Yuriy Butusov: Evidence Confirms that Ukraine is Fighting Against Regular Russian Army

Yuriy Butusov
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

What do the “separatists” wage their war with? Let us take a look at the armaments of the “rebels,” as many western media refer to them.

The first four pictures are screenshots made by the editor of Censor.Net from the footage of the Russian LifeNews channel, reporting about the destruction of the Ukrainian convoy that was breaking out of Ilovaysk. These scenes were shot in the Starobesheve rayon, Donetsk oblast, and the video allows to clearly pinpoint the location. In the pictures, you can see a fragment of 9M79-1, tactical missile complex Tochka-U (Scarab B), with a 70-km range. The main warhead is not separated from the missile body for detonation – which makes it obvious that the missile detonated here.

We have valid reasons to state that Russia carried out a missile strike against our troops.

screen_5 The fifth photo (left) shows a fragment of another missile. Based on the fragment, we can surmise that it is 9M51, a 220 mm rocket of the Uragan heavy multiple rocket launcher, with heavy-duty thermobaric warhead. This picture was taken in Novosvitlivka, a village defended by Ukrainian tankman of the First Tank Brigade, which dealt heavy damage to the aggressor. During combat, most of the village burned down to the ground, even including the grass. These are the consequences of strikes with thermobaric missiles. 9M51 missiles have a range of 13 km.

Analysis conducted by the ICAO and the government of Malaysia confirms that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 was downed from an anti-aircraft missile launched from the territory claimed by the Donetsk People’s Republic. It only could have been launched from a BUK anti-aircraft system.

Buk, Tochka, Uragan systems – these are all evidence of a large-scale invasion of Russian forces. Equipment of that type can only be used by active military specialists. Our troops were forced back from under Luhansk and Donetsk not by “militia” or “rebels” – but by the regular army of the Russian Federation.

The following pictures present more results of the battles for Novosvitlivka. Photo N6 shows a tank turret separated from the body as a result of internal blast. It belongs to T-72B3 , the latest tank model put into operation in the Russian Federation army in 2012. This particular specimen must have been destroyed by Ukrainian tankmen from the First Tank Brigade. A distinguishing feature of T-72B3 is the sighting device installed on the turret – Sosna-U, made in Belarus and never exported.


Photo N7 shows a T-72B3 tank captured by Ukrainian forces. In photo N8, you can see a BTR-82A, the latest Russian armored personnel carrier, its side ruptured, by the look of it, by a tank shell. A small batch of such APCs was exported [by Russia], but neither to Ukraine nor any other neighboring countries.

So, do not call these people “rebels” or “militia” and don’t confuse your terms. The truth is that Ukraine is single-handedly fighting the Russian army.

Source: Yuriy Butuvos FB, Censor.Net

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