Towns in Donbas have been liberated thanks to the 72nd and 79th brigades

By Alexei Kopytko
07.27.2014, 11:27
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

On the 72nd and 79th brigades:

In Sector D are three of my friends. One slightly injured, one wounded, while the third was spared. They communicated in the morning, all saying the same thing.

1. [They are] scared to absolute horror. It is not like in the early days, they got used to things, but a normal person still cannot get used to such as this.

2. [They] spend as much time in the ground as they do on the surface. [They are] shelled constantly, all have losses. The Info that “all were killed” – is speculation.

3. [They are] defending [their positions] very hard, there is little to no communication between their units, but they do not feel abandoned. Food, water and ammunition [deliveries] are problematic, but they are delivered.

4. Most importantly: some time ago (maybe a week) a moral turning point developed amongst the personnel. If the earlier attitude was “we are–meat, for what are we sitting here, we are drained, take us out of here.” Now, commanders and fighters are aware that leaving is by no means possible. And they ask all politicians, experts and other shouters who are calling to withdraw from Sector D, to be severely punished.

Firstly, if they leave now, it would mean their comrades died in vain, and everything was in vain, and even more will die. Besides, sitting in the earth is safer than going out under fire from both sides. Secondly, with their sitting and careful maneuvering they solve two important problems: they control key routes by which terrorists may obtain equipment and replenishment, as well as, they hold back the insurgent forces

They don’t say enough about this, but all the successes of the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] forces in the north and in the west would not have happened if our three brigades and army special forces weren’t sitting within this narrow intestinal corridor. No one would have taken Rubezhnoye Popasnaya, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. No one would be able to come to Donetsk and unblock the Luhansk airport.

Just how important it is, is evidenced by a recent fact. Once one of the teams identified the movement in the Sverdlovsk area to the north, it caused hysteria among rebel leaders and the Russians, who panicked and razed several of their own gangs’ artillery.

Now the guys live for only one thing. I hope that our command will be able to mobilize troops for a breakthrough in the north and south faster than they will all be killed.

Source: UAINFO


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4 Responses to Towns in Donbas have been liberated thanks to the 72nd and 79th brigades

  1. Serge says:

    It’s progress, at least.

  2. Cetric says:

    It is good to read this after being exposed to Russian propaganda about the same incident continuously, which tries to rouse suspicion about treason by the commanders, allegedly all officers left to leave the troops to be bombarded, and such things…

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