Reforms in Ukraine: Nadiya Savchenko on her Law #3413: “One day for two.” #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, posted by her sister Vira Savchenko on her Facebook page
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

To those who, under the new law “one day in SIZO [pre-trial detention holding cell] for two,” will be released from prison:

In initiating this law in Ukraine, I understood perfectly that on one hand this is like opening a Pandora’s Box. The underworld is unlikely to start wanting to live honestly tomorrow, and it is unlikely that every thug will want to start working hard tomorrow for low pay.

But I am experiencing in myself the remnants of the Soviet system of punishment and humiliation of human beings, and not the “corrective system” as they call it, and have understood that it imprisons more innocent than guilty. I was faced with very twisted interpretations of the law in Russia, but I am sure that in Ukraine it is not much better in this regard.

I am against such a system of tribunals and until the court system of Ukraine is not reviewed and regulated using the best examples of civilized justice systems, until then no one has the right to take away freedom from people just because the “stick of the system” from the past allows it.

Now, this does not mean that there will be no Law or Justice. There will be! Only it will be fair! And the law on “one day in SIZO for two” is the beginning of judicial reform in Ukraine in general. When we learn to run trials fairly and justly, then we can put people in holding cells. After the justice system we will change the system and conditions for keeping people behind bars. Those who choose to live by crime and to enrich themselves by injustice and through the suffering of others, will serve just punishment for this.

I as well as you, Ukrainians, really need faith, faith in people. I want to believe that everyone who “falls out” (is freed from a holding cell) will be able to see their lives in a new way and will want to make an effort to make Ukraine better for everyone to live in. We really need conscious, honest, kind people and I believe that you too will join the ranks of Ukrainian patriots. Everyone is worthy of a second chance at a decent life!

[signed] Nadiya Savchenko

Source: Vira Savchenko FB

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