Artemy Troitsky moved to Estonia, unwilling to adapt to life in Russia

07.04.2014, via Interfax
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.19.51 PM

Artemy Troitsky emigrated,

In today’s Russia, you either have to conform, or leave, according to Russian oppositionist and music critic Artemij Troitskij, who moved to Tallinn, Estonia. Troitskij stated, in the Estonian newspaper Eesti Paevaleht, that he decided to leave Russia because life there has become very difficult for those whose worldviews are not in line with those of the authorities. “Military propaganda on TV forces you to keep your opinions to yourself along with a worsening feeling that the earth is approaching the abyss–in today’s Russia, you either have to conform or leave,” said Troitskij.

According to him, many who do not leave choose a so-called internal emigration: “Let the authorities leave us in peace and we [will] leave them alone.” At the same time, Troitskij said that he does not consider himself a political refugee, “at least not until Russia closes its borders.” However, he does not intend to go back to Russia. In Estonia, Troitksij intends to work at Tallinn University, and his wife has found a flat in the prestigious district of Mähe.


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