Mustang Wanted: Performance art dedicated to Nadiya Savchenko and Ukrainian soldiers

By Mustang Wanted, roofer (Editor’s note: Roofing is the term for a kind of travel, which consists in walking on the roofs of a city’s skyscrapers)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Dear compatriots, dear Russians, as well as the valiant guards of law in Moscow. I, Hryhoriy (aka Mustang Wanted), a citizen of Ukraine, am forced to make this confession (without witticisms), aimed at the liberation of innocent Russian citizens accused of hooliganism, who risk becoming victims of the Russian justice system, which is well-known for its fairness.

I am the same man who in a fit of sincere patriotic sentiment climbed to the roof of the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, and repainted the star, decorating it in the colors of our native Ukrainian flag, and then also raised the flag of an independent Ukraine, of which I have photo and video evidence. This process proved to be quite time consuming and took me almost all night, I finished my work at about 6 am and happily went to sleep. The citizens of Russia, against whom a criminal case is now initiated, and who are facing 7 years, I saw at this time on the roof of the building [below], and it is also worth noting that we don’t even know each other. It is well-known that Russian court is the fairest trial in the world! [Editor’s note: see full story here]

I plead guilty to “hooliganism” and am ready to appear before this very court in exchange for the release of a wonderfully brave Ukrainian girl–Nadiya Savchenko.

She is absolutely innocent, and at least I painted the star.

I consider my action [to be] performance art and dedicate it to the Independence Day of Ukraine [August 24th], as well as to all the guys who defend my homeland now!

Glory to Ukraine!

Sincerely, Hrihoriy Mustang Wanted


Source: Mustang Wanted FB


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