Russian Militants Interrogate Severely Injured Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter (VIDEO 18+)

Video subtitles in English translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Russian terrorists interrogate a seriously wounded Ukrainian soldier from the Aidar volunteer battalion.

The footage of the interrogation recently appeared on the Web [Editor: it appeared on 9.22.2014 but was removed soon after] but it was made, most likely, a week and a half ago, Censor.NET reports. It can be assumed with high probability that the interrogation is carried out by Russian mercenaries or servicemen. At the end of the video one of the interrogators asks the dying Ukrainian volunteer soldier where the city of Lutsk is, holding up presumably his own unit patch with the city’s name on it [Lutsk is near Lviv].

Video with English subtitles. Warning – disturbing to watch, 18+.


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3 Responses to Russian Militants Interrogate Severely Injured Ukrainian Volunteer Fighter (VIDEO 18+)

  1. Walter Derzko says:

    He says his last name is ILNYTSKYJ

  2. Oksana says:

    Militants behind the scenes are speaking with strong russian accent. They are not from East Ukraine, they came from Russia to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians on these territory.

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