Semyon Semyonchenko: Thoughts from Washington, DC

By Semyon Semyonchenko, Commander, Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Photo source: interview , Sept. 13th.

Photo source: interview, Sept. 13th.

Today I was in many places and met different people. Including in the Pentagon, at the office involved with psychological warfare. Which is what we failed in, when we allowed them to create a sanctuary for terrorism out of a mining region within three months. Below are excerpts from the book on psychological warfare. Read it and find out what is happening now with Ukraine. Understand from where and why the words appear about the “threat of Russian tactical nuclear arms,” “crap, they betrayed us,” the propaganda of desertion: “Guys, well done, you rescued yourselves,” why yesterday’s volunteer [battalion] commanders  and civil society activists get transformed in the Ukrainian media space, by Russian example, into furtive, cowardly idiots.

“The essence of war in the usual sense of the term has been studied comprehensively. But the psychological warfare peculiarities are understood only by specialists. Meanwhile, one of the main purposes of any conventional war is precisely to change the psychology of the enemy. What does it mean, “to make him surrender at the victor’s  discretion” or “adopt the proposed settlement plan” of a problem? This implies, among other things, the creation of his belief in the meaninglessness of further resistance, to deprive one’s faith in his success, i.e.: to change the psychology.”

Very precisely, the essence of professionally organized psychological warfare is expressed in the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosopher and military leader Sun Tzu (VI century BC).

They are as follows:

1) Disintegrate everything good that there is in the country of your enemy

2) Engage the prominent enemy’s actors in criminal enterprises

3) Undermine the prestige of the enemy commanders and then present [them] at the right moment for public shaming

4) For this purpose, make use of a cooperation with the most vile and heinous people

5) Foment quarrels and conflicts among the citizens of a country hostile to us

6) Incite the youth against the elderly

7) Disturb, by all means, the regular supply of troops and their maintaining of order

8) Shackle the will of the enemy soldiers with songs and music

9) Do your best to devalue the traditions of your enemies and undermine their faith in their gods

10) Send women of easy virtue [prostitutes] to augment the case of disintegration

11) Be generous with offers and gifts for buying off information and personnel

12) In general, do not save on either money nor promises, as they bring excellent results

It doesn’t matter what they say. The main thing–is what we think. Our souls and minds are the main object of the attack. Whatever the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] failed to pass, whatever they decided for us–this will not happen until we want it most ourselves. Let’s stick together and be participants rather than spectators. And all will be well.

Glory to Ukraine

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB

* * *

This should have happened two months ago. Society was not ready and therefore the ATO [anti-terrorism operation] continued. Meanwhile, they started to work on the people. First there was the intimidation by the army of the Russian Federation, followed by a series of military defeats in which nobody was brought to justice. Then they started talking about the threat of the use of tactical nuclear weapons. And this scared people even more. Mobile phones were declared as the cause of the defeat, and those who demanded justice were labelled as agents of the Kremlin. Then they started shutting up those who could say “No” in the future, who could call for action. Campaigns were run to discredit all those who would be dangerous. The soldiers captured at Ilovaisk remained as hostages. And now they have covered up their faces and voted. It does not matter what they think. It matters what we think. If we do not allow ourselves to be turned into spectators, if we will be active participants, then Ukraine will live. Thus, Donbas is neither the beginning nor the end. It might be very difficult. Black will be called white, and white be called black. The betrayal of out national interests will be called a victory.

Thank God,
There are forces in the country with whom we need to unite and fight for the future. Back to back. The main thing is not to let yourself be deceived and not to forget about the goal. Do not allow them to turn you into spectators. Everything depends only on us. And this is a long game.
Hold on.

P.S. I want peace. But there is a price higher than war.
We need to change the system of government. Now THIS – is our reality. Now we all need to calm down and think clearly about our next steps.

Do not disturb the hysterics and the trolls – the antivirus is enabled.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB


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