Piano Extremist: A walk with those who are no more MUSIC VIDEO #FreeSavchenko

By Piano Extremist
Translated by Voices of Ukraine

The latest creation of our very own, much beloved Piano Extremist. Take a listen to this soulful piece and a moment to send out a thought and a prayer to all those who have died fighting for Ukraine, and who today are still in heated battle for our freedom and independence, and support them in every way possible.

Piano Extremist is currently holding a series of concerts “devoted to the heroes, who are no longer with us, those who continue to fight for our ability to breathe freely, those who help Ukrainians overcome in this war. ….now, in these moments, when the Donetsk Airport and the village of Pisky and dozens of cities are still under threat. With our faith and our actions we can save them.”

Dnipropetrovsk RSA, live (recorded with Mojses Bondarenko)
Dedicated to the soldiers of the ATO

Source: Piano Extremist FB

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2 Responses to Piano Extremist: A walk with those who are no more MUSIC VIDEO #FreeSavchenko

  1. Beautiful music. I hope peaceful sovereignty returns to the Ukraine soon.
    Warm wishes from Brighton

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