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The goal of the “humanitarian”convoy wasn’t bringing aid to civilians. It was robbery of Ukraine’s strategic defense equipment enterprises in Donetsk and Luhansk, specifically the “Topaz” company which produces modern radars such as “Kolchuga” and equipment from its Luhansk plant which produces ammunition for small arms.

Currently, according to the National Security Council, 184 trucks from the so-called “humanitarian convoy” have left Ukraine. All of them left without any verification by Ukrainian border guards.

The “Topaz” plant manufactures radar for air defense for which there are no analogues in the world.

The Ukrainian Topaz Kolchuga ESM system

Source: Erich Hartmann FB

The Donbas Battalion destroyed terrorists near the town of Ilovaisk.

(Please note that 2 photos of dead bodies are not being posted here, all photos may be viewed via the source link).

Source: Erich Hartmann

In Novosvetlovke a Russian soldier from Tolyatti burned in his tank.

Poroshenko called the 500-million EU initiative to help Ukraine rebuild Donbas–the Merkel plan. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” he stated.
Source: President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko 

75 years ago today USSR/Stalin did a deal with Hitler which Vladimir Putin condemned 5 years ago as immoral. Why is Stalin back in fashion?

 Today is European Remembrance Day for victims of totalitarian authoritarian regimes: we must not forget the past:

Today is also the Day of the National Flag in Ukraine, or “Flag Day” and tomorrow, August 24th, is the Independence Day of Ukraine.


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