Roman Donik: Russian assault of Donetsk airport is an offensive on Ukraine #FreeSavchenko

Roman Donik, army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

We just missed each other in passing, with Yury Biryukov, practically on the road. Otherwise, I would have started in a more pompous manner, as in – in my Presidential Advisor and Assistant to the Defense Ministers’ opinion, blah blah blah ….

But I will try to describe the situation around the [Donetsk] airport from my own point of view.

Immediately and categorically, I’d like to state that this is not about how everything is lost, how we [volunteers] and the [military] guys are left without support, how we got betrayed. It’s not about this.

The situation is under control and is being controlled by the country’s top officials and those in the highest ranks of the army. Currently, there really are many highest ranking officials directly in the zone. [A note] for the wise guys – yes, it’s a risk, [since they are] within range of enemy artillery.

I’m not trying to say that the generals gathered here to show their proximity to the people/soldiers. I’m saying this so that we all realized this – this area is a zone of such significant importance that every error or blunder is [akin] to political suicide. Starting from the sector command and finishing with the First [ie: the Ukrainian President]. Everybody understands this.

We and the soldiers don’t care much about this, but [such behavior] tells us about one thing – there will be no stupid decisions, needless victims, cowardice in decision-making, and irresponsibility.

Too high of a price and too much attention. That is why there are the first ranks of the army there, some in thoughts, some in physical presence.

As for the military operation itself. I didn’t misspeak, this is NOT an assault on the new terminal [of Donetsk airport]. This is a large-scale offensive by the Russians, where the terminal is only a part of the plan.

In my humble opinion, our guys have already disrupted the main part of the plan.

It’s hard to believe, but despite the fierce battles at the airport and Pisky, despite the massive bombardments, Russian plans have been thwarted.

Let’s remember how it all started at this site.

In [just] one day, all of the locations and positions of our troops were massively assaulted. Trust me, this is no ordinary shelling and not [with] a wandering mortar. They struck precisely, they struck competently, and they struck intensively and tightly. They even struck the command post of the 93rd Brigade with Grads and cannon artillery.

According to the enemy plan, our whole defense should have been paralyzed and demoralized. The artillery [should have been] crushed, the leadership – lost. Then, the assault on the terminal would have been very simple. And most likely, they wouldn’t have stopped at this. Pisky, Tonenke, Karlivka, Avdiivka.

The minimum they would have stopped at would be [this] state until the spring. Krasnoarmiisk would likely be occupied, the [enemy] strongholds would once again end up in the Dobropillya area …

If this happened half a year ago, or if the defense was led by less experienced officers, it would have been a sad predicament. And that’s what they counted on. [But] soon it will be 8 months of uninterrupted combat for the 93rd [Brigade]. The artillery guys are truly GODS.

Now every day, the enemy suffers losses not just in manpower (enormous), but also in equipment and heavy weapons.

Well, and I should [even] stop talking about the defenders of the [Donetsk] airport. Cyborgs are Cyborgs.

Few people know, even from among the defenders of the airport, that while the public was outraged with the rotation under the inspection of separatists, every convoy, every car smuggled rifles and weapons to the airport. In spare [tires], double sides, double bottoms, [double] tanks.

Almost every night, an armored electric pallet truck operated by remote control went to the terminal, bringing ammunition and weapons.

Few people knew about this. Some officers of the 93rd, some soldiers and a couple of volunteers. This was done by the brigade commander and one or two officials from the sector command, if I’m not mistaken. To prevent any leaks.

And now, the fighting doesn’t subside for a second throughout the area.

What am I writing this so tediously for? The Donetsk airport is truly our Stalingrad. This is the Stalingrad of this war. I know that the ceasefire was used to good reason.

And now we have started to break down the aggressor’s spine.

And [as for] the airport, the airport is really a symbol. This is a symbol of rebirth of the army, the nation, and the strong state.

And even if all the walls are turned into dust, this symbol will never be destroyed.

Source: Roman Donik FB

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4 Responses to Roman Donik: Russian assault of Donetsk airport is an offensive on Ukraine #FreeSavchenko

  1. Marcela says:

    Guys, I worry about you as about little boys.
    But you are proper big Cyborgs, you are a Miracle and I worry about you a lot as you are human Treasure.
    Keep Strong, keep Wise, keep ALIVE, aim precisely and get the target. I would like to help you.

    Glory to Ukraine!

  2. goldblau says:

    So, here they go, the damned Moscovites! Our Cyborgs have a proper welcome drink.

    Long live Ukraine!

  3. David Mann says:

    Roman, As an ex-British serviceman and holder of a permanent residence permit holder of this beautiful country, I thank all of the men and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for their courage and endurance. I especially congratulate those who had steadfastly remained at their posts in defence of Donetsk Airport, despite the deprivations dangers and losses that they have suffered.

    I try in my small way, I try to make sure that the rest of the world understands what is happening here, in this country that I am proud to call my home.

    Right will prevail in the face of any might.

    Glory to Ukraine and her Armed Forces!

  4. kitchya16 says:

    and now the other side knows too much!

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