Letter from political prisoner Mykola Karpyuk – March 30, 2016 #FreeKarpyuk

By Mykola Karpyuk, letter to Yana Goncharova posted on Facebook (and in RosUznik)
Posted on 03.30.2016
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Mykola Karpyuk. Photo: krymr.mobi

Mykola Karpyuk. Photo: krymr.mobi

Editor’s note – In her preamble to posting Mykola Karpyuk’s letter, human rights activist Yana Goncharova writes: 

“Friends, I have good news!

Many people know that the Ukrainian political prisoners Stanislav Klykh and Mykola Karpyuk are contained in the safest and most prosperous place in Russia – in Chechnya, in Grozny [jail] SIZO-1. I wrote there for months, sending letters that remained unanswered: by registered and regular [mail], with or without [return] envelopes; I enclosed paper, e-mail messages received through RosUznik and the fairy tales [Ed. note: an internal project where the political prisoners write fairy tales for each other]. I received no answer, and, apparently, they [Klykh and Karpyuk] received none of my letters, either. But we will leave this on the conscience (yeah, right, conscience…) of the kindest employees of this detention center.

Not long ago, this jail was hooked up to the FSIN-Letter system (which surprised me: they could’ve guessed that I’d inevitably start scribbling letters through [that system] also). FSIN-Letter is a more modern method of transmitting messages to places of detention, but, unfortunately, it does not work everywhere, plus, sending and receipt of the letter costs money.

Naturally, as soon as I heard about it, I immediately wrote a letter to each of them, requested a response, and settled to wait. Aside from the fact that the letter delivery was delayed (the alleged reason being, that they [jail officials] could not pass the letters because of the ongoing investigation, or the like), the operation was a success: I received a notification that the letters had been delivered. Today, I finally got the first answer – from Mykola! Here’s the actual letter:

“Hello, Yana!

If it was you who sent me the postcard from Nadiya [Savchenko], I received it. I hope that Nadiya also received my letter. Unfortunately, I have no way to communicate with the people who express their support for me. If you have that possibility, I am ready to communicate [with them] through you. I received a postcard from Vira Savchenko, Yuliya Lazarenko (from Vinnitsa) and, as I’ve mentioned, from Nadiya. I also received support from Kirovohrad. If you, Yana, have the opportunity, give them my deepest gratitude. I am able to communicate with my wife and son. I also asked them to thank everyone from me. I know that Nadiya was sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment. I saw the trial on TV. Fondest greetings from me to Nadiya.

Yana, I am writing to you to know what I have already told Consul Oleksander Kovtun [Ukrainian Consul in Russia]: I am aware of the support, solidarity, and brotherly love that my countrymen are showing me. I bow to them and can’t find enough words of gratitude. Without exaggeration, I say: Ukrainians are a great nation, and in our situation they are showing a vivid example of national solidarity and brotherly love. I fear that I simply do not deserve so much attention. Therefore, I will, with all my strength and dignity, bear the honor I have been granted – being Ukrainian. To you, Yana, and to all the people who help and support me and all our prisoners – my sincere and heartfelt thanks!

A deep bow to Ukraine!
I pray for Ukraine, for all its people, for each one…
I am with you!”

Mykola Karpyuk, 03.30.2016

You can write to Mykola [Karpyuk] and Stas [Klykh] using the FSIN-Letter service:
http://www.fsin-pismo.ru (now I am sure that the letters are reaching them), or through RosUznik rosuznik.com (if you use it, we will also send your letter to you through FSIN-Letter, but it will be free of charge for you). Be sure to write letters to the guys, they will be glad to receive your support!

UPDATE: No sooner had I started cheering than I got a response today, saying that my yesterday’s letters to Stas and Mykola did not pass the censor. Both letters, at the same time. Why that happened – that will remain a mystery to me, of course. It is also a mystery how the first [letters] went through. I’m waiting for an answer from the censors, describing the reasons (if it comes). Meanwhile, I will try to write more.

Source: Yana Goncharova FB


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This translation work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 


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