’s terrorists have assembled from peaceful residents, that is the biggest challenge for ATO forces during the liberation of cities.

2. Speaking of civilians. The SBU detained a terrorist mortar-man from “LNR,” who was shooting at residential areas of Luhansk.

It turned out that this gentleman was recruited by the Russian intelligence services, and with his “colleagues,” he shelled civilians on orders from his bosses in Moscow.

The very fact of the deliberate shelling of civilians in order to discredit ATO forces is the height of villainy and cynicism. But the fact that these monsters get caught, and with their help [Ukrainians] prove who is to blame [in this], gives [us] a reason to hope that Moscow will end its bloody farce. Although, knowing Putin, there isn’t much hope for that.

3. Lysychansk residents demanded during the rally that terrorists get out of [their] town. Yesterday, a few thousand Stakhanov [Luhansk Oblast] residents at the rally put forward the same demand to the insurgents. Similar rallies were held in other towns of Donbas.

Donbas has already realized [fairly] well who is who in the current events in eastern Ukraine. It‘s a pity that such a high price is paid for this insight…

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 22, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for July 22, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for July 21).

The bad news:

1. Behind every report about another settlement being liberated by ATO forces lie great efforts, hard work, and the most dreadful, the blood of our boys. The insurgents keep resisting like crazed and cornered rats.

The situation in the border areas is very difficult. Here, as we know, our [soldiers] are waging war on two fronts–against terrorists and Russian mercenaries, and against Russian troops–constantly drawing fire from the territory of the Russian Federation. More precisely, [Ukrainians] cannot respond to the fire so as not to give Putin a reason to accuse Ukraine of aggression and then start an open invasion.

I won’t argue whether it’s right or not–not to respond to the fire from Putin’s scumbags, who shoot in the old NKVD-style, in the back, while feeling their total impunity. But I know that none of our boys who are heroically holding the defense there, will ever again call Putin’s Russia a “friend.” As with any of us, who have retained our ability to think and feel.

2. Russia continues to drag its troops to the border with Ukraine.

Moscow redeploys its personnel, weapons and equipment already from the Trans-Baikal and Far East military districts. It’s quite possible that some of these fighters will be running around Donbas tomorrow. Along with tanks and Grads.

The Kremlin is ready to unleash its military might on Ukraine. But the July 2014 edition of the Ukrainian army is far from what we had back in March. Putin and his hordes can now only impress the mummy of Grandpa Lenin in his Mausoleum [on Red Square in Moscow], but not the nation which is breaking the Moscow hyena’s spine in Donbas today.

3. The EU for the umpteenth time has postponed the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. That is, for now, Europeans will only work up “instructions on the elaboration of possible further sanctions against Russia.” At the same time, France announced that despite everything, it would deliver “Mistrals” to Putin.

In Ukraine, there are disputes saying, so what is wrong with the fact that the French “Mistrals” will end up in Russia? The answer is obvious. Yes, it will not directly affect the course of events in Donbas. But it is a powerful political act, which is negative both for us, and for Europe. It means that not all European rulers realize the extent of the threat, since they are ready to hand over serious offensive weapons to the Kremlin.

And it is especially strange to observe such steps from the French, who just 70 years ago used to scrub the occupiers’ toilets for a piece of strudel. How quickly are the history lessons forgotten, which teach [people] to be more careful about spitting upon their own safety.

Fortunately, those who are like [François] Hollande are singularities in Europe. The EU has finally begun to realize with whom they are dealing.

The good news:

1. ATO forces freed Severodonetsk and Popasnaya [Luhansk Oblast].

Comments are not needed here. Every Ukrainian flag waving over a Ukrainian city or village instead of a Russian, or “not-quite-Russian” (as in “DNR” and “LNR” [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]), flag is a triumph of justice.

Residents of Severodonetsk meet the Ukrainian army, July 22nd (they are shouting, “Thank you, thank you!!).

2. Putin began to moan today, saying that Russia must “fully and expediently implement measures to enhance its defense capability due to increased NATO troops near the border.”

This butcher continues to scare his Russian flock with threats from the outside. As in, there is no direct threat, but we must fear and prepare [our] response (overall, one can only wonder about Putin’s verbiage–if there is no threat, what is there to respond to then?). Although today there is only one threat in Europe–it is Putin himself, which is obvious to every last gopher in the Alpine meadows.

But if the Kremlin ghoul is so afraid of NATO–it means he truly thinks that there is a power in the world to stop his bloody march. I hope he is afraid of it for good reason.

3. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Parliament], following the President’s lead, called upon the international community to recognize the “LNR” and “DNR” as terrorist organizations.

Because of the abundance of “little sent over Cossacks,” our parliament has for very long been a weak link in the national security system. If the pro-Russian forces are now finally neutralized, and the state consolidates with civil society against a common threat–this will be an undeniable strategic success.

4. Trying to justify their deliberate defeat, the little Russian fighters are employing every means possible [to explain themselves].

The so-called “prime minister” of the terrorist organization DNR, [Alexander] Borodai, claimed that in fact they are waging war not only with Ukraine, but also…with NATO. As in, the terrorists are forced to fight “against an army, for whom a huge mass of mercenaries are fighting from different countries, from Poland, from all over Europe.”

Presumably, when the next reinforcement of mercenaries from Caucasia brings a new batch of drugs, Borodai will suddenly realize that not only Europe and NATO are fighting for Ukrainians, but also the Intergalactic Fleet of Martians. We are looking forward to a protest note from the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Government of Mars.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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“Ukraine! I am for you!” (PayPal)

“Ukraine! I am for you!” (PayPal)

By: Vitaliy Deynega

06.10.2014  Facebook

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


PayPal, electronic transfers, and more–we work hard to help simplify the procedure.

Money collected by PayPal will be spent in Europe on commodities, which will then be sent to the front. Transfers will be spent on what can be bought officially. Cash—on everything remaining.

As before, a detailed report is here:

A full list of details is here:

All currency will be converted at the most effective rate at the time of spending.

We work hard! Every kopek [penny] can save someone’s father and bring peace!

I’m leaving to take care of our common affairs. Up ahead is only good news!!



5168 7553 6940 3403 Deynega Vitaliy

5211 5374 4662 3360 Stokratyuk Viktoria

Electronic transfers:


Myzhnarodniy Blagodiyniy Fund “Ukraine! I am for you!”

Code 35137539

р\р №26006057000533

Bank SF PAT KB “PrivatBank” m. Kyiv

MFO Bank 380269

Bank details for recipients SWIFT—conversions in US dollars


IBAN: UA943052990004731185602083807

ACCOUNT: 4731185602083807




Bank details for recipients SWIFT —conversions in euros


IBAN: UA223052990004731185602091214

ACCOUNT: 4731185602091214


INTERMEDIARY BANK: Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany SWIFT CODE: COBADEFF


Western Union: Vitaliy Deynega +38050-4444-336


Source: Vitaliy Deynega




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Attention readers! You can now donate to Ukrainian army via PayPal!

Translated by Voices of Ukraine and edited by Alex Howard

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 6.58.14 PMYuriy Biryukov, who goes by Wings Phoenix on Facebook, is a volunteer for the Ukrainian army.  His initiative collects almost 2 million Hryvnias a month, which goes to Ukrainian airborne troops, naval aviation, artillery brigades, the National Guard, the border control troops, and others.

For his April 28 delivery, Yuriy collected tons of food, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, medications, dozens of portable radios, hundreds of sets of body armor for airborne troops, and two hundred helmets. Thousands of people transferred the money. Hundreds of concerned individuals who are drawn in to search for all necessities.

Also, Yuriy is helping the naval aviation brigade to build the modular headquarters for their engineers and technicians. Naval aviation conducts aerial reconnaissance, transports cargo for military sailors, and performs search and rescue operations. To conduct the flights, it’s necessary to provide headquarters for technical staff who prepare aviation equipment for flying.

Wings Phoenix volunteers 18 hours a day. He says that he is sleep deprived, but someone has to take care of the business. Despite lacking rest, however, Yuriy Biryukov is happy to be the army’s volunteer quartermaster.

Here’s the long-awaited financial information for those willing to donate to the Ukrainian army:

M A X I M U M   R E P O S T !

PAYPAL Account – [updated on July 22]*
Purpose: transfer to friends or relatives
Message to the recipient: ArmyUA
After transferring the money – write a message here on Facebook, saying which unit to spend it on.

* Please check the original Wings Phoenix FB page in case the Paypal account has changed.

The servicemen will get the money promptly and definitely use them as intended: Yuriy provides all reports on his Facebook page. Here’re some links for your review:

Consolidated financial report:

Consolidated photo report:


Wings Phoenix confirmation from May 6, 2014:

Ah! Aha! Reporting: PayPal works. The first tranche from the account has already reached my PrivatBank card, and has been converted into Hryvnias and sent tax-free to the suppliers. Ha! In the evening, I will put everything in the reports.

So please, a big request to share this post, we need to get the news to our foreign patriots that there is a quick way to directly help our military units. There are still 2 working days until the 9th and I will try to do my best to supply our units with bulletproof vests and radios.

I will most definitely be able to deliver the vests on time to:

- Berdyansk border guards

- 72nd Guards mechanised brigade

Plus there are orders from:

- 1st Battallion of the National Guard

- 25nd Dnipropetrovsk Airborne

And the 79th of course.

They are bogged down, but they are trying.


All other transfers and financial accounts [in Russian] -

Sources: Wings Phoenix FB, ICTV

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Voices Editors: Slava! and Bravo! to all of our civilian and military heroes and to our brave Ukrainian spirit of generosity and love for our people. With deep thanks to Yuriy Biryukov for all you do for so many! And to the diaspora and concerned individuals who help in many little ways that add up – we are all connected and united by caring and doing what needs doing. That Phoenix will rise from the ashes on renewed wings! 

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Dear readers

We need your help! We are running on very tight resources, mainly human resources. We are constantly in need of editors for our content. Lots of our articles need final proof-reading. We look for help from native speakers and those of similar skill. So far we have concentrated our work on translations into English and German. Our readers with high proficiency in those two languages are very welcome to join our team on regular or not-quite-so-regular basis. We work hard to bring to you the best quality while remaining an entirely voluntary project with no external financing or donations. All we could offer is work for a good cause and discovering more about intricacies of the current situation in Ukraine. If you would like to try it out, use our contact form – we will then get back to you.

UPD: Dear everyone, since it was mentioned several times in comments: You don’t necessarily have to speak Ukrainian or Russian to be able to help us. We have people who can do the initial translations from Ukrainian/Russian, so you will only have to proof-read an already translated text. Basically, knowledge of either Ukrainian or Russian is welcome, but it is not essential. Solid knowledge of English/German language writing and any editing experience is needed.

Your Voices-of-Ukraine-Team

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Putin 2014 vs Hitler 1939: Shuster LIVE Show Draws Uncanny Parallels Between Speeches (VIDEO w. English subtitles)

By Shuster LIVE – Aired on March 21, 2014
English subtitles by Voices of Ukraine
Source: Savik Shuster Studio

Shuster LIVE is a popular Ukrainian talk show, hosted by Savik Shuster and aired on the First National Channel (Ukraine). The show focuses on pressing social and political issues, and analysis of current events.

This is an excerpt from the show aired live on March 21, 2014. The full version can be found at Shuster LIVE on Youtube.

Highlights of the Putin and Hitler speeches presented in the video:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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VOLODYMYR PARASYUK: Captured traitor tells all

By Volodymyr Parasyuk, Dnipro Battalion
Translated by William Risch

Yesterday Dnipro Battalion captured yet another convinced separatist. This man once went through military service with the (Ukrainian) paratroopers, but when Putin sent his terrorists into Ukraine, he decided to enter the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) “self-defense forces.” This traitor told where he stood, what weapons he fired with, and how he passed on information about where our checkpoints were, after which they fired on us with their GRAD missiles.

He also talked about how the DNR people treat the local population. “They get all liquored up in the evening, they go down the streets, and they shoot at innocent civilians. Whoever kills more wins the bet.” This wise guy’s name is Dmytro. At first he swore he knew nothing, but after talking with our guys, he told on everyone he knew, and he gave us a lot of useful information. He kept repeating that Putin was going to save them, and he said that Russia is always helping them. Then this scum admitted that they raped young girls, and anyone who refused got a rifle to the head and was offered a choice: either a bullet to the head, or do what we tell you.

Regionnaires (Party of Regions members) and Commies always yell that these aren’t terrorists, that they’re just people with different views, and that Russians are our brothers. But here’s the way it is, they’re no brothers of ours. These are swine who hate everything Ukrainian and dream of destroying the Ukrainian nation, so that there’s not a trace of it left.

Dear Ukrainians, we shall win, because we are fighting for our Fatherland. We didn’t come to take over foreign soil like Russia did, we are defending our own land. God and Ukraine are with us!

Source: Volodymyr Parasyuk FB status

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Gegen Putin, aber wofür? Ukrainische Rechtsradikale

Originally posted on Krzysztof W. Rath:

In den Redaktionsräumen die Kreml-Propagandamaschinerie scheint ein Wettlauf darum ausgebrochen zu sein, wer die abwegigsten Geschichten um das Flugzeug MH17 konstruieren kann. Die einzige Anforderung an die neuen Narrative scheint zu sein, dass sie die pro-russischen Rebellen in der Ostukraine irgendwie entlasten oder zumindest von ihrer möglichen Beteiligung ablenken.

An dieser Stelle ist es wohl ratsam, die Ergebnisse der OSZE-Beobachter abzuwarten und darauf zu hoffen, dass die Anwesenheit internationaler Journalisten vor Ort einen Einfluss darauf haben kann, dass sie nicht zu sehr behindert werden. Unterdessen richten wir einen kühlen Blick auf einen Aspekt des Konflikts, der bislang wenig Beachtung erfahren hat, zumindest außerhalb des schrillen Agitprop-Theaters der Kreml-Medien: die rechten Bataillone auf der ukrainischen Seite – und ihre Verbindungen in die Politik.

Ein Kämpfer des Azov Bataillons verabschiedet sich von seiner Freundin, bevor er zum Einsatz in die Ostukraine geschickt wird

Selbstdarstellung als ziemlich coole Typen: Ein Kämpfer des Azov Bataillons verabschiedet sich von seiner Freundin, bevor er zum Einsatz in die Ostukraine geschickt wird (Foto: AP)

Für die Partei Svoboda und…

View original 1,240 more words

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La SBU (le Service de Sécurité de l’Ukraine) a démasqué des espions et des traîtres à l’état-major de l’ATO

Mercredi 23 juillet 2014, 17:11

Le Service de sécurité a découvert à l’état-major de l’ATO des personnes qui travaillaient pour la Fédération de Russie.

C’est ce qu’a déclaré lors des questions parlementaires le chef de la SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, comme le rapporte la “Voix de l’Ukraine”.

Selon lui, au cours des trois derniers mois, la SBU a identifié des personnes coupables de trahison dans les structures de direction du ministère de la défense ainsi qu’à l’état-major de l’ATO et dans les formations militaires qui prennent part à des opérations de combat.

La SBU a ouvert contre elles des procédures pénales en vertu de l’article réprimant la trahison.

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What actually happened at Stanytsia-Luhansk

By Vsevolod Fillimonenko, journalist with Vezde
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

If we were to analyze the type of damage to the buildings and doors of the garage in the video* of the Russian cameraman, any specialist would say that this is not just shell damage. Earlier, the Ukraine Ministry of Defense said that the residential area had come under artillery fire.

Now in essence, this is how it was. In brief:

July 2, 2014: In the district of Milove, some unidentified people came into our territory from the side of the Russian Federation; with ground-based artillery fire, they leveled the air defenses in 15 minutes. And in the morning, some unknown aircraft bombed the village.

In detail:

In the Milove area during the night of July 2, 2014, four unknown persons carrying mortars crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border two kilometers from the air defense zone. A car with ammunition was already waiting for them in Ukraine. They mounted an 82mm mortar and opened fire. They fired like professionals; in 15 minutes they let off 150 rounds. The unit and equipment were destroyed; the actual air defense tower was left standing and only suffered superficial damage. (The last shell exploded two meters from it). After the barrage, the guests from the “brotherly” state launched Russian-made shells and went away toward the Luhansk side.

Work to repair the tower carried on until 3 p.m. on July 2. Because of this, the air defense safety system was out of action until 3 p.m., so transport by air was not possible on the Ukrainian side. That was when the air strike took place on Stanytsia. At first, about 11 o’clock, the first airplane destroyed the regional office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the center of the town. Just afterwards, a second airplane struck a densely populated area.

ATO aircraft had not been in the Luhansk airspace for some time. The last time Ukrainian aircraft flew over Luhansk on the Stanytsia side was around 4:00 a.m. to 5 a.m. on July 2. It is not known whose planes it was that struck the peaceful residents, but the winged assassins flew to Stanytsia from the Russian Federation side, and this was accurately logged by Pentagon and NATO equipment. I hope the U.S. government will decide to announce this information publicly and will help the whole world, and Ukraine in particular, to draw a red line against the political intentions of the commander-in-chief of the Russian armed forces.

Something similar also happened in Lysychansk. In the same way, unidentified aircraft fired on a residential sector and flew off to the Russian side.

*The commentator for the notorious video clip is someone with a strong Russian accent. What is remarkable is that he does not immediately say where he is, starting his propaganda pitch by saying that he is in Luhansk and not Stanytsia.

Text and images source: Vsevolod Fillimonenko FB

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