Nadiya Savchenko: I have never had a birthday like this before! (letter from prison) #FreeSavchenko

Nadiya Savchenko via Ilya Novikov
Translated by Maria Stanislav and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Letter written by Nadiya Savchenko:

To the people.

I thank you, from my heart, for the fact that I was not alone on my birthday!

I have never had a birthday like this before. 😉 I don’t mean the prison. I have stopped noticing these bars long ago!

I mean that I have never had this many friends, who threw me the best birthday party and, despite everything, stayed to enjoy the spring sun together with me.

Thank you for not abandoning me, but I worried for you a lot, especially for the Russian people in Russia.

I am not going to leave you! Anyone who suffered for their convictions and their support of me – you are my concern too! I will fight for you like I fight for myself, for my FREEDOM, and for my land, Ukraine!

I wish you FREEDOM! To everyone who was arrested for the rally in my support!

I thank the good people of the world for their caring and involvement!


Nadiya Savchenko

VoU note: a number of people (including activists and journalists) were arrested in Moscow and Yekaterinburg for organizing rallies demanding to #FreeSavchenko. According to our information, as of May 14, 2015, they have been released. Some of them spent up to 48 hours in detention.

Photographs from the Moscow rally by Dmitry Florin.

Source: Ilya Novikov Twitter

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1 Response to Nadiya Savchenko: I have never had a birthday like this before! (letter from prison) #FreeSavchenko

  1. Johan Van Moerzeke says:

    It makes clear what a smal minded leader there is in russia, he never will be a real man. But what do you expect from a crooked mind. Yes, crooked things. There is a saying; from a bad egg only bad things.

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