U.S. Army Vet: Freedom in any country is not free. We have to care or no one will and all is lost. #FreeSavchenko

I posted this on my timeline to my friends and family in USA to show my support for all Ukrainians everywhere. I wish to share this with you now.

This is about UKRAINE. Please read to the end if you are proud to be American. I know all the posts I share about Ukraine usually go with a roll of the eyes or no notice at all. I share because of two reasons:

1. I have been to many cities in Ukraine and I have always had an incredible time. The people of Ukraine are kind, hard working and very friendly to all, even idiot tourists like me. They deserve freedom from corruption and political oppression in their government and in their lives. They see how we live in USA and most of Europe and pray that someday they, too, might enjoy the freedom to live their lives and take care of their families as we do.

2. We are incredibly fortunate to live in USA and enjoy our lives as we see fit. As a Republican I can have disagreements with my friends who are Democrats but at the end of the day our friendship prevails and we don’t want to kill each other! We had our own revolution 250 years ago. As American’s we have the responsibility to help and support every country and it’s citizens that wish to rise from dictatorships and terrorist regimes to be free people. That is why I share. I am a US Army veteran from the Viet Nam war and I can tell you personally that freedom is worth fighting for and every life lost in this battle is precious and heroic and not in vain! FREEDOM for any country is not free. It must be guarded with all of our might each and every day or people like Putin in Russia and Asahd in Syria and many others will murder us all so they can feel like they are important. I assure you they will wither and die as they are not important at all. (except in their own distorted mind) All I am asking is for those who read this to understand the true battle is disinterest and apathy. We have to care or no one will and all is lost. America is without a doubt the greatest country on earth and we will always lead the world in love and peace. God bless America!!! Pray for Ukraine. Let all people live in peace!

Source: Terry Robinson FB

Please help Ukraine free Ukrainian air force pilot and Member of Ukrainian Parliament Nadiya Savchenko from illegal imprisonment in a notorious Moscow psychiatric prison. She is on Day 27 of her hunger strike to protest her kidnapping and abduction to Russia and imprisonment as a POW. More information and what you can do to help here. 

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