Village of Pisky destroyed: Invaders’ scorched earth tactics (PHOTOS)

By Ostrov,
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Scorched earth tactics: insurgents have destroyed the village of Pisky, near Donetsk

Here is how the village of Pisky, near Donetsk, looks now – which for several months has been shelled by Russian and terrorist forces:
(click on images to enlarge)

Source: Ostrov
Photo source:


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10 Responses to Village of Pisky destroyed: Invaders’ scorched earth tactics (PHOTOS)

  1. NLT says:

    Nasty! Putin doesn’t care about anything or anyone but his own pockets and comforts. Too bad the UN can’t make him pay the costs to repair the damages.

  2. Marcela says:

    Good work of signing something with value of nothing in 1994, USA and UK, something called sovereignity and terrytorial integrity. And top morality by EU (28countries) and nobody can stop their best friend, for 30 years with who the best money in business was made. Some 10000dead here 20000there or some plane shot down violenting this or that. That is the Modern Man World.
    I see it clearer than ever.

  3. Marcela says:

    Yet… it is bit too simple to give somebody’s else land to somebody else in mean that one day possibly new generation will solve it. Why not give piece of land in Germany, in France, in Hungary to Russia, they will be surelly happy by that. Some Kaliningrad, Crimea is too easy.

  4. bendixon89 says:

    Marcela: you cant expect the US to just jump into the war. We have been at war for 13 years, and the people are tired of war. If it was up to me, we would come fight, but its not up to me. I have served in US army airborne and the french foreign legion, and offered to serve in a volunteer battalion in Donetsk, they said Americans cannot join. But there are many here who want to help Ukraine voluntarily, if a door is open for us to do so. Until then, prayer is all we have. God bless the people of ukraine

    • bendixon89 says:

      I spoke with the representative of the battalion spoken of in that pages post in october. His response was: ” Thank you for your generous offer to join in our struggle against Russian aggression. Unfortunately, only those with European citizenship are eligible for enlistment at this time, due to current political policies.”

      • Marcela says:

        Thank you Bendixon89 for your reply. Thank you for your braveness. But you know if only they did not signed those papers in1994, if only they did not offer anything to Ukraine. I understand it What you say, but you know USA+UK should tell true to Ukraine and EU as well, that nobody will help them really. Just to send coffins for tousands. It would be at least something, to know the true. Why Ukraine people should not know the true. Why we all should not know the true because it is dangerous, more dangerous than war, so better to live in lies? I understand it is not all black and white. But lies? Raping girls, pocking off eyes, cutting hands and legs.. that is unneccessary.
        Anyway when somebody is brave like you it makes me hope for better world for better life.

      • chervonaruta says:

        Ya, they have not been active for a couple months now so we took it off. Good for you for talking to them. I don’t think you can get into any battalion in Ukraine legally. We’ve checked with our military expert and quite frankly have had numerous queries from Americans who have served who wanted to join so clearly there are a fair number (you could create your own battalion like the Israelis). Franko is the only one we know of who made it in, but he has Ukrainian citizenship also. Otherwise it makes you mercenaries, I suppose 😦 and would feed the evil propaganda machine. Would love to have you guys help though, everyone would. I would look for those opportunities that may exist to help train Ukrainian soldiers because the US gov’t is doing that. Thanks. Just thanks for writing and asking and showing up! Take care.

      • Marcela says:

        You see. These putinrussians, terrorists, mercenaries, militans you name it… they can whatever, however and how much in deep and hights.
        And Ukraine can not do nothing even defend themself because it could be called evil in Propaganda, invasion of NATO if anyone other than with Ukraine passport helps in Ukraine. Thy we “civilised” have the laws for. To allow all that in name of written justice.
        What a lovely LAWs. Is it not time to change it? Not yet? Tomorrow??

  5. It s a shame that USA, EU and NATO only look at this terrible warattack by Putin.

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