Parasyuk / Semenchenko: No “humanitarian convoys.” We will help Donbas, but we won’t sponsor terrorists

By Volodymyr Parasyuk, Commander, Dnipro-1 Battalion and Member of Parliament (Independent)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The second day of work for our group.

Today we inspected the goods detained by the volunteer Donbas Battalion at Lysychansk. And again, [we were] accused of dooming the poor children and pensioners of Donbas to starvation, by denying the passage of food products and baby foods. However, we failed to notice even a hint of baby products – instead, the trucks were crammed with vodka, cognac, beer, cigarettes, and champagne (perhaps those are all treats for children, for kindergarten New Year’s celebrations).

To date, the only shipment of children’s food [we encountered] was a van with cream of wheat, which was released yesterday and successfully headed toward Donetsk.

Based on what I saw and heard over these two days, I made the following conclusions:

None of the carriers can clearly explain the final destination of the goods. If this is humanitarian aid, there is supposed to be a mechanism for getting it to civilians. Instead, part of the goods heads to the terrorists’ warehouses, and the rest to local shops, where they are sold to civilians. Firstly, what kind of “hum-aid” is that, if one needs to pay for it? Secondly, because of being on the occupied territory, businessmen [who sell the goods] do not pay a hryvnia of taxes into the budget of Ukraine. The goods are exported from Ukraine, and then, because all businesses in Donbas are under racket protection of the terrorists, the money made from selling these exports goes to finance the very same terrorism. It goes towards purchases of equipment and weapons which are then used to kill our brothers.

We came here to stop this mayhem. There must be a clear mechanism for helping the residents of Donbas. However, no one is going to sponsor terrorists in Donbas. We will not allow this.

Source: Volodymyr Parasyuk FB

By Semen Semenchenko, Commander, Donbas Battalion, Member of Parliament (Samopomich “Self-Reliance” Association Party)
12.16.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

First, a minefield, then a trench, and further on, the road. At any moment, Russian tanks can start heading across these trenches. People who are willing to stop those tanks and die for their homeland have the right to be heard first. Right now, driving past them briskly, are vehicles carrying coal, vodka, wood, meat, and gasoline, as well as buses full of people from the occupied territories, furiously cleaning out ATMs in Severodonetsk.

We must terminate economic relations with the temporarily occupied territory.

We must terminate transport links and close our borders to these territories and to Russia.

We must convert all available children’s camps, motels, and dormitories to housing for immigrants from the occupied territories, and evacuate everyone [from the occupied territories] who considers Ukraine to be their homeland. [Refugee] men should join the army, not head to Lviv to drink vodka. We must feed the displaced and provide them with jobs, but we must do so on the territory managed by our government and flying our flags.

We must call war what it is – war [as opposed to an ATO]. We must mobilize all forces and liberate our land. We must get international support and crush corruption.

There is no other option for a country that is fighting and not surrendering. And we will not surrender as long as we are alive.

What about people who don’t want to leave? They should make their choice and accept the consequences. As did we.

Glory to Ukraine!

P.S. Supplies of power and water can only be considered after the signatories of the Minsk treaty fulfill all of their promises, and after an “all for all” prisoners exchange.

P.P.S. The photos show a typical shipment heading to Stakhanov. My heart bleeds for the poor people and starving children who didn’t receive these goods…

Click on images to enlarge:

Source: Semen Semenchenko FB

No “humanitarian convoys” will be allowed through to the terrorists until the prisoners are released. The Donbas Battalion will ensure this in the Luhansk Oblast. We will continue to help Kryvbas, Dnipro, Pravy Sector and Aidar [battalions] in the Donetsk Oblast. We just jointly waved goodbye to 40 trucks. Mister oligarchs, have you not yet grasped that there has been a change of power?

Source: Semen Semenchenko FB

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2 Responses to Parasyuk / Semenchenko: No “humanitarian convoys.” We will help Donbas, but we won’t sponsor terrorists

  1. Marcela says:

    Wise. Glory to Ukraine 🙂

  2. Maria Sit says:

    God bless you in fighting the evil of corruption.

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