Oleh Soskin, Professor: Ukraine Is At The Verge Of Civil War

Oleh Soskin EuroMaidan Ukraine Protest

Oleh Soskin

By Oleh Soskin,

Professor and Director of the Institute of the Society Transformation.
After events that has began in Ukraine on Monday, the 9th of December when the offices of political parties and Media to has been captured, the leaders of western democratic countries, especially the US President Barack Obama, should immediately get in touch with Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych and should warn him that if he is going to continue with the provocations and repression he will be judged by the Hague tribunal.

It is also important for European Court of Human Rights to consider the case of Yulia Timoshenko and to resolve that she is a political prisoner. Everyone is aware that it is an artificially organized process like the one when Dzhugashvili (Stalin) did with his opponents, the massacre of Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Rykov, Piatakov.

Leaders of western countries have to understand that in case of a civil war in Ukraine a horrible tragedy will spread along the whole Europe and Eurasia. That’s why they should react to what is happening in Ukraine as fast as possible, especially taking into consideration the probability that Yanukovich is not able to perceive the reality adequately and is likely to give an order to use weapons against peaceful people any time. Everyone should be aware of this.
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