The Music of Warriors project: Thunderstruck. #FreeSavchenko

By Oleksander Tkachuk, founder, “Music of Warriors” project
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The “Music of Warriors” resumes with a violin performance by Lviv resident Teresa Catarina, a talented musician in Lviv’s Cantabile Orchestra and a member of the Right Sector who has been playing violin for 4 years.

Teresa plays “Thunderstruck,” a known composition by the legendary Australian rock band AC/DC, which has always been a companion for tough guys. Teresa’s violin cover of the song is dedicated to her love, a member of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corp (DUK), call sign “Hospitaller.”

Source: Music of Warriors FB

Oleksander Tkachuk

Oleksander Tkachuk

The Music of Warriors patriotic art project is “one of the checkpoints on the Ukrainian cultural front” according to founder Oleksander Tkachuk. Tkachuk says he “aims to prove that music is also a weapon. A musician is a warrior – the musical instrument is a weapon in his/her hands. They do not kill with music – but rather, give a chance for life and hope, for the better.”

Read and hear more about “Music of Warriors”:


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