Mechnikov Regional Hospital volunteers bestow ‘National Hero of Ukraine’ awards. #FreeSavchenko

By Radio Svoboda
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

In Dnipropetrovsk, volunteers awarded a group of men who fought in the anti-terrorist operation [ATO] with their own awards – the distinction of “National Hero of Ukraine.”

Alexander Mosuleha receives volunteers’ National Hero of Ukraine Award at Mechnikov Regional Hospital

The Mechnikov Regional Hospital volunteers presented this award to a soldier of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, Alexander Mosuleha, one of the defenders of the Donetsk airport [a “cyborg”].

A native of Kirovohrad, and wounded near the Donetsk airport, the 49-year-old soldier had only recently transferred to a hospital room from intensive care. The man has severe lesions to his limbs and abdomen, and according to his doctors’ prognosis, his treatment will continue for at least six months. He went into the ATO as a volunteer, and spent altogether more than 30 days in the airport tower.

The soldier was awarded the informal medal in the hospital corridor, in the presence of his comrades, his wife and daughter.

On the same day, Wednesday, July 15th in Dnipropetrovsk, another 17 people were awarded the “National Hero of Ukraine” – both military and civilians, including three military doctors and a military chaplain.

According to the volunteers, they created the “National Hero of Ukraine” award because the state’s process of awarding ATO heroes is often lengthy and complicated by bureaucracy.

The Order of the “National Hero of Ukraine,” in the form of a silver tryzub [trident] was initiated by volunteers – Kyivans Andrei Boyechko and Dmitry Shcherbakov. They asked users of social networks to name the names of Ukrainian heroes deserving of this award. The volunteers say that they thoroughly check all information about the people who are going to be rewarded. Amongst the recipients, they note, there are no politicians, or party activists.

The award is made in two versions: for soldiers – with red and black stripes on a medal ribbon with a silver trident, and for volunteers and physicians – blue and yellow stripes on a medal ribbon with a silver trident.

Hospital and other attendees present at award ceremony in the hospital corridor, including Dr. Serhiy Ryzhenko, Chief Doctor at Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital in Dnipropetrovsk (in white).

This non-governmental Order has already been awarded to nearly 70 Ukrainians – ATO members, volunteers, and physicians, while some were awarded this order posthumously.

Source: (see video in link)
All photos: screenshots from Radio Svoboda video 

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