Fighter Ihor Petsyk, who was burned near Debaltseve, needs help

By Victoria Mamay
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Ihor Petsyk, thirty-five year old resident of Zhmerynka [Ukraine], who received severe burns to his body in January during the battle for Debaltseve, is now back in the Vinnytsia region. The soldier was burned because of an explosion that also hurt his fighting comrade Viktor Baranowski. The explosion happened when a a projectile hit a container of gasoline, which was next to the soldier.

The Zhmerynka resident received burns to 45% of his skin. His hands were burned down to the bone; in different parts of his body, his epidermis, muscles, and cartilage were necrotized, with some areas completely incinerated. Ihor also suffered a collapsed left lung, which requires immediate treatment.

– Ihor is currently undergoing treatment in the Vinnytsia military hospital. Recently, he was allowed to visit home for a few days, – says Natalya Oberemok, the soldier’s mother. – Before that, we were in Kharkiv, where Ihor received four skin graft surgeries in the burn unit. In Kyiv, he underwent another surgery. Right now, he needs hand surgery – the cartilage in my son’s hands has burned away completely. The doctors say he will need at least two years of treatment and rehabilitation before he can even pick up a spoon.

According to the soldier’s mother, all treatment costs have currently fallen on the shoulders of the family.

– When we were in Kharkiv, volunteers helped us, – says Natalya Oberemok. – Now no one is helping us. We appealed to the enlistment office, who forwarded our request to Ihor’s military unit. They transferred 2,000 Hryvnia [appr. USD 85] in aid. That’s all we have received over two months.

To return to normal life, the soldier needs long-term rehabilitation. His family are hoping that they will not be left alone with their grief, and that there will be people to help their son.

Source: Misto

To help Ihor Petsyk, please see:
Adopt A Soldier website for donations 

Ukraine War Amps Facebook

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