PM Azarov Intimidates pro-President #AntiMaidan By Gays

From today’s TVi television channel report.

According to the today’s statement of Prime Minister Nikolaj Azarov, Ukraine is not ready to adopt the Sexual-minority Equality legislation.

To get a visa-free regime, Ukraine has to legalize same-sex marriages. Prime-minister Mykola Azarov explained this to AntiMaidan – writes “Ukrainska Pravda” (Ukrainian Truth) news website.

“Opposition leaders tell a tall tale that after signing the Association we will be able to go to Europe without visas tomorrow. Nothing of the kind. Prior we will have to legalize gay marriages, adopt the Sexual-minority Equality decree,” – said Azarov , speaking to the President supporters at the European Square in Kyiv.

He added that Ukrainians are not ready to this,and in addition, the Church is against a step like this.

“When we faced the question of signing the EU agreement and go bankrupt tomorrow, we couldn’t accept this”, Prime Minister said.

However, according to his words, ” this does not mean that we put an end to a European, as we were told, dream”. ” Our goals and taks are the same (with Maidan protesters – Ed.) – ensured the official.

He said that “the whole country, except Kyiv, leads a quiet life, and these events ( protests. – Ed.) are held only in the capital .” ” We have to let Kyiv as well live peacefully ” – Azarov said.

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