Nadiya Savchenko’s appeal letter to PACE #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, via her Lawyer Nikolai Polozov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


To the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
From a member of the Permanent Delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in PACE
Savchenko Nadiya Viktorivna

I ask you to facilitate and send to the Russian Federation [RF] an independent commission of doctors from Ukraine, Germany, and other countries willing to participate in my examination in Russian prisons. I also ask you to make an effort to ensure unimpeded visitation by doctors of the independent commission to SIZO-1, where I am held in Russia.

I ask to create this commission for my examination because my life is at risk after losing up to 55-50 kilograms [121-110 lbs].

I emphatically forbid forcibly removing me from the hunger strike on the territory of Russia, because the Russian government and the Investigative Committee of the RF want to conceal the results of crimes against me on the Russian [territory], in the event of an unsuccessful attempt to end my hunger strike and my [subsequent] death.

I allow my removal from the hunger strike and my rehabilitation only in hospitals of Ukraine or another European country.

I ask you to create this commission under the auspices of PACE with OSCE observers.

I will continue my hunger strike until the day I am back in Ukraine or until the day of my death in Russia, because I was illegally kidnapped from the territory of Ukraine, [I was] illegally taken, against my will, to Russia; [I was] illegally detained in Russian prisons in the presence of an alibi and false accusation of crimes I have not committed.

02.19.2015             [Signed]             Nadiya Savchenko

Source: Nikolai Polozov Twitter

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3 Responses to Nadiya Savchenko’s appeal letter to PACE #FreeSavchenko

  1. James Godber says:

    I will keep posting her illegal detention , until she is release ,

  2. Freedom_for_all says:

    Personally, I suspect it is time for her to end the hunger strike now. It’s been two months since the struggle started. Recently, we hear that some unknown German medical “doctors” are collaborating with the Kremlin to state her health is not in danger, blah, blah, blah. I hope the German doctors in question did not work at the Auschwitz prison camp and similar facilities like that before. Actually, there are questionable German doctors around these days. Personally, I had to wonder whether they sleep well at night, especially these days when the local people of Ukraine remember the horrific deaths of the EuroMaidan protesters in Kyiv exactly one year ago. Have they no shame…?

    As far as I understand, N. Savchenko is a soldier so she will follow orders from her commanding officer and/or the Ukrainian commander-in-chief, the Ukrainian President. Commanders of Savchenko may now need to simply “order” her to end the struggle called hunger strike for good. As far as the Ukrainian side is trying to defeat the Kremlin, prisoners like her should not be sacrificed. Hopefully, the Ukrainian leadership will convince her that she will be freed from the Kremlin’s prison one way or another, soon not later, unless the Ukrainian leaders (civilian or military) suffer from a certain defeatism today.
    And, hopefully, there will be no more French-German interference (called “diplomacy”) in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict in the future. When we look at the latest “Minsk ceasefire” shuttle-diplomacy by the leaders from France, Germany (and the US), we can not help wondering if those people were actually working for the Kremlin as “double agents”. In the end, their misguided “truce” initiative failed utterly and shamelessly, killing hundreds of Ukrainian troops so far in the latest Devaltseve withdrawal incident. Although many people around the world clearly knew that their diplomacy was going to fail.

    N. Savchenko has struggled enough already. The Ukrainian leadership can not afford to lose another soldier like her especially after the latest difficulty at the notorious Debaltseve front, in which nearly two hundred troops were confirmed killed in action so far. Her death in a Kremlin’s prison will be another senseless death in this totally unnecessary war.
    Unfortunately, the US President still refuses to sign a new law that will allow the US to arm Ukraine probably because of his own personal incompetence. And the Russian dictator President Putin hs been taking advantage of his inaction so far. Nowadays, some American think-tankers and former ambassadors (civilians, by the way) are still discussing about providing Ukraine with weapons such as counter-battery radars and anti-tank missiles which are not enough because the situation on the ground in Ukraine apparently needs advanced defensive weapons like modernised radio-jamming machines, anti-radar missiles, modernised and secure communication system and so on.
    The Russian guerilla forces, in fact, have been taking advantage of the so-called counter-battery radar already. They have been shelling at the Ukrainian positions from sites such as civilian houses and common Soviet-era apartment blocks in order to attract counter-battery attacks from the Ukrainian side to kill or damage more civilian targets in the eastern Ukraine so far. So, the Americans will have to examine what weapons Ukraine needs at the precise moment.

    On the other hand, the Russian guerilla forces already deployed the latest Pantsir anti-air missile-cannon truck in E-Ukraine and Ukrainian people on the ground have been reporting this fact lately with mobile phone photos. Evidently, the Russian Federation itself has been always escalating in Ukraine since over one year ago. Still, the US hesitates to provide Ukraine with some “better” defensive weapons today. This is how the US lets the Russian aggressor kill more Ukrainian people, civilian or military, and force the US itself into a political and military corner. The earlier the US makes the decision to provide Ukraine with best defensive weapons available, the better.
    As many people around the world know from reports online, Ukraine already has its own Soviet-made anti-tank missiles. Therefore, Ukraine needs no more similar anti-tank weapons from the US, unless the US is willing to provide Ukraine with the latest “fire-and-forget” type anti-tank missile system called Javelin. Also, Ukraine naturally needs defensive anti-radar missiles, which neutralize the aggressive Russian anti-air missile-cannons such as the Pantsir stuff. As long as these aggressive anti-air weapons of the Russian guerilla forces are in the Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian side will never be able to conduct a pacification operation (so-called ATO) in the eastern Ukraine properly. And, as long as these Russian weapons are stationed there, Ukraine will never secure the Russian border and mop up the murderous Russian guerilla remnants inside the country.
    Moreover, as some Ukrainian troops have recently complained to the reporters about the latest evacuation out of Debaltseve (some people called it a debacle), some troops never received the order to withdraw, which was a serious problem. It is well known that the Russian guerilla forces now use advanced electronic warfare devices such as radio-jammers, unlike the Ukrainian troops there, and the Ukrainian communication and/or command system is often jammed and hijacked by the Russian forces to be neutralized and confused. The Ukrainians can never win a modern war using a WW2-era communication, of course. The latest so-called debacle requires the West to provide Ukraine with advanced communication devices immediately.
    So, before Ukraine places the border under a lockdown and drives the murderers out of the country back home to the Russian Federation, it needs to neutralize these Russian weapons stationed there including the anti-air weapons, jamming devices and so on. The US may want to let Ukraine fly its latest F35 fighter-bombers to defeat the Russian anti-air weapons there as well. At least, the situation in Ukraine will also help the US to prove the effectiveness of the latest aircraft.

    The Kremlin has been shamelessly flashing the possibility of a nuclear war against the NATO (and a following nuclear holocaust worldwide) apparently in order to deter an American involvement in their aggression here although a nuclear war is possible only in Koreas today because both sides there are armed with nuclear weapons. Then, the Kremlin was misled by the inaction of the US President into believing as if Russia was a global (nuclear) power. Now, the US and the West may need to correct their misleading behaviour concerning the so-called “nuclear option” of the Kremlin unless they want to face a dire consequence such as another misguided Russian invasion into a Baltic country, of which many top officials of the West are increasingly speaking out these days.
    If the US President had decided to sign the new “law to arm Ukraine” into force earlier, the situation on the ground in Ukraine would have been much easier and much cheaper to solve than today. But it did not happen, sadly, as we all know. Unfortunately, then, the misguided American behaviour allowed the Russian side to occupy more Ukrainian territory this month than in last year and/or January. The longer the US President wastes time refusing to provide Ukraine appropriate weapons for it to defend itself against the obviously delusional aggressor, the more expensive the total cost of such weapons supply programme to Ukraine will become, naturally.
    Ukrainian leadership will have to, one way or the other, neutralize all of the Russian guerilla forces (so-called Separatist forces) in the eastern Ukraine by eliminating the Russian-provided jamming machines, anti-air missile-cannons and other weapons before securing the Russian border and mop up the remaining criminal elements from the Russian guerilla forces inside Ukraine. Quick military victory is golden. However, many politicians and think-tankers in the West are somehow misled to believe that a prolonged war (and lame and amateurish diplomacy) is the golden choice for unknown reasons, unfortunately. Perhaps, they prefer a prolonged war thanks to a lobbying activity by the military industry.
    The West failed to assist Ukraine to triumph much earlier. Therefore, the total cost to achieve the goal above now will be far more expensive than one year ago or in January, not to mention the human cost of Ukraine. But the increased financial cost should be covered by the West itself because, as we all see today, it was a fault of the leadership of the West itself. People like Holland and Merkel chose to waste the valuable time in an amateurish diplomacy (and shuttle flights between Moscow and home) while wasting millions of their taxpayers’ money to do so.
    After all, these pathetic leaders of the West were chosen by their own peoples. Some of the misguided people of the West preferred “diplomacy” to defence. Even here in this website last year, we saw some of the people of the West even preferred a Russian domination over Ukraine in a comment, too. So, the increased cost to fend off the Russian aggression needs to be covered by the peoples of the West, not by the Ukrainians. Hopefully, they will make the decision very soon.

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