Happy New Year 2015 from Voices of Ukraine!

Dear readers, we thank you for your patronage,
ongoing help, inquisitiveness and thought-provoking feedback in 2014. It was some year. We hope that together, our efforts will result in a safe and empowering
Ukrainian state in 2015.

Happy New Year!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her Heroes!


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2 Responses to Happy New Year 2015 from Voices of Ukraine!

  1. JLNancy says:

    And — Thx for all you do.

    Z HobuM PokoM——2015

    and may Pres. Poroshenko not be pressured to concede to any *defeat* despite his, (perhaps, falsely reported), *worries* of military hopelessness against the portal of hell called Russia.

  2. chervonaruta says:

    ThanksJLNancy! peremozhym poroshenka peremozhym portal of hell )) Vpered!

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