ROMAN DONIK: Who are the people at the ATO headquarters?

By Roman Donik, army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


I rarely panic and even more rarely succumb to the panic of others.

But these last few days, I’ve been haunted by the feeling that there are, after all, either clinical idiots or just people at the ATO headquarters whose task is to destroy the best forces in the Ukrainian army.

Or at minimum, its best parts.

Last week, it was an assault on Avdiyivka, pushed by the headquarters.

The task amounted to the following–to remove people from three checkpoints and to storm Avdiyivka using their forces.

To expose the front, the rear, to leave under the threat of destruction the remaining checkpoint in the sands, but to shit storm it at any cost.

I do not know how it was possible to delay this decision, but it was somewhat modified.

They ordered to carve Avdiyivka out from Donetsk.

Now, the forces of the 93 Mechanized Brigade came under fire not only from Donetsk, but also from Yasynuvata.

They [Russians and/or pro-Russians] shell so much that it’s impossible to raise one’s head.

Do you think the generals said to divert the people? Fuck them.

They ordered to go in and clean up Avdiyivka. Slowly, block by block.

Where about 30% of the armored vehicles are in order, and half the personnel say–like hell we will go as cannon fodder without armor.

In general, it seems as if someone from among the HQ generals placed a bet that [Ukrainian servicemen] would take Avdiyivka. Or [they] promised victory to the President.

And the fact that 2/3 of the personnel would fall to their death, is fucking irrelevant.

I am becoming more and more motivated to open a second front. And begin to clobber these staff assholes, who wage [their] battles on [paper] maps.

Source: Roman Donik FB


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1 Response to ROMAN DONIK: Who are the people at the ATO headquarters?

  1. OntheBalcony says:

    Roman Donik should be given a field promotion for loyalty and competence and/or put in front of a firing squad for insubordination/going outside of the chain of command. Given the current situation, I’d opt for the promotion.

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