Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 19, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for August 19, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 18).

The bad news:

1. Unfortunately, we can confirm the fact that the column of Russian military equipment broke through to Luhansk today to back up the local militants. Some of the equipment arrived from Russia earlier, while other vehicles entered Donbas today from the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to our data, a few dozen units of military equipment broke through into the neighborhood of Luhansk, up to 40 of them are heavy armored vehicles. Part of this column entered the city.

How the column of vehicles could have broken through the blockade line, considering the fact that Luhansk is being blocked by a circle of checkpoints and fortified strongpoints of ATO forces–we currently cannot say.

2. LNR [Luhansk People's Republic] terrorists argue that the shooting of the refugee convoy yesterday near Luhansk–was not them. This claim was made by I. [Ihor] Plotnitskiy, one of the insurgents’ leaders.

This statement could possibly confuse a casual observer who might erroneously think that this sinful deed that was committed, that such a terrible crime could be attributable to the ATO forces who shelled the convoy by mistake. If it were not for one “but.” The leader of the terrorists began swearing that the insurgents do not get thrown weapons from Russia, he said, “all military equipment is battle loot and was captured in battle.”

And here everything falls into place. It’s hard to assume that the insurgents could seize dozens of tanks and MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket Systems] from the Ukrainian army, and it’s even less understandable where Ukrainian troops would get weapons and equipment available only in the Russian army, such as armored KamAZ trucks, the newest armored BTR-82 vehicles, Kord machine guns, AK [Kalashnikov] Series 100 automatic rifles, etc. etc.–this list is endless.

This lie about the weapons also proves the lie about the [fact of] the shelling of the convoy. But this little warlord, stuck deep in his lies, didn’t even use his brains when feeding his lies to the public.

The good news:

1. Our troops continue to liberate the land of the Donbas from pro-Russian and Russian filth. The cleanup of Ilovaysk is finishing, step by step Donetsk and Luhansk are being liberated. Combat is underway in the raion [district] settlements of Horlivka, Yasynuvata, Zhdanivka.

Moscow is seeking in any way to save its minions, already throwing them equipment and weapons without much secrecy. But only a maniac like Putin can continue to believe that the game is not over, and hope for some prospects for such criminal projects as the DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics]. Tragically, this maniacal Kremlin is paid for with the blood of our guys, but in no way cancels the impending victory.

2. The Ministry of the Interior reported that it fired nearly 3,700 law enforcement officers in the Donetsk and Luhansk region throughout the duration of the ATO. Dozens of criminal cases were filed against local police officers who changed their oath.

It is a process, the value of which can hardly be overestimated. Because what would be the point of the ATO, if yesterday’s terrorist accomplices controlled the city of Donbas again today, waiting for the “whistle” from Russia to start all over again?

To this, [I] can only add that such a process should have been aggressively launched against the local authorities as well. Since it was already begun, it recently somehow started clearly to abate.

3. The Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament R. [Ryszard] Czarnecki said that the Ukrainian authorities should not agree to negotiations with terrorists in the Donbas, as they are not a worthy partner for dialogue, and should make every effort to drive them out of the country.

These are, in my understanding, the words of a man, not a boy. Kyiv announced that it would welcome a peaceful dialogue, if such were possible (remember the sad experience of the “ceasefire” of June 20-30th?). But since [we] cannot come to an agreement amicably, we will have to postpone the ceremonies. It is wonderful that the European Parliament, earlier blinded by an unconvincing pacifism, began to understand this fact.

Meanwhile, a terrorist is nevertheless a terrorist, [even] in Africa. And this statement by the representative of the European Parliament can be considered an unofficial recognition of the DNR and LNR [Donetsk- and Luhansk People's Republics] as terrorist organizations, albeit by individual MEPs [Members of European Parliament]. Well, it’s up to an official recognition [now], which Ukraine is so yearning for.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB






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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 18, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for August 18, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 15).

The bad news:

1. During a withdrawal of refugees from the settlements of Khryashchuvate and Novosvitlivka near Luhansk, insurgents struck the convoy with a massive attack of mortars and “Grads.” The convoy was moving under white flags, but this did not save it from almost total destruction. Dozens of civilians, many [of them] children were killed.

We are accustomed to the fact that the insurgents deliberately fire at the houses of local residents, at [combat] ambulances with the wounded, and use peaceful civilians as human shields. But today’s occurrence is the apotheosis of savagery and villainy. This is the very essence of terrorism under the Russian flag.

… And some still manage to call these creatures “militias.” It is not surprising that, according to the results of a poll published today, the majority of Ukrainians–55%–believe that it is necessary to continue the ATO [even] further. Rabid animals can only be destroyed, so as to convince them that something is meaningless.

Live interactive map. Source: LiveUAMap

Live interactive map (go to link), Khryashchuvate and Novosvitlivka are noted above the white cross. Source: LiveUAMap

2. Not for nothing does Putin save his miscarriages of “The Russian World” in Donbas, in the last few days he has been throwing all the new swarms of mercenaries and columns of military equipment here. This immediately affected the course of the ATO–and not for the best outcome for us.

The insurgents have sharply increased counterattacks in many directions. From the vicinity of the settlement of Snizhne, their groups went fighting towards Stepanivka and Marynivka; there are constant attacks on our positions in the area of ​​Savur-Mohyla. Fierce fighting is currently underway for the settlements of Yasynuvata, Makiivka, Zhdanivka, and others. And during this time, the Kremlin keeps throwing in more new “Grads” to the border…

3. And again about the “humanitarian aid” from Russia. During the discussion of the issue of its entry into the Ukrainian territory, everything seemed to have been taken into account: the imported cargo will be physically inspected, and in theory nothing but food will be left for the little fighters.

But there is another factor [here]–Russia’s very own trucks, painted from the heart in the “peaceful” white [color]. Considering that they will be traveling on territory controlled by terrorists, the question arises: what is the procedure for their withdrawal back to Russia? Remaining in Donbas, they can become a great cover for blocking the actions of the ATO forces in separate directions. Since it’s obvious that the Ukrainian troops won’t fire in areas where this transport remains. And [we] must agree that 270 trucks is a lot.

The good news:

1. President Petro Poroshenko talked about a change in tactics of the ATO forces. According to him, the tactic now is to “cut the territories controlled by the terrorists into zones, to tightly reduce the ring [around them] and to prevent the possibility for a re-supply of weapons and ammunition.”

It is quite obvious that such operations should be carried out at lightning speed. We have already learned a bitter lesson that we cannot move teams and units into the zones between the enemy formations and put them on the defensive–[or] the systematic destruction of our forces begins. In order [for them] to act quickly, they need reserves. In theory, the mobilization should have taken care of that, and therefore let’s hope that this strategy will be successful.

2. Donetsk, Luhansk, and Horlivka are practically encircled by our forces. The blocking off of Alchevsk is currently underway, the ATO forces [will have] entered into Ilovajsk by evening. In the direction of Zhdanivka-Nyzhnya and Verkhnya Krynka, the cutting off and blocking of the terrorist groups near Yenakiieve is planned.

This is the same tactics of “dissection and fragmentation” in action. Let us only hope that the ATO forces’ command won’t disperse its forces and means, and will [instead] focus them on the most important areas, working step by step. However, we do not take on the role of advisers and critics of the military leadership, even without us these come a dime a dozen.

3. German Chancellor Angela Merkel supports the continuation of sanctions against Russia “in order to show it our seriousness.”

I think I’ve recently become quite partial towards Mrs. Angela. For a very long time, she demonstrated some obscure sympathy for Putin, trying to reconcile it with [her] democratic values​​. But after the disaster with the “Boeing,” the German leader [behaves] as if she has been replaced [with someone else]: [it's] a pleasure to observe.

That is, as I understand [it], a woman. If she really disliked you, then to the last bullet. Ah, if only there were more warrior broads like this in Europe.

 Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB 

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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – August 15, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for August 15, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for August 14).

The bad news:

1. The dirty business with Russian “humanitarian aid” continues. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was too quick to declare that the preparation for delivery of the so-called humanitarian aid to the residents of Donbas “has entered its final stage.”

Then, suddenly, Moscow started claiming that attempts would be made [by Ukraine] to destroy the convoy. Allegedly, they were “receiving reports that the subversive group of the Aidar punitive battalion planned to lay mines on certain sections of roads in Luhansk Oblast, in order to destroy vehicles with humanitarian cargo and its accompanying personnel, and then accuse the local militia of terrorism.”

And this statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry unveils the whole Kremlin’s agenda.

Firstly, the territory that the M-04 highway lies across, is controlled by insurgents. There is a section, which has been taken under control by the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] forces, but that only means fire control. To “explain” this, the Kremlin states that the subversive groups will do the job! But Moscow made a mistake by claiming it would be Aidar [Battalion of Territorial Defense]. Had it blurted out [the accusations] aimed at, for example, the special forces of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence with the Ministry of Defense [GUR], that would be halfway believable, since these guys go through subversive training. Soldiers of Aidar [Battalion] do not. Had the Ukrainian authorities wanted to stage such a dirty and intentionally high-profile provocation, they would have sent professional subversives to do it.

Secondly, if Moscow is so worried about its cargo and personnel, then it’s completely incomprehensible as to why it is sending the convoy to Ukraine through an insurgent-controlled territory. They could have handed over the cargo, as they originally announced, to the Red Cross at the border of Kharkiv Oblast, loaded it on board of the ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross] vehicles (as insisted upon by Kyiv), and slept peacefully. From then on, the cargo would be the headache of the ICRC and the Ukrainian government.

Thirdly, having the convoy travel through the terrorist-controlled territory makes any investigation impossible in the event of sabotage. We already witnessed that at the crash site of the [MH-17] Boeing. This means that the insurgents can blow up the convoy and then [Russia] can easily claim that this was done by the ATO forces, a group of Martians, or whoever else. And after the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is obvious who Moscow will try to blame.

To sum up, it is perfectly clear why Moscow started the whole malarkey with the “humanitarian aid.” [This is] very much true to form for Putin and the FSB. Quite cynical and treacherous–but clumsily done.

2. There was a strong reaction to the message by the British reporters from the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian newspapers, about the fact that last night, they had observed the Russian military equipment crossing the border into Ukraine. NATO went as far as to verify this information (and confirmed it successfully).

The degree of this reaction remains a mystery to me. We, the IR [Information Resistance] group, have confirmed facts of constant deployment of equipment and weapons from the Russian Federation to Donbas, since as early as April [of 2014]. Some time after that, our state authorities also began to talk about this repeatedly.

If the West had not trusted this information, that is exactly why the intelligence services of the Western countries employ high-brow, well-paid analysts. Over the past six months, they could have easily found out (even from publicly available sources), which military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were deployed to  Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. Based on that, [the analysts] would have concluded that the tanks, the cannons, the Grads [missile launchers], etc. that the terrorists have no shortage of, could not have been taken from the Ukrainian military. And there aren’t too many options left as to where the insurgents could have gotten this equipment from. It does not take an intelligence school to figure it out.

Based on this, I can hardly comprehend why our Western partners are so taken aback today.

3. It’s Christmas for the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine: the former Secretary of the National  Security and Defense Council [NSDC] Andriy Parubiy lost the court case against Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of the pro-Russian “Ukrainian Choice” organization. If the followers of Medvedchuk are to be believed, the court ruled that Parubiy’s claims that Medvedchuk–is a criminal involved in organizing a separatist movement–are false and “discredit the honor and dignity” of Medvedchuk.

I am baffled. If the court proved that Medvedchuk organized no separatist movements, then what is Moscow paying him for? Simply because he is Putin’s kum? In that case, congratulations, Viktor Volodymyrovych [Medvedchuk], you’ve set yourself up very well. But I’ll be honest–if Parubiy lied about Medvedchuk, then I don’t know what the truth is.

By the way, Petro Symonenko, the leader of the Ukrainian communists complained that the General Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case against him. There is a God after all and, fortunately, he is not on the side of Orthodox communists.

The good news:

1. Sadly, we see no drastic changes in the progress of the ATO. The terrorists are mounting counterattacks, trying to regain their lost positions in both Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts. Armed confrontations are underway in the districts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Ilovaysk, Shakhtarsk, and Krasnyi Luch. The situation is difficult in the area of Savur-Mohyla, where our units are constantly under fire. In many areas along the border, shellings from the Russian territory continue, complicating the work of our [Armed] forces a great deal. In addition, the Russians have practically destroyed the “Uspenka” border checkpoint with “Grads.” 

But on this background, there are tactical victories–such as the encirclement of the insurgent groups near Mospyne and freeing a number of towns [that are] secondary in the strategic sense. Also, the liberation of strategically (and “politically”) important Donetsk is underway, albeit slowly, as is preparation for taking Luhansk. We will appreciate these successes today, and look forward to big victories tomorrow.

2. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, made a statement today that a large part of the [military] equipment that entered the Ukrainian territory from Russia yesterday was destroyed by Ukrainian artillery overnight.

According to our data, at least 100 units of military equipment were transported from Russia to the terrorists over the last two days. It is imperative that [this equipment] does not come anywhere close to Luhansk, or to the encirclement currently being created near Snizhne. If artillerymen and aviators can solve this problem–honor and praise to them.

3. The Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko announced that he is convinced a criminal case will be opened against Russian President Putin due to current events in Ukraine. “This is my personal civic stance, and not even my opinion as a Justice Minister. This case must go to international courts,” he said.

I also share his opinion. Except, I’m afraid that Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] may have to be tried posthumously–after he drinks poison while sitting in his bunker at the Central Command Post [of Armed Forces of Russia] and soiling his pants at the sound of advancing Ukrainian tanks.

P.S. Friends, a few words about our experts, to answer some of the questions [we receive]. A month ago, we “legalized” (that is, made public) two more members of the IR group–Vyacheslav Gusarov and Konstantin Mashovets, experts of our Center for Military and Political Research (CMPR). Currently, these experts are in the service of the Information and Analysis Center with the NSDC, where they are working for the benefit of our homeland. That’s why when in different instances the media might speak of them as representing the CMPR or the NSDC–this doesn’t really matter. Both options are correct.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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Combat Lifesaver training Doctor on the NATO-level combat medical training organized for Ukrainian troops by diaspora volunteers

By Dr. Ulana N. Suprun, MD, Patriot Defence Instructor, and Director of Humanitarian Initiatives at the Ukrainian World Congress
07.28.2014  Kyiv
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

“Every day we get reports from the front line that the training provided through CLS and the IFAKs are saving soldiers’ lives.”

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) project, Patriot Defence, was initiated in mid-May of 2014 in response to the urgent need for training in first aid on the battlefield, and providing individual first aid kits for Ukrainian soldiers. The soldiers had either no first aid kits at all, or were given an old Soviet rubber tourniquet and a bandage as their “kit.” Little if any medical training had been provided to them during their preparation for deployment. UWC began working with local Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) instructors from the Red Cross and the Ukrainian Center for Special Training, providing courses for Ukrainian soldiers in TCCC. However, the courses were geared more towards civilians and Law Enforcement, so we decided to bring in professional instructors to provide Combat Lifesaver courses for the soldiers, as well as to further train the local TCCC instructors.

Training on how to perform a pneumothorax procedure on a collapsed lung.

Combat Lifesaver (CLS) is a course taught to US and NATO soldiers in which they learn to treat the three main killers on the battlefield–catastrophic bleeding, blockage of the airway, and tension pneumothorax. CLS training takes into account the unique conditions of the battlefield and the primary responsibility of the soldier to first and foremost complete his combat mission. The Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) given to each soldier provides the tools with which they can save their own (self-aid) and their fellow soldiers’ (buddy-aid) lives. UWC began providing this kind of training and IFAKs to Ukrainian soldiers beginning in June of 2014.



Once the professional trainers from ParamedCZ ran several courses in Ukraine and word got around, requests for more courses and IFAKs began pouring in. To date we have trained over 2000 soldiers, including those from the Armed Forces of Ukraine 25th Battalion, National Guard Second Battalion, SBU Alpha, Battalions Donbas, Myrotvorets, Kyiv II, Lviv, Zoloti Vorota, Ukrainian National Security Forces, Ukrainian Army Special Forces, and others in places ranging from the training base for the Armed Forces in Desna, for the National Guard and Battalions at Nova Petrivka, SBU Alpha base, Obukhiv, Vita Poshtova, Yavorivsky Polygon, to areas where soldiers are currently deployed in the ATO zone. After completion of training, the soldiers receive IFAKs.

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun training in the field

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun training in the field

The training course ideally spans two days-the first day in which the soldiers are taught the theory behind CLS and learn how to treat injuries using the CABC algorithm-Catastrophic bleed, Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. The second day is filled with simulations of battle conditions, where the skills learned on the first day are carried over into real life battle scenarios, with the students wearing full battle gear, performing the life-saving techniques under fire, surrounded by smoke and exploding grenades, so that they experience the true nature of “tactical combat first aid.” There is usually one trainer for 25 students, and a coordinator for the length of the training course.

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun handing out IFAKs at the completion of a training program

Dr. Ulana N. Suprun handing out IFAKs at the completion of a training program

Currently donations are coming in from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, the US, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine.  We have provided 1250 IFAKs to the soldiers trained, and have 500 on the way.  We plan on reaching a goal of training 10,000 soldiers and providing each of them with an IFAK. There are 2-3 training courses happening every week, with a total of 25 Ukrainian instructors and visiting professional instructors from the US, Great Britain, Scotland, Czech Republic and Ireland, all with many years of experience as soldiers first, and combat medics second. Every day we get reports from the front line that the training provided through CLS and the IFAKs are saving soldiers’ lives. At the end of every training we hand an IFAK to each soldier-patriot, thanking them for their defence of Ukrainian independence and territorial integrity, and pass along the heartfelt support of the Ukrainian Diaspora, who through this program hope to give the soldiers the opportunity to save their own or their buddy’s life if injured in defense of Ukraine.

Patriot Defence Simulation video:

From the Staff of Voices of Ukraine: Please consider donating to Patriot Defence as a reliable, trusted and safe means for supporting Ukrainian troops with urgently needed, higher-tech Improved First Aid Kits and top level professionally certified combat medical trainers to help save lives now. Help them reach their goal of delivering 10,000 IFAKs to Ukrainian soldiers who are in trenches fighting daily to protect Ukraine.

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Ukrainian Army Fundraising: ONE CELOX EQUALS ONE LIFE

Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.39.46 AM

Please, repost this information to save lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“Dear Friends, THIS IS AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION. ONE CELOX EQUALS ONE LIFE!! The Ukrainian Army and Hospitals are in desperate need of our help. Unfortunately, Ukrainian soldiers lack many life saving supplies in the ongoing military conflict in the Eastern part of the country. One of the greatest needs is CELOX which is not available in Ukraine. CELOX STOPS BLEEDING AND SAVES LIVES!!!

Solomiya Vitvitska
Iryna Pylypenko
Tonya Levchuk
Dana Yarovaya

Today, so many Ukrainians are HEROES are fighting for our freedom! Please don’t give up on our guys!!! With our help, we can bring a father, son, friend, or loved one back home!!! Many thanks to everyone for reposts, financial support and help!!! TOGETHER – WE CAN HELP!!! Thank you!!!”

Source: YouCaring

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Attention readers! You can now donate to Ukrainian army via PayPal!

Translated by Voices of Ukraine and edited by Alex Howard

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 6.58.14 PMYuriy Biryukov, who goes by Wings Phoenix on Facebook, is a volunteer for the Ukrainian army.  His initiative collects almost 2 million Hryvnias a month, which goes to Ukrainian airborne troops, naval aviation, artillery brigades, the National Guard, the border control troops, and others.

For his April 28 delivery, Yuriy collected tons of food, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, medications, dozens of portable radios, hundreds of sets of body armor for airborne troops, and two hundred helmets. Thousands of people transferred the money. Hundreds of concerned individuals who are drawn in to search for all necessities.

Also, Yuriy is helping the naval aviation brigade to build the modular headquarters for their engineers and technicians. Naval aviation conducts aerial reconnaissance, transports cargo for military sailors, and performs search and rescue operations. To conduct the flights, it’s necessary to provide headquarters for technical staff who prepare aviation equipment for flying.

Wings Phoenix volunteers 18 hours a day. He says that he is sleep deprived, but someone has to take care of the business. Despite lacking rest, however, Yuriy Biryukov is happy to be the army’s volunteer quartermaster.

Here’s the long-awaited financial information for those willing to donate to the Ukrainian army:

M A X I M U M   R E P O S T !

PAYPAL Account – [updated on July 22]*
Purpose: transfer to friends or relatives
Message to the recipient: ArmyUA
After transferring the money – write a message here on Facebook, saying which unit to spend it on.

* Please check the original Wings Phoenix FB page in case the Paypal account has changed.

The servicemen will get the money promptly and definitely use them as intended: Yuriy provides all reports on his Facebook page. Here’re some links for your review:

Consolidated financial report:

Consolidated photo report:


Wings Phoenix confirmation from May 6, 2014:

Ah! Aha! Reporting: PayPal works. The first tranche from the account has already reached my PrivatBank card, and has been converted into Hryvnias and sent tax-free to the suppliers. Ha! In the evening, I will put everything in the reports.

So please, a big request to share this post, we need to get the news to our foreign patriots that there is a quick way to directly help our military units. There are still 2 working days until the 9th and I will try to do my best to supply our units with bulletproof vests and radios.

I will most definitely be able to deliver the vests on time to:

- Berdyansk border guards

- 72nd Guards mechanised brigade

Plus there are orders from:

- 1st Battallion of the National Guard

- 25nd Dnipropetrovsk Airborne

And the 79th of course.

They are bogged down, but they are trying.


All other transfers and financial accounts [in Russian] -

Sources: Wings Phoenix FB, ICTV

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Voices Editors: Slava! and Bravo! to all of our civilian and military heroes and to our brave Ukrainian spirit of generosity and love for our people. With deep thanks to Yuriy Biryukov for all you do for so many! And to the diaspora and concerned individuals who help in many little ways that add up – we are all connected and united by caring and doing what needs doing. That Phoenix will rise from the ashes on renewed wings! 

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Dear Voices of Ukraine readers

We need your help! We are running on very tight resources, mainly human resources. We are constantly in need of good translators and editors for our content. Translators, please have a firm grasp of Russian and/or Ukrainian and English or German. Lots of our articles need final proof-reading. We look for help from native speakers and those of similar skill. So far we have concentrated our work on translations into English and German. Our readers with high proficiency in those two languages are very welcome to join our team on regular or not-quite-so-regular basis. We work hard to bring to you the best quality while remaining an entirely voluntary project with no external financing or donations. All we could offer is work for a good cause and discovering more about intricacies of the current situation in Ukraine. If you would like to try it out, use our contact form – we will then get back to you.

UPDATE: Dear everyone, since it was mentioned several times in comments: You don’t necessarily have to speak Ukrainian or Russian to be able to help us but it certainly helps. Basically, knowledge of either Ukrainian or Russian is welcome, but it is not essential. Solid knowledge of English/German language writing and most especially, any editing experience, are needed.

Your Voices-of-Ukraine-Team

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Rear Admiral Ihor Kabanenko: Three powerful groups of Russian troops have been identified

By Rear Admiral Ihor Kabanenko, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Three powerful groups of Russian troops have been identified, who are in full combat readiness at our borders and in the Crimea: “North,” “Center” and “South.” The movement of troops demonstrates their preparation for something. This “something” may soon be:

  1. The continuation of the “back and forth” near our borders with the aim of provocative and intimidating methods while at the same time of expanding the zones of instability with the use of Russian special forces (commandos).
  1. Invasion under the guise of “peacekeeping operations” with the goal of mastering Dnipropetrovsk (main), Odessa and Kyiv occupations of the respective territories of Ukraine.

All this will be accompanied by an information-psychological operation aimed at our military and population.

Source: Rear Admiral Ihor Kabanenko FB

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Dmitry Tymchuk: The column with the “humanitarian aid” from Russia entered the territory of Ukraine without the permission of Ukraine

By Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia left the Ukrainian RF CAT "Izvarino" toward Luhansk. Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia left the Ukrainian RF CAT “Izvarino” toward Luhansk. Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

According to the operational data from Information Resistance, after the Russian Foreign Ministry statement that the convoys with “humanitarian aid” from Russia would enter the territory of Ukraine without the permission of Ukraine, the vehicles of this convoy started moving, crossing the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

We are talking about 34 trucks in the convoy that were previously searched by Ukrainian border guards and customs officials. However, for them to enter  into the territory of Ukraine, they needed permission from Ukraine after the Red Cross would have ensured their escort.

Ukrainian border guards who carried out the inspection of the convoys on the territory of the Russian checkpoint, were pushed back by Russian military servicemen, after which the convoy began to move.

Currently, the convoy moves on Ukrainian territory without escort by representatives of the Red Cross.

Thus, Moscow is no longer hiding and continues its provocation under the name of “humanitarian assistance to the residents of Donbas.” The entrance of the Russian convoys into Ukraine without the permission of the Ukrainian authorities and without escort of the cargo by representatives of international organizations is a gross violation by Russia of all imaginable rules of international law regarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.

According to our data, the drivers of these vehicles are solely Russian citizens, [they] all have Russian passports of the old design for international travel.

The convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia left the Ukrainian RF CAT "Izvarino" toward Luhansk. Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia left the Ukrainian RF CAT “Izvarino” toward Luhansk. Photo: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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An 8 year old’s letter to Ukrainian soldiers

By Ivan Mykhailov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Dear Soldier,

I don’t have a dad, my grandpa is disabled and other than you, my mom and I don’t have anyone to protect us.

Thank you! For the fact that I can play at the playground, eat ice cream, watch cartoons!

My mom and I will never forget what you are doing now! When I grow up I want to be as brave as you! Because I love Ukraine very much and will protect her! And my mom! And my grandma and my grandpa! And you! Thank you for the fact that you now are fighting for my future! I promise – I won’t let you down!

–Ivan Mykhailov, 8 years old, Brovary

Source: (Rear Admiral) Ihor Kabanenko FB, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine

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A criminal case is being fabricated against a pro-Ukrainian activist in Moscow, it seems

By Against Repression In Russia
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

It seems that a criminal case is being fabricated against the pro-Ukrainian activist Ildar Dadin in Moscow. He has been tirelessly taking part in various protest actions and events expressing his disagreement with current Russian reality.

The Ukrainian flag flying atop the Stalinist, gingerbread style, high-rise building at Kotelnitcheskaya Embankment in the center of Moscow–this news spread quickly. Soon an announcement followed that four suspects had been arrested [Alexey Shirokozhuhov, Eugene V. Korotkov, Alexander Yurovich and Anna Vladimirovna Lepeshkina].

According to official statements, these persons had actually climbed on the building and, as is usual for base jumpers [BASE Jumping–an extreme sport in which one uses a special parachute to jump from fixed objects], jumped down using a parachute. They say, however, they were at another point on the roof, they deny any involvement in the incident with the flag. Due to this event the Department of the Interior Ministry in Moscow Tagansky district instituted criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 214 of the Criminal Code (vandalism committed by a group of persons, as well as on the grounds of political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or enmity or hatred or hostility against any social group), reports Interfax, the maximum penalty for this article–is three years imprisonment.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.08.04 PM

The police abuse watchdog webpage reports about “a version [that] just appeared, that in fact a roofer named Gregory was involved in this action (ROOFING is the term for a kind of travel, which consists in climbing/walking on the roofs of a city’s skyscrapers). It was reported by blogger Anton Korobkov-Zemljansky: “This young man went to Moscow wearing a T-shirt with the coat-of-arms [emblem] of Ukraine. He himself is a citizen of Ukraine. I met him by chance on Saturday, he said he wanted to take a walk on the roofs of Moscow, to visit the Seven Sisters, climb up to the star, because it’s beautiful.” According to the blogger, Gregory said that he “actively supports the ATO in southeast Ukraine and is heading to Kyiv to volunteer in the Ukrainian army to fight against the rebels in Donetsk and Donbas.” Gregory himself has denied these accusations. (details here in Russian).

As a next step the news page Ridus stunned with the obviously fake news that Ildar Dadin had mounted the flag on the star of the building: “Identified by his selfie with Ukroflag on the roof of the skyscraper in Moscow. This is gay-activist Ildar Dadin” (in Russian here). [Editor’s note: the Russian homophobia is obvious…Ildar Dadin is not himself gay but has certainly been an activist for gay rights amongst other human rights. As he himself says in a comment on his Facebook page: “Let me be a gay activist to them. I’m not afraid of idiots and sycophants.”

The editors of turned to Dadin himself for a comment. He replied: “To my very great regret, I have nothing to do with this action.” Additionally, on the same FB post, Dadlin in his comments not only calls the man taking a selfie in the photo “handsome” he also says, “But I’m unfortunately a boxer, not a mountaineer.” And his post with the photo of the mountaineer atop the star states: “[I'm] in Moscow. It’s beautiful after all, right? ‘Hooligans colored the star and hung the flag of Ukraine on the top on the night of August 20. In the morning, climbers took down the Ukrainian flag from the building.’–They’re lying. Not hooligans – HEROES! Glory to Ukraine! Russia will be free!”

The situation is further fueled by clear threats against Dadin on a page that dares to wear the label “anti-fascist” (in Russian).

The most recent arrests of Dadin–as always, unlawful–were:

On August 6th in an action demanding freedom for the prisoners of May 6th–on this occasion Dadin was beaten up by the police (in Russian).

 On August 12th at a rally of mourning for those killed in Ukraine in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow (in Russian).

His last arrest was made after the delivery of judgment against four defendants in the Bolotnaya case on August 18th (in Russian).

 Source: Against Repression in Russia

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Wird in Moskau gerade ein Strafverfahren gegen einen Aktivisten konstruiert?

Es scheint, als würde in Moskau ein Strafverfahren gegen den Aktivisten Ildar Dadin konstruiert. Zu unermüdlich nimmt er an verschiedenen Protestaktionen teil und bringt zum Ausdruck, dass er mit der derzeitigen Realität in Russland nicht einverstanden ist.
Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.08.04 PM
Die ukrainische Flagge auf dem Hochhaus im stalinistischen Zuckerbäckerstil am Kotelnitcheskij-Ufer im Zentrum Moskaus – diese Nachricht verbreitete sich schnell. Bald folgte die Mitteilung, dass vier Verdächtige verhaftet worden seien [Alexej Schirokoschuhow, Ewgenij W. Korotkow, Alexander Jurowitsch und Anna Wladimirowna  Lepeschkina].  Nach offiziellen Angaben waren diese tatsächlich auf dem Gebäude und sind, wie für Base-Jumper üblich, mit dem Fallschirm heruntergesprungen. Allerdings an einer anderen Stelle des Daches, ihre Beteiligung an dem Vorfall mit der Fahne bestreiten sie. Nach diesem Vorfall leitete die Abteilung des Innenministeriums im Moskauer Stadtbezirk Taganskij ein Strafverfahren nach §214 Abs. 2 des Strafgesetzbuches ein (Vandalismus durch eine Gruppe von Personen und auf Grund des politischen, ideologischen, rassischen, ethnischen oder religiösen Hasses oder Feindschaft oder wegen Hasses oder Feindseligkeit gegen eine soziale Gruppe), berichtet Interfax, die Höchststrafe für diesen Artikel beträgt drei Jahre Haft.
A worker sent to take the Ukrainian flag down from skyscraper

Ein Arbeiter hat den Auftrag, die Ukrainische Flagge vom Dach des Hochhauses wieder einzuholen.

Wie die Webseite zur Überwachung von Missbräuchen durch die Polizei mitteilt, „tauchte ebenso die Version auf, dass an der Aktion tatsächlich ein Roofer namens Grigorij teilgenommen habe (unter Roofing versteht man Spaziergänge über die Dächer von Hochhäusern). Das teilt der Blogger Anton Korobkov-Zemljanskij mit: „Dieser junge Mann ging in einem T-Shirt mit dem Wappen der Ukraine durch Moskau. Er selbst ist Ukrainer (ausführlich hier auf Russisch).

Als nächste verblüfft die Nachrichtenseite ridus, mit der offensichtlich gefälschten Nachricht, dass Ildar Dadin die Fahne auf dem Stern des Gebäudes angebracht haben soll. (auf Russisch:

“Identifizierung durch sein Selfie mit der Ukrainerflagge auf dem Dach des Wolkenkratzers in Moskau. Dies ist der homosexuell Aktivist Ildar Dadin” (auf russisch hier). [Anm. d. Übers.: Die russische Homophobie ist offensichtlich … Ildar Dadin ist nicht selbst homosexuell, trat aber sicherlich als Aktivist für die Rechte von Homosexuellen ein – wie auch für andere Menschenrechte. Wie er selbst sagt in einem Kommentar auf seiner Facebook-Seite schreibt: “Sollen sie mich doch für einen homosexuellen Aktivisten halten. Ich habe keine Angst vor Idioten und Speichelleckern.”
Die Redaktion von wandte sich an Dadin und bat ihn um einen Kommentar. Er antwortete: “Zu meinem sehr großen Bedauern habe ich nichts mit dieser Aktion zu tun.” Zusätzlich nennt Dadin im gleichen Facebook-Posting in den Kommentaren nicht nur den Mann mit dem Selfie auf dem Hochaus “gut aussehend” sondern sagt auch “ich bin leider ein Boxer, kein Bergsteiger.” Und in seinem Posting mit dem Foto der Bergsteiger oben auf dem Stern heißt es: “[ich bin] in Moskau. Es ist doch ganz schön, oder? ‘Rowdys malten in der Nacht des 20. August den Stern an und hissten die Flagge der Ukraine auf der Spitze. Am Morgen nahm ein Kletterer die ukrainische Flagge von dem Gebäude ab.’- Sie lügen. Das sind keine Rowdys – das sind Helden! Ruhm der Ukraine! Russland wird frei sein!”

Weiter angeheizt wird die Situation durch eindeutige Drohungen gegen Dadin auf einer Seite, die es wagt, die Bezeichnung „Antifaschist“ zu tragen (auf Russisch:
Die letzten, wie immer unrechtmäßigen, Verhaftungen Dadins fanden in der letzten Zeit statt:
am 6. August bei einer Aktion, die Freiheit für die Gefangenen des 6. Mais forderte – damals wurde er von der Polizei zusammengeschlagen; (auf Russisch:;
danach am 12. August bei einer Kundgebung der Trauer um die in der Ukraine Getöteten vor der ukrainischen Botschaft in Moskau; (auf Russisch:;
seine letzte Verhaftung erfolgte nach der Verkündung des Urteils gegen vier Angeklagte im Bolotnaja-Fall am 18. August. (auf Russisch:

Quelle: „Gegen Repressionen in Russland“ auf Facebook
Übersetzt von: Voices of Ukraine

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