Wings Phoenix: Update on the wounded soldier

By Wings Phoenix
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Eduard T., 19 years old. The story about him and his helmet gathered over 9,000 reposts and over 3 million Hryvnias [USD $253,629]. We bought 400 helmets then, and later 189 more (Tetyana Rychkova took them in a powerful hurricane and transported them to the 25th Brigade), and then we paid the deposit on 500 more [helmets]. That is 1,080 helmets total–1,080 heads protected from shrapnel.

Also, there were tons of various goods and household supplies, thermal imagers, rifle scopes, shoes, cigarettes, soap, underwear, bulletproof vests, and walkie-talkies. Two full 20-ton cargo trucks.

And no matter how cynical this may sound, yes, Edik’s picture has “exploded” the social networks.

Here is the link to the original post.

Today I brought another picture of him. He was sleeping, so we decided not to wake him. He will live, he is almost back to normal. He has been transferred from the ICU to a regular ward. Ahead of him lies a hellishly long road to rehabilitation.

But he will live! I am not asking for any money in this post, not writing my requisites. Just happy for him.

He WILL live!

Source: Wings Phoenix FB

[ED. Note: For the original story about Edward, please see “Appeal for a Miracle” here].


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