Dmitry Tymchuk: Military update 03.03 #FreeSavchenko

information_resistance_logo_engDmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group, Member of Parliament (People’s Front)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

(See end of post for acronym glossary)

Operational data from Information Resistance:

In addition to the active shelling, Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas continue scouting out the ATO forces’ combat lines in their tactical and operational-tactical rear. To this end, in addition to other means of reconnaissance, militants are increasingly often sending civilians across the demarcation line, interrogating them after their return to the occupied territory. Interrogations are particularly large-scale among the residents of Horlivka, Yasynuvata, and the Petrovskiy district of Donetsk – de facto, the personnel and equipment composition of Ukrainian troops and their defense systems have been revealed [to the enemy] through local residents.

During the past 24 hours, the most intense terrorist shellings and armed clashes were observed near the Yasynuvata junction. Militants transferred reinforcements to this area from the southern direction of operations and from the direction of Kruta Balka (up to one motorized rifle company and one tank platoon). Following this reinforcement, militants persist in their attempts to push Ukrainian troops further east, towards Avdiivka, by carrying out heavy fire raids (82 mm and 120 mm mortars) and operating with small infantry groups supported by fire from armored vehicles. Namely, enemy infantry groups operated from the direction of the Yasunuvata junction, the 251.2 m high ground, and the terrorist stronghold north of that high ground. As a result of a violent clash, the ATO forces held their ground.

Another clash was recorded in the vicinity of Pisky and the DAP-Spartak area. In both cases, militants actively deployed 120 mm mortars and operated in small infantry groups. In the Petrovskyi district of Donetsk, several residential blocks were cut off from power due to terrorists’ armed provocations.

Terrorists deployed artillery in the area of Zaitseve, firing 122 mm guns at the ATO forces’ positions west and northwest of the town. Militant artillery positions were located near the Mayorskiy automobile market.

In the Donetsk area (near the Donetsk Bypass north of the Kalmius station), according to our preliminary data, BM-21 “Grad” MLRS ammunition detonated while being transported aboard vehicles. Militant personnel deaths are reported.

De-mining Shyrokyne, Feb. 27, 2016. Photo: screenshot from HromadskeTV Zaporizhia video

De-mining Shyrokyne, Feb. 27, 2016. Photo: screenshot from HromadskeTV Zaporizhia video

Militant advanced units in the vicinity of Yasynuvata are receiving reinforcements: during the past 48 hours, several small infantry groups with armored vehicles were transferred here. In total, up to 20 various ACVs and at least 7 tanks are concentrated in this area. A militant artillery unit with six 2S1 “Gvozdika” 122 mm self-propelled guns was again identified beyond Panteleimonivka.

In Horlivka, militants are rotating the units in their “garrison” – several terrorist groups arrived here, up to a battalion in total strength. The bulk of these reinforcements arrived from the southern direction of operations, mainly aboard motor vehicles. Some of the personnel is arriving from the direction of Donetsk.

In Donetsk, the “DNR” military command held a meeting to sum up the results of the inspection carried out by the “commission of the DNR MoD” in the 9th separate motorized infantry regiment of the “1st DNR Army Corps,” stationed in the coastal regions, near Novoazovsk (see IR group’s yesterday comment). The state of equipment of the regiment’s advanced position was declared “unsatisfactory;” the state of militant defense lines in the vicinity of Sakhanka received particularly harsh criticism. The “commission” also noted a “very low discipline level among the personnel” in the units.

In Makiivka and the Kyivskyi district of Donetsk, incidence rates are high for “criminal acts” against “military servicemen of the DNR army.” These are mainly cases of robbery and assault, and the victims are militants with income levels considered high by local standards. The “DNR law enforcement officials” note that such crimes against militants involve the use of force and are often “excessively violent.”

De-mining Shyrokyne, Feb. 27, 2016. Photo: screenshot from HromadskeTV Zaporizhia video

De-mining Shyrokyne, Feb. 27, 2016. Photo: screenshot from HromadskeTV Zaporizhia video

The “DNR Ministry of Internal Affairs” is conducting large-scale searches in the units of the “Vostok” armed gang (controlled by Alexander Khodakovsky), looking for “illegal” weapons, vehicles, hostages, and any assets noted as missing. Representatives of the “DNR MIA” have been instructed that if “Vostok” militants are detained for various offences, they are to be actively involved in “correctional labor” on the territory of the destroyed Donetsk airport (clearing out rubble, etc.)

“LNR” militants are actively reequipping the artillery brigade of the “LNR 2nd Army Corps” and strengthening motorized rifle infantry brigades from the same unit. The artillery brigade is holding “specialist exercises” (including for artillery spotters and forward observers) and actively training in the use of new weapons and equipment received from Russia, including artillery reconnaissance equipment.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

ACV – armored combat vehicle
AGS-17 – automatic grenade launcher
ATO – Anti-Terrorist Operation
BMP – infantry fighting vehicle
BTG – battalion tactical group
BTR, APC – armored personnel carrier
BRDM – armored reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle
BRM – armored reconnaissance vehicle
DAP – Donetsk International Airport
DNR – “Donetsk People’s Republic”
DRG – sabotage and reconnaissance group
KSM – command and staff vehicle
LNR – “Luhansk People’s Republic”
MT-LB – light multipurpose tracked vehicle
MLRS – multiple-launch rocket systems
TZM, TLV – transporter-loading vehicle
SPG-9 – stand-mounted grenade launcher
ZU-23-2 – anti-aircraft artillery system

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