Dmytro Yarosh: One cannot demolish the government during war, because Putin will come to Kyiv

31.08.2014 | 14:48
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The head of Right Sector urged everyone not to panic and warned against repeating Maidan during war. 



He wrote on his Facebook page: “Over the past week, in heavy fighting in Savur-Mohyla, Amvrosiivka, Starobesheve and accursed Ilovaisk, we lost about 30 fellows from Pravy Sector [Right Sector] who were assigned to the volunteer battalions Dnipro, Donbas, the 40th BTO,” – he wrote.

In his view, the main cause of these great losses – “open invasion was unexpected for the military leadership” and shelling from the rear.

Among other reasons, he named the incompetence of some of the generals who carried out the operation. “Unfortunately, many of them obey the political decisions of armchair theorists, and don’t give orders that are based on the actual situation at the front,” – says Yarosh.

“You cannot shake the situation in the country. To clean out the government Cabinet and carry out lustration processes, you need to demolish the existing government – during a war, until it goes to outright treason, this is in any case impossible. Because Putin will come to Kyiv,” – wrote Yarosh.

“Do not panic. The situation in the combat zone is really difficult, but not hopeless. The front needs to be aligned and stabilized going into active defense suitable to this milestone. I know that in military circles this is already being discussed,” – he added.

Source: UNIAN

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