Sloviansk Freedom Stew: Boiled Slava and Pofigism

By Diana Makarova Fund, volunteer initiative
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Wartime news, you know, the news…

This morning, a message has been delivered that Sloviansk is free, and that the enemy is running, running, running…

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 11.32.41 AM

…we have our own sources. And now Sloviansk is indeed free. And the enemy fled. And the flags. And the locals…

…yes, speaking of locals. Currently in Sloviansk, the withdrawal of hostages is underway, demining is taking place, and because of that the entry of locals is not allowed.

–But I need to pick the people up! I’ve got two people in the basement, hiding from gunfire.

–And what were they thinking before? Damn it, our boys kept getting killed during this ceasefire to let you move out. All [humanitarian] corridors have been given to you. All the possibilities. Besides brains…

…by the way, I was surprised, and I suggest you wonder about it, too–the taxi service works in Sloviansk. Moreover, the Sloviansk taxi drivers are now reaping [a harvest], on departures. And we will deal with them later.

And then all of us will feel very bad. [We] will be in catharsis. We will weep for those idiots who sat in their houses until the very end.

The projectile does not discriminate where a sep[aratist] is, where a Russian [is], or where a local who is holding on to his apartment to the bitter end is:

–But how would I leave? I have an apartment here! I saved for it all my life.

–What about your life? No, seriously, life? It is not more valuable than an apartment, no?

–But the apartment… all my life after all…

We will cry for all of these [people], for the sake of whose departure the ceasefire took place. For whom our boys got killed.

–I’ve got a father there. He died under fire. I need to pick him up.

–Go in.

–Why would you let him in? [We have an] order as well! What are you, stupid?

–And how can you not let him in. He has a father there. Died under fire. He must pick him up. And I don’t care about the order.

And all this is still waiting for us.

You feel very crappy when you think about what is waiting for us. Realization and catharsis are waiting for us. Compassion and inevitable guilt. I wonder if they feel guilt? For allowing this, for driving to this? They must have it [the guilt].

–You know, Diana, one refugee told me, “I do not know if you will be able to forgive us for this.”

We–we will [be able to do it].

…mine clearance is underway in Sloviansk. Attempts are made to take the hostages, women and children, out.

Predominantly local residents. Separatists would gather women and children together. Locals.

Those who remained in Sloviansk until the very end, fearing to evacuate to the evil Banderites. Will you ever be able to forgive yourselves?

–You know, this city should not be rebuilt. It should be left as a memorial. And [they should] bring [people] here for mandatory excursions. For people to see what an average disinterest can result in. Far too long these people have been jaded about what was happening around them. Who governs them, who dictates how they should live and what they should do.

Well, so far Sloviansk is free. And the enemy is running, running, running. And the flags of Ukraine.

And the joy, I don’t know how about you, but I’m almost happy today–three months, just think about it, three months under siege, fear and pain… Almost [happy] because of this text from Sloviansk: ‘Slav’iansk [derivative from Russian word slava, which means “glory”] is ours. But this is not a victory.”

Yes, it’s not a victory. It is blood, pain, and fear–fear for the servicemen, and fear for the locals, and the idiots, and the unrealized idiots who got caught in this meat grinder–and the great monument to human pofigism [state of total indifference].

… and hundreds of our boys that got killed.

Source: Diana Makarova Fund FB


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2 Responses to Sloviansk Freedom Stew: Boiled Slava and Pofigism

  1. architetto adriano lazzari says:

    un sogno ,un invenzione, un melange tra passato stravolto, presente triste e povero e futuro ..agognato, sognato. La morte come bellezza e poi la morte come marciume, tragedia e dolore. Per coloro che hanno iniziato questa avventura nella commedia c’è molto da pensare e tanta responsabilita’ da prendersi sulle proprie spalle . Slava! al popolo , alle persone che in silenzio hanno sopportato tutto questo.

  2. architetto adriano lazzari says:

    мечта, изобретение, меланж из прошлого этой печальной и расстроен, бедных и будущее…хотелось, мечтал. Смерть как красоты, а затем смерть, как гниль, трагедии и боли. Для тех, кто начал это приключение в игре есть много думать и нести ответственность на свои плечи. Слава! люди, люди, которые спокойно пережили все это.

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