Ukraine: Daily Highlights

18/10/2014 Ukraine: Daily Highlights – Mass media around the World doesn’t see any breakthrough for Ukrainian crisis in the results of Milano negotiations

Ситуация в Донецке и Донецкой области на линии боевых действий обострилась

18/10/2014 Daily Highlights from “Digests & Analytics Ukraine” News Agency

Situation in Donetsk has worthened both across the frontline and in the city. Mass media around the World doesn’t see any breakthrough for Ukrainian crisis in the results of Milano negotiations. President Poroshenko gave interview to Ukrainian TV channels, covering results of negotiations and situation in the east of the country.


  • Recently enacted legislation on “Special order of local governance within selected districts of Donetsk and Luhans’k regions” will be oin force for three years and, as claimed by Ukrainian authorities, will create conditions for normalization of the situation, renewal of the order of law and return of inhabitants to their place of residence.
  • President Poroshenko gave interview to journalists of Ukrainian TV channels.

The key points of it:

    • Legislation on special status of selected districts of Donetsk and Lihans’k regions doesn’t contradict to the country interests and have been adopted according to the agreements reached in Minsk;
    • Agreement have been reached with Russia in principle about the gas contract and state borders control;
    • Division line between Ukrainian army and militants have been agreed in Minsk and should be approved by the Parliament. Donetsk International Airport should be controlled by Ukrainian army;
    • “Elections” that DPR and LPR are supposed to hold on the 2nd of November won’t’ be recognized by anybody and their «leaders» won’t be able to ensure basic survival needs of the region fulfilled, as Ukrainian government will not support it anymore;
    • Leadership of the National Guard, Counterintelligence and Internal Security of the MIF, have been called to account for miscounts, that led to the soldiers strike near the Presidential Administration
    • General demobilization is not planned yet.
  • Speaker of Verkhovna Rada Turchunov announced that the ban on Russian TV series broadcasting on Ukrainian channels will be included in the agenda and discussed in the parliament.
  • Interior Minister Avakov on his Facebook page announced facts of mass voters bribery by representatives of various political parties and standalone candidates, including former head of Naftogaz Bakylin.

War in Ukraine

  • During the day heavy fights took place near towns of Smile, Mykolaivka, Mariupol, Donetsk, Avdiivka, Peski. Another series of attacks on Donetsk International Airport has been repelled with severe casualties from militants side. Militants are shelling Donetsk with heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers, leading to civilian casualties and destruction of infrastructure objects. Two Ukrainian military were killed in the combat area as per official statistics.
  • According to official data, 417 thousands of temporary re-settles have been identified in Ukraine. The Government decided to partially compensate residential rental fees to them. UN believes that 5 million people still live within the conflict zone.

War in Ukraine continues, please read more here

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