By Alexey Arestovich, motivational speaker and army volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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Europe has already started to suspect that she does not need Maidan afterall.

The fact that Maidan is not “… the expression of the European aspirations of the Ukrainian people,” but something much more metaphysical, is the first breakdown of the World Matrix, the System, and the first green sprout of the New World.

Europe is beginning to understand that Putin is her much closer ally than the Spirit of Maidan.

The passivity of European and American “allies” is explained by their confusion. And the confusion arises not because crafty Putin is cunningly wrapping them around his finger, but from the fact that they began to realize that Maidan is the end of their world, too.

In this war, we are all alone, everyone is against us, either directly or with deaf hostility, or despicably in the back.

And this is very good. This means that we have generated something really fundamentally new, once everything went berserk.

And, besides, God is with us.

They are closing in on us in four columns, the fifth is destroying our ranks, the sixth is whooping war cries all around, and only from the sky is a pillar of light falling, in which stands Ukraine.

This is the dawn of a new world, new heaven and earth.

Not only will we hold out and win, but we will even go forward still, clutching a flaming sword of change in hand, and flooding the Earth with waves of goodness and light.

Do not be afraid of war. Slow decay is much worse.

They will start very soon.

There will be blood, heavy losses, betrayal, and, most importantly, it will seem that everyone has turned their backs on us and everything is lost.

But this is not so.

There can only be one major mistake on our part: to search for light somewhere other than in ourselves; to think that someone knows better than us what we should do, and to hope that someone will understand us better than we understand ourselves.

We are the people of the New World.

Do not wait for help and understanding.

They might come, but they won’t be determing [factors].

Only triumph will be determining.

The triumph of Reason over the forces of evil.

The shining source of this triumph pours powerful waves of music and light over us, the light of the new world.

All that we need will be filled with these waves and will go forward.

And let our legs tremble with strain, and our faces flood with sweat, we will stand through this night, we will win over the forces of evil, we will meet the dawn of a new life and spread its light into all corners of the Earth.

–God is with us! … We are [fighting] for Him.

Source: Alexey Arestovich FB
Image source: Heiko Bertram FB

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