Vitaly Portnikov: The murder of Hope #FreeSavchenko

By Vitaly Portnikov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Putin is not pondering the consequences of Savchenko’s death, not because he does not understand them, but because he does not give a damn about them.

The journalist Elena Masyuk, member of the Russian presidential council on human rights, warned Vladimir Putin that the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, kidnapped by him, may die in the coming days. “In the case of the death of Nadiya Savchenko in a Russian jail – in Ukraine she will become a national hero; a volunteer detachment, a military plane and a square in Kyiv will be named in her honour, while Russia will receive the next sanctions list. There is a list for Magnitsky who perished in a Russian jail, now there will also be a list for Savchenko,” – Masyuk stated in her address. Her words resonate almost identically with those written to Putin by the writer Vladimir Voinovich. Both Masyuk and Voinovich are trying to explain to Vladimir Putin that the murder of a brave pilot is not beneficial for him and that it would have been much better for him to find a preventive measure for Savchenko which would allow the Ukrainian to live.

Masyuk and Voinovich are thinking completely logically – but from the point of view of people who do not understand what pleasure murder can bring. I wonder what they would do if they had to persuade Chikatilo?

After all, the difference between a murderer and a psychologically normal person is exactly in that the murder, as an act, delivers the highest pleasure to him. Putin is not pondering the consequences of Savchenko’s death not because he does not understand them, but because he completely does not give a damn about all of what Masyuk is warning about. All pales in comparison with the very possibility to take away someone’s life with impunity, both political risks and some random sanction lists, and other nonsense which is completely uninteresting to the inhabitant of the Kremlin palaces. The consequences of the sanctions can be dealt with by the government. A Savchenko Square will exist only until the day when he captures the city that allowed such sacrilege and renames the square into the square of Heroes of ‘Berkut,’ or other such trash. A military plane can be shot down. But the pleasure from the murder cannot be compared to anything else.

Any forensic psychiatrist who ever talked to people contemplating a crime – specifically contemplating, and not committing a crime of passion – will tell you about this inhuman, devilish satisfaction. It is specifically Russian literature in the face of Fedor Dostoevsky that planted this insane pleasure onto the pedestal of artistic insight. So why are we still surprised that all of this is again happening in Russia? What do Masyuk and Voinovich want from Putin? That he trade the approval of some rotten West for the pleasure of destruction? That some television viewer from “Uralvagonmashzavod,” who is also secretly dreaming of some savage murder, only who, unlike Putin, did not reach the president’s chair and is thus afraid of punishment, say that his president “bent over”? That, in the dictionary of people who destroy planes with children and rejoice at others’ troubles, the word “compassion” appear? Never!

Let Elena Masyuk be glad that she is living for now in a civilized country and that she herself is not murdered after a meeting of the Presidential Council on Human Rights and is not served for dinner to the Emperor under the cameras of Channel 1 or NTV.

And he will kill Savchenko – no matter what Masyuk explains to him.

Source: NewsRu

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1 Response to Vitaly Portnikov: The murder of Hope #FreeSavchenko

  1. ladybug says:

    Vitaly, spasibo za vse stat’i. I read your work always. Yes, I am afraid, he will kill her. Gnev, bol’, I toska. Ne mogu poverit’ chto vce eto proiskhodit naiavu. Nadiya, bedniazhka, geroinia, derzhis’.

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