Reforms in Ukraine: Discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of sexual orientation has been banned

By European Pravda posted in Reforms in Ukraine, which collects and posts all reforms in Ukraine since the Maidan revolution
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Reform enacted by: Parliament [Verkhovna Rada]

The Parliament has passed on its second reading of Bill 3442 on amendments to the Labor Code of Ukraine (concerning the harmonization of legislation in the sphere of combating discrimination with the law of the European Union). [It passed with 234 votes].

To recall, on November 5, the Parliament had failed to review the rules of the Labor Code to prohibit employment discrimination, which is a prerequisite for the abolition of EU visas for the citizens of Ukraine. Only 117 ministers of Parliament had voted ‘for’ it [previously].

Sources: European Pravda
Reforms in Ukraine


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