Alexey Arestovich: Ukraine’s political system is unreformable

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.45.20 PMBy Alexey Arestovich, motivational speaker and army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

In the nearest future, around November 3-15 (unless there are significant political changes that can cancel or postpone the implementation of this plan), the vatniks [Russians] will go on the offensive, inflicting powerful blows to our troops.

The main directions [of the offensive] will be Shchastya–Svatovo [Luhansk region], Debaltseve–Donetsk airport, and Berdyansk–Zaporizhia, south of Volnovakha.

In addition, following tradition, they will simultaneously ignite the rear of our troops, i.e. [we] should anticipate sabotage in Kharkiv and Zaporizhia regions.

Remember how the Ilovaisk encirclement was being formed – right as everyone was watching, live?… Everyone knew everything, the government authorities had 10 days (an enormous amount of time in war terms) to rectify the situation; however, several hundred people died in the online mode.

Do you think anything has changed since then?..

It’s all the same:

– Everyone knows when and where the attack will take place, and yet again the authorities do nothing.

Our troops are certainly in a much better shape now than [they were] in August. But [they] will have to fight to their death at the lines of defense, without the chance to maneuver effectively.

For a very simple reason – there are no other troops to cover them.

And while the Russians are building a three-tier strike formation, our troops’ first tier is followed by some scant, scattered forces that make up the second.

In the future, this will result in new cauldrons [type of encirclement], more encirclements, executions, prisoner convoys, and the loss of key areas.

It goes without saying that we will still give them grief and chase them back, but this will be achieved at a very high price.

This price could be lower if:

– the mobilization was done correctly;

– the reserves and defense system were created outside the zone of conflict;

– the counter-offensive strike groups for counteroffensive were organized, and many more.

Why isn’t this being done?

Firstly, one needs to understand these things, to truly know the ins and outs. At minimum, [one needs to] want to do it.

And secondly, don’t [the authorities] have better things to do?

They are [busy] dividing their [parliamentary] portfolios.

I wonder, what “ordinary people” will do when they finally realize that our system, at its core, is unreformable?

Source: Alexey Arestovich FB

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2 Responses to Alexey Arestovich: Ukraine’s political system is unreformable

  1. Fred says:

    Exactly I wonder ukraine government are not mobilising people while Russia are calling back reserves also I don’t know the kind of parliament they are creating while new parliament member complaining about small pay at this time of war where the country purse is very dry I begin to ask myself what type of president in ukraine that already complain about destruction of 60% of Ukraine military equipment,talking about 1million soldiers that russsia has this is a clear evidence that the president is scared or afraid of Russia invasion and mr Putin know that so he mr Putin capitalise on that to intimidate poroshenko because it’s becoming very annoying that they took Crimea without firing a shot and then moved to Donbas which is almost gone and there is no mobilisation or encouragement from the side of the government to the people to defend themselves

  2. Yurij Serna says:

    May the revolutionary spirit of ZARAGOZA and Guerra a cuchillo inflame the Ukrainian populace and her volunteer soldiers in their battle against the Moskal and its paid terrorists. No quarter asked or given for that is the only option that the Moskal will understand.

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