Dmitry Tymchuk: Further updates from the “ceasefire zone” on 10/14

information_resistance_logo_engDmitry Tymchuk, Head of the Center for Military and Political Research, Coordinator of the Information Resistance group
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

According to Information Resistance operational data, a tense situation remains in the region of the city of Mariupol.

Mariupol volunteers. Photo: AFP

Mariupol volunteers. Photo: AFP

In this area, the activity of the opponent’s DRG [Russian sabotage and intelligence group] has been noted. Also Russian-terrorist troops have carried out a regrouping and are conducting exercises. Yesterday, October 13th, units of the Russian army and the terrorist group stationed in the area of Novoazovsk raised the alarm (the legend – was that Ukrainian troops were attacking).

In the district of Novoazovsk, columns are arriving with ammunition and equipment from Russia. Yesterday, October 13th, a column numbering up to 10 trucks was recorded crossing the border by Fedorivka (Rostov region of the Russian Federation). The column headed toward Novoazovsk.

In the district Sakhanka (Novoazovsk district of Donetsk Oblast/region) a subdivision of the GRU [Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation] arrived, numbering several dozen people. Simultaneously, a group of local militants were withdrawn from this area. The soldiers who arrived do not hide their affiliation with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

From the border districts of the Rostov region of Russia, Russian troops appear in places of permanent deployment. Noted is the deployment of personnel from the Dolotinka Millerovsky District, Rostov region, of Russia personnel from the units of the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade to places of permanent deployment (positions in the Kamenka Vyborg district of Leningrad Oblast/region).

However, according to our data, mainly conscripts are being deployed. Contract servicemen remain in the border areas.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB 


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