Liza Bogutskaya: The END of Russia has come

Liza Bogutskaya, blogger
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Starting today, Russia has signed its own death warrant. [Russian] troop movements are being observed from all satellites, bridgeheads, missions, etc.

The mousetrap has worked.

POROSHENKO made an announcement at night. I listened. Millions were glued to their TVs and listened. [I] read somewhere that we have NEVER in 23 years [of independent Ukraine] wanted to hear [our] PRESIDENT so much!

I understood why everything was recorded on camera then and shown to us. It was broadcast not only in Ukraine. We have witnesses for what EVERYONE HEARD! What each sector on the frontline heard. What the terrorists heard. What the regular Russian army heard. What [people] in Europe and America heard.

We have sealed our part of the agreement by [our] President’s statement.

Now we wait.

Poroshenko warned Putin in such a serious manner, that I now do not doubt for a second that the END of Russia has come.

If peace comes, Putin will have a lot to explain to his people: why, for what reason, what for, and whom … If he continues to act, then he will expose Russia itself to the blow and make it a theater of war.

Now all the ratings of the Tsar will plunge down into the abyss, in which he so carefully drove his state during the entire duration of his reign.

Source: Liza Bogutskaya FB

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2 Responses to Liza Bogutskaya: The END of Russia has come

  1. Alexander says:

    Let’s hope!

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