Reforms in Ukraine: Publishing of financial data regarding road repairs has begun

By Hromadske Radio posted in Reforms in Ukraine, which collects and posts all reforms in Ukraine since the Maidan revolution
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Reform enacted by: Ministry of Infrastructure

Natalya Sokolenko

Natalya Sokolenko

Natalia Sokolenko: Is it be possible to see the history there – when, and by whom, this or that road was repaired?

Oleksiy Sobolev: our team has already posted information about this year’s repairs, now we are collecting information regarding repairs that were carried out in previous years. But we have conducted the study having interviewed both experts and, simply, internet users. The most interesting things to people are the

Oleksiy Sobolev, Hromadske Radio

Oleksiy Sobolev, Hromadske Radio

purchasing base, and the aforementioned road repairs. But, for example, both base procurement and road repairs already exist on a page on the Ministry of Infrastructure’s website.

However, no-one uses them. The user does not want to look at tables and see anything there, the user wants the information to be shown to them in processed form – as an interesting info-graphic, as a message. That is already the next step of the data access – first it must be found, and then conveyed to the user.

Sources: Hromadske Radio
Reforms in Ukraine


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