Wings Phoenix: The first shipment of Ukrainian humanitarian aid is now closed in full

By Wings Phoenix, (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer and Assistant Minister to the Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permission

The question of the first shipment of Canadian humanitarian aid we have closed in full. Bogdan Kovalev – my hero, silent and diligent. Under his supervision, the entire shipment of Canadian goods has been received, accounted for, distributed and delivered. The 93rd Brigade received most of it, some things went to Aidar [Battalion] (several dozen pairs of footwear), some things went to the territorial defense battalions. Bogdan will lay out a full report on it today.

The Canadian representative responsible for this shipment, Lenna Koszarny, wrote in her report:

“I am very proud to serve as one of the Canadian volunteers under the stewardship of our incredible Ambassador from Canada to Ukraine, Ambassador Waschuk, the Canadian government and working in tandem with Bogdan Kovalev, a hard-working dedicated volunteer with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense as appointed by the President of Ukraine. Bogdan is a member of the outstanding Ukrainian volunteer group led by Yurii Biriukov and David Braun and just as dedicated as the Canadian volunteers are to ensuring the aid from the Canadian transport plane that arrived last week gets to the soldiers in the field. What has impressed me the most is how quickly this aid was deployed by the Canadian government and then by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and volunteers.”

We are now waiting for the next shipment, which is supposed to arrive by sea at the very end of December.

Anatoly Traxel:

Today is a holiday. The armoured division is in the box, no holidays for them. And yesterday we were greeted by the representative of the Canadian Prime Minister, so I kissed her hand 😉 and sent my regards to Canada. We are now dressed in Canadian way, and there are more interesting things being shipped via ocean, from what she says. She speaks Ukrainian with an accent, but in a very literary way. Canada is with us not only in words!

Source, original: Wings Phoenix
Source, translation: Wings Phoenix Eng FB
Source, Anatoly Traxel: Anatoly Traxel FB


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