Semyon Semyonchenko: Actions in Washington, DC

By Semyon Semyonchenko, Commander, Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Today (and by local time – tomorrow) in the United States Congress they will vote for a bill introduced by Senators Menendez and Corker [Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014] about providing assistance to Ukraine, including in the provision of weapons. Antitank weapons, radars, UAVs, communications and many other useful things for the army.

Today we met with senators, visited with IRI (Republicans) and DRI (Democrats). We reported on the situation in Ukraine as objectively as possible, and on the need to pass this bill for our country. Tomorrow there is every chance for the adoption of this law. We are keeping our fingers crossed

P.S.Igor Senedzhuk
to all US-immigrants, please immediately write an email to the senator of your state in support of this law.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB

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2 Responses to Semyon Semyonchenko: Actions in Washington, DC

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  2. Carroll Chaney says:

    This needs to pass. It is just as important as ISIS. Putin is the greatest threat to world peace .
    He is a MURDERER and should be exterminated immediately.

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