Wings of Help and Care: Holidays in the ATO zone

Wings of Help and Care, volunteer initiative
Translated by Wings of Help and Care and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Friends, we have returned this morning from a trip to the ATO zone. The trip proved to be more eventful and difficult than ever! We thank all of you who made it possible – for your hands, your time, your efforts, your donated food, your money, and your prayers. With your help, we held three Christmas celebrations for over 400 children of [the town of] Mariinka [who go school and kindergarten], delivered over 400 food packages to the elderly in Mariinka and over 100 packages to the people who stayed in the ruined village of Pisky.

There is so much we would like to share with you! So many impressions, so many stories! I will try to share those in the next few days on Facebook. I want to tell you about how hard it is to make children of war smile, and what the elderly think and talk about, and what special people live in Pisky. I want to share my personal impressions from an artillery attack we experienced in Pisky, and how we almost ended up spending a night in the middle of a field near Dnipropetrovsk because the roads got covered in snow.

Most of all, I would like to talk to you about our servicemen from the Civil-Military Cooperation unit. We were impressed not only with their bravery, but their responsiveness and care for the children and the elderly [caught in the war zone].

I’d like to thank our incredible team who joined us on this trip!

Source: Wings of Help and Care FB

[Editor’s Note: Please consider donating to the people in affected areas at their PayPal account:
*** Make sure to designate it for humanitarian aid for civilians.]

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