Sonia Koshkina on Anna Netrebko: There are things in life that cannot be justified by any: “art is outside of politics”

By Sonia Koshkina, Editor-in Chief at Levyi Bereh [Left Bank],
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Now my turn has come for disappointment. Hard disappointment.

Many of you know that I love classical music. A lot. Like crazy. I don’t think I need to explain who Anna Netrebko is in the world of modern classical. A living legend is the most vegetarian of definitions.

A good portion of my whole home collection is her recordings. And how they sing the duet with Vilazon!!! And the concert together with Hvorostovsky on the Red Square? I loved it so much, [I] listened to it for hours at a time. Haven’t put it on for over a year. And now don’t know when I’ll put it on next. If at all.

Because, there are things in life that cannot be justified by any: “art is outside of politics.”

I confess: when she came out together with [Oleg] Tsarov, I tried, in a cowardly way, to “cover it up” by thinking she is brainwashed by Russia Today and such – and simply does not quite understand who he is. It was said: he was invited, as a media person, so that the aid [Netrebko’s donation] does not get “lost.” Well, that’s sort of logical.

But after this photo here, God forgive me, no doubt remains. I saw it from a friend, I wrote – “send me a pic of this vatnik.”

Ugh, – I think, – could I have ever imagined that I would say that about Netrebko? The best Traviata in the world – hers, and now… honestly, how the regime cripples people’s brains ((

Considering, she lives in Austria, but is so smart as to wear a t-shirt with the words “To Berlin!” What the actual fuck? ((( Austrian airlines, whom she represented, broke off the contract with her after the photosession with Tsarov. But this I think is only the beginning.

Marlene Dietrich was the favourite actress and singer of Hitler. In the nascent Nazi empire she could have become the number one star. She could have had everything.

But she left what she had, renounced her citizenship and moved to the USA. When the war began she toured on the front lines, performing before the soldiers. Unlike Netrebko, she was able to distinguish good from evil.


Source: Sonia Koshkina FB

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4 Responses to Sonia Koshkina on Anna Netrebko: There are things in life that cannot be justified by any: “art is outside of politics”

  1. What is the difference between Anna Netrebko (Netreba) and Hollywood stars? Not much, they are all Airheads!

  2. Classical music is my profession and i have conducted in many opera houses. To my ear, Netrebko was always way over-hyped as a singer… Good, but nothing to wait in a ticket line for… If the world held Karajan and Schwarzkopf to account for their questionable past, then what Netrebko did by taking part in a public propaganda display while donating her money to a terrorist is much more egregious… Regarding her lame excuse that she was unaware and only found out later what that flag was that she held up with Tsarov… that is a bald-faced lie of the Clintonesque (It all depends on what the definition of “is” is) variety… YouTube videos clearly show Tsarov giving her the flag and saying “Novorossiya”… to which the diva smiled and repeated several times “Spasibo”… Gergiev owes plenty to Putin and his entourage of businessmen…. what is this Violetta’s excuse?

  3. tilamuse says:

    Netrebko is from Krasnodar region of Russia, which is pretty close to Crimea. It is quite possible that Tsarov & co. tried to use her territorial loyalties for popularization of their pet project. Netrebko’s limitations are certainly surprising; she must realize that we live in a very small world. I hope her employers take note of this.

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