Nadiya Savchenko: Thank you for sharing your strength with me (letter from prison) #FreeSavchenko

Nadiya Savchenko via Vira Savchenko, @EvgeniaMer
Translated by Maria Stanislav and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Letter written by Nadiya Savchenko and given to her sister Vira:

My address to the people, with gratitude.

I have set myself a milestone – if I survive to my birthday, I will live.

I could not have stopped myself from walking my fighting path, because I knew that I would only be at peace with myself if I walked it faithfully, honestly, and honorably.

Physically, hunger was nowhere as bad as my emotional state, since I knew you were feeling for me too. This is why I am sorry I have caused you so much worry.

Yesterday, on May 6, at my two latest hearings, I finally lost hope – not even for a fair trial in Russia, but for the existence of any real justice, as a process and a phenomenon.

I laughed heartily [at the prosecution], and from now on, I will view my court hearings in Russia as circus and puppet shows that I went to as a child – I will watch them just to laugh and get in a better mood. 😉

Yesterday, for the first time during my stay in Russia, I had a healthy appetite! I was actually hungry, and not just eating out of necessity to exist! 🙂

So, if I didn’t die after all, if I am to keep living, then I must think how to fight further, which methods to use.

My hunger strike yielded some results. It didn’t just make the investigation finally start moving, but it also demonstrated to everyone involved that I, surprisingly, can do more than they expect of me! And if I make a decision, then I will follow it through, to the end – for my own sake, not anyone else’s!

The gifts for my 34th birthday will be cake, the company of my dearest sister Vira, who is the best sister in the world, and FREEDOM!!!

Because even if someone’s body is locked in a cage, no one has the power to imprison their FREEDOM, strength of spirit, and swiftness of thought!!!

I am alive and free, for as long as I act! And I always act, I never just sit here – I keep fighting!

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding and support, and for sharing a piece of your strength with me when I needed it the most.

Eternally grateful to you.

[Signed] Nadiya Savchenko

For the summary of Nadiya Savchenko’s latest court hearings, see: Russian court ignores Savchenko’s PACE immunity, extends detention, and claims she ran 75 km in 1.5 hours

Source: EvgeniaMer Twitter

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