MoD of Ukraine: Meet Vasyl, a chef with a military field kitchen. #FreeSavchenko

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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Meet Vasyl, a gourmet chef from a Truskavets resort. Now, this man prepares a variety of  feasts, but not for vacationers or tourists. He feeds the wounded [servicemen] and the medical staff of the 66th Mobile Hospital, which is now located near the advanced positions of our troops. This is where ambulances bring our wounded [servicemen] directly from the battlefield.

After receiving a draft notice, this successful master of various delicacies has easily exchanged the ambience of a posh restaurant for the harsh conditions of a military field kitchen. He has already grown accustomed to the cannonade. Even here, [Vasyl] attempts to pamper everyone with delicious restaurant meals, with a very limited selection of products. For instance, he baked an absolutely unsurpassed apple pie for the entire personnel [while] testing the oven.

– In all truthfulness, I love to cook borshch – says Vasyl. – Our regular, Ukrainian borshch. I cook it using our family recipe. Seeing people eat it with gusto makes me very happy.

According to Vasyl, when he received a draft notice, he never considered not joining the army. On the contrary, he immediately responded to the request. He believes that every person, who respects themselves, must become a piece in the wall of the state defense, especially in difficult times.

Advanced Information Group of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Source: MoD of Ukraine FB 

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