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Die ukrainische Öffentlichkeit hofft auf die Sanktionen gegen Janukowitsch-Regime

Die Partei der Regionen gibt den Westen reichlich Gründe um Sanktionen gegen Janukowitsch-Regime einzuführen. Oleg Leusenko — oleg-leusenko Quelle: http://uainfo.org/yandex/253214-regionaly-sami-razvyazali-ruki-zapadu-dlya-nemedlennyh-sankciy-protiv-rezhima.html (Auf dem Photo — Andrij Kljujew, der Staatsverbrecher, der die blutige Vertreibung der friedlichen Demonstranten am 30. November 2013 verordnet … Continue reading

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Another opinion piece, this time by Serhiy Zhadan – Ukrainian writer

Counting on our fear Today the dissenting voices are facing repressions. Tomorrow they will come for you. (Translated from Ukrainian by Lyudmyla Bilyk) Yesterday evening unknown persons attacked Dmytro Pylypets, one of EuroMaidan coordinators in Kharkiv. He was beaten and received … Continue reading

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Lesya Orobets: Open Letter To The EU Leaders And The World

We ask you to impose immediately personal financial sanctions against Viktor Yanukovych, his family, the oligarchs who are supporting him and the corrupted members of the Ukrainian government. The European Union should not turn into the League of Nations. The empty requests for negotiations do not work with criminals. Continue reading

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Oleh Soskin, Professor: Ukraine Is At The Verge Of Civil War

Leaders of western countries have to understand that in case of a civil war in Ukraine a horrible tragedy will spread along the whole Europe and Eurasia. Continue reading

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INSIDE VIEW: EuroMaidan Lifestyle As It Is

We sang Ukrainian songs. We shouted out Maidan slogans… We warmed up by the barrels… Some cleaned out the snow, others put trash into trash bags… Then, we went to disassemble the littered tents… Continue reading

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