Wings Phoenix: “How I spent 2,350,000 UAH”

By Wings Phoenix (Iurii Biriukov)
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permissions

I’m not going to write an essay on “How I spent this summer,” I won’t. Firstly, it would be too monotous, and secondly, it is not something that I could describe with words. I’d rather write an essay on “How I spent 2,350,000 UAH.”

Let’s imagine a Terrible Russian Scout. One dark night he is crawling in the mud, approaching closer to the positions of the 79th Brigade. He is carrying with him a bunch of varied electronics – they’re bored, the Muscovites, they would like to listen into other people’s conversations. Everything is as usual, everything is stable and organized – whereas earlier, all the conversations were done in an open channel in analog form. And with a simple Kenwood analog scrambler, this is not a problem.

Having overcome all the hardships, privations and difficulties, he crawls to the position, and installs complex wiretapping equipment. He starts the devices and prepares to listen.


Digital! Coded! Digital! It is not so easy to listen in.
Hell, this was a really important task and WE did it together with YOU. As of today, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is no other brigade equipped with this level of digital communications. Yesterday we fullfilled one of the most important tasks, from my point of view – we delivered to the brigade a full set of devices for digitally coded communication.

– Digital stations for long-distance HF communications Kenwood TK-90 (from 200 to 500 km) – 10 pieces
– Digital battalion repeaters (radius of up to 30 km) – 3 pieces
– Digital battalion integrators Kenwood-Motorola – 3 pieces
– Digital personal station Kenwood NX-320 – 150 pieces
– Digital road station Kenwood – 12 pieces

Next week, specialists will come to instruct and to train. Many thanks to the company Tsyfrovye Radio Systemy (Digital Radio Systems) and personally to Slavik for the idea, its realization and discounts.

Moving forward. We have dozens more problems of this magnitude.

Would you like to help?
79th Airborne Brigade of Nikolaev
4149 4950 0700 7806 Iurii Biriukov (Юрий Бирюков)

IMPORTANT! All payment cards starting with 4149* can be re-filled only through Privat24, PrivatBank terminals and cash desks of PrivatBank in Ukraine!
If you wish to do a money transfer through the client-bank system of another bank or through an ATM of another bank, please use ONLY:
5168 7572 3217 4575 Iurii Biriukov (Юрий Бирюков)

Payment details for PayPal money transfer
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Progress Reports:
Consolidated financial report:
Consolidated report with photos: (in Russian)
Other ways to help
You can find all our projects and payment requisites in the post below
And more help?
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Source, translation: Wings Phoenix Eng
Original source in Russian: Wings Phoenix


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