March of the Vyshyvanky in Kharkiv: July 5, 2014

By Yelena Litvinenko
Translated by Yelena Litvnenko and edited by Voice of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.44.00 AM

In Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine), a March of the Vyshyvanky [traditional embroidered shirts] started near the Aviation University. Some people walked, some rode bicycles or drove their cars along the Sumska Street. The peaceful demonstration was guarded by the municipal policemen and Right Sector activists. The participants carried Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar flags. Everything associated with the unity of Ukrainian people was welcomed [at the rally], as well as songs, and letters and pictures for the soldiers. The vast majority of rally participants wore vyshyvanky, many people painted the Ukrainian flag on their cheeks.

About one hundred Ukrainian activists traditionally started with the national anthem, chanted patriotic slogans, handed out blue-and-yellow ribbons to passersby. They also demanded the lustration of the authorities, and called for making all perpetrators of corruption responsible. A vast majority of drivers and passersby welcomed the participants of the rally, and took blue-and-yellow ribbons with pleasure. Some people hung Ukrainian flags from their homes. A negative reaction was seen only in a small number of passersby.

In the video you see them also singing in front of the City Council building and at the Military Medical Center of the Northern Region in Kharkiv. They are yelling “thank you” over and over to the military guys hospitalized for injuries while fighting and, “Together to the end” and, “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes.” Slava Ukraini. Slava Heroyam. Slava Kharkiv.

Source: Yelena Litvinenko FB 

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