Ukraine is not a host for Russian parasites

Yana Moyseyenkova, Ukrainian journalist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

[I] burst into tears at the wheel. The convoy of military equipment is in front of me. Ukrainian flags are waving on top of the first two vehicles. One [flag] is burnt along the edge. In four other machines, which have “People [on board]” written on their sides, there really are people. A patrol officer throws them a “V” with his two fingers. Abruptly, quickly, instinctively.

A wall of tears. I turned on the emergency lights, stopped the car, sobbing. I see emergency lights in the next row [of cars]. A window opens, “Die, Putin!,” a man with the face of Charles Aznavour yells from the bottom of his lungs. “Glory to Ukraine!” comes [the response] from the vehicles marked with “People [on board].”

Don’t die. Just realize, change your mind, come to your senses. You don’t give a damn about our fellow citizens and even less about your own; think about your descendants. How many generations of your blood relatives will [continue to] cough up your sick ambitions, innocent deaths, broken destinies, interrupted generations. I read [somewhere] that none of the NKVD members who shot people in 1932-33 died a natural death, and that the vast majority of their descendants drank themselves to death, drowned, went missing. Someone studied this, and then wrote a dissertation on it.

A terrible year. You forced this terrible year on us. Each of us has paid you, sick man. Those who got more lucky – paid with their nerves, their quiet life, sleep, their house, or a piece of their health. The less fortunate ones – paid with their future, their physical integrity, their lives. We will present the bill. A frightful [bill], more terrible than this year that we have almost survived.

Russians, wake up! It is, after all, your life! Your only life! Is it really this miniscule? Is it really so destructive? Is it really this indifferent? Do you [really] think that [Alexei] Navalny only got probation? You continue to sit [aimlessly] for a long time and almost without complaint. Polite people, will you continue to present yourselves as shells? My brothers, my poor Russian brothers, your country was attacked. Attacked from within. Any pediatrician or veterinarian will tell you that if nothing is done, the parasites will kill their host. First, they will infect others, and then they will grow stronger and eat their main host. And we [Ukrainians] are not your main host! You have long been aware of your own illness, why are you dragging your feet? Not only Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine? Aren’t 3 presidential terms enough? Self-pacifying Russians, open your eyes!

P.S. The guys are going to war and [they] keep smiling. I turn off the emergency lights. I continue driving with a red nose. [We] will break through!

P.P.S. When I say “brothers,” I also mean quite specific males. I’m sure they will understand me exactly.

Source: Yana Moyseyenkova FB

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3 Responses to Ukraine is not a host for Russian parasites

  1. bendixon89 says:

    Moving words.. God bless Ukraine, and all who fight Russian expansion.

  2. justice says:

    People who need help are no parasites but the ones who make people helpless.

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