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#Euromaidan tonight could be stormed. #евромайдан #євромайдан

According to much information from many sources, Maidan tonight may be stormed by riot police. Before they do so there are to be many provocations intended to cause mass fights, and then the riot police arrive supposedly as “peacekeepers”.  So … Continue reading

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Who is who in Ukraine. Illustration what is #euromaidan standing for.

This is the whole story called ‘what are Ukrainians standing for during almost 2 months’ in 1 picture. Pro-Russian mayor of Kharkiv & pro-European mayor of Lviv. Guess who is who #euromaidan #евромайдан #євромайдан

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PM Azarov Intimidates pro-President #AntiMaidan By Gays

According to the today’s statement of Prime Minister Nikolaj Azarov, Ukraine is not ready to adopt the Sexual Minority Equality legislation. Continue reading

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